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Kindergarten fun

1206 Words πŸ‘€ I’m a 21 year old girl. I’m still in college, but decided to get a job to help me cover some of my loans. I’m very athletic and I have an amazing body. I’m 176cm...
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Raped by boyfriend

240 Words i was in 7th grade and he was a junior in highschool. nobody knew about us because he was so much older. he didn’t really care about me that much and i think he just wanted to have...
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Sleeping sex

508 Words I meena 45 years old mother of one young son 22 years well built .he works in city zoo .and stay there .he got job recently .he has one room flat on rent..I was worried about him .how...
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Checking the swimming pool

490 Words πŸ‘€ I was a construction surveyor who investigated construction faults and at the time thirty years old. I had arranged to visit a private house who had made an insurance claim regarding...
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first time with a girl

469 Words πŸ‘€ I’m 13 i am 5”6, i’m not that pretty but i have big boobs and a big butt. this took place about 5 months ago, i was going over to my friend Allies house for a sleepover. she had...
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Tried dog

485 Words I am from India.Iives in Indore .married aged 35 years .my husband 38 years old .married for 12 years. Have two children .I have tubectomy done .so no fear for pregnancy. We are having...
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Through hell and back

3679 Words πŸ‘€ I reached over and put my hand on his shoulder, he never stopped me, I ran it down his body slowly and he never stopped me, in that moment we both knew what we wanted
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Ben & Pick

1345 Words πŸ‘€ Started by letting one lick my pussy, then both of them, then letting them fuck me! and boy what fun we had together!
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My dog Nemo took me

1931 Words πŸ‘€ I could feel his hard cock poking crazy fast on the inside of my thighs and at the crotch of my panties.
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