Daddies little angel

This is the story of the special relationship with my adopted daughter. I am 42 and had been single for a while, I had tried online dating but was disillusioned with it and the effort... # #

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caught my mama and uncle fucking

My mom is 5’6 black female DD tits and bubble butt. My uncle is 6’2 and black male One day I was on my mama phone and saw a text from my uncle that said last night was fun. I was... # #

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I need help

I’m 15(F) and I just started dating this guy candler 16(M), we both liked each other for the longest time but even tho we were aware of our feelings we didn’t date entil... #

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My teenage carer

I had been inhospital for 2 operations on my knees and was going home,I needed help around the home and since I had a bit of money had to pay for most of it myself, I was a 50 year... # # # #

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My mom thought I was dad

My mom has some dementia and when I visit her she thinks I am dad. Dad died a few years ago. The older I get, the more I do look like him. # #

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How I got raped at 11

This started when I was 11 and my mom was a prostitute. So we were hanging around a club and my mom snuck us in with distraction, and while we were in the club we had to look out for... # #

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