Phoebe 2

Phoebe was as good as her dad said she was. Fantastic blow job #

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Sub training day

While you are having a shower I want you to shave your pussy bald.. I don’t want a hair any where.. Beth Allways allowed it to grow natural and being a curly haired red head she... # # # #

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Lesson continue

Beth was placed between jenna out stretched legs.. The tall slim lady took her hand and placed it on jenna long clit.. You know what to do in sure you have played with your own many... # # #

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Teen boy and old man part 1

Frowning up in a small town I didn’t have any friends around my age and I was thin and completely hairless except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and long hair on my head. I didn’t... # # #

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Sub starts her new life

Morning daddy… I felt My cock was being sucked deep into my girls mouth.. On your knees cunt.. I need a piss.. Beth immediately got off our bed and knelt before me..yes daddy.... # # #

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More about me and my cousin

I felt my body get cold as the blankets moved from off of my lower half, I only sleep in panties and a thin shirt I layed there for a few seconds with my eyes shut before I felt two... # #

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Hannah’s therapy

My cousin has a 10yo daughter, Hannah that was involved in a accident leaving her with a traumatic brain injury. My cousin and I grew up together so she always comes over or I go over... # # #

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Revenge of the Nerd

My neighbor’s daughter was the same age as me growing up. As we grew into teenagers she was kind of hot and I was kind of not. Lol. I got heavier and she got prettier. She would... #

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Sailors return

wife comes to greet husband back from sea, he turned up late but she couldn’t wait #

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pub slut

frustrated wife think she’s meeting hubby in pub, but he didn’t turn up. She wasn’t disappointed with how it ended up. #

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3 girls 1 cock

Teaching my 3 daughters about sex has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. And most exhausting. # # #

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My first time online

15m. One day particularly I was feeling horny so I decided to go onto a gay chat site. Before we start I am about 145lbs 5,11 and brown eyes. So I got onto my computer and went to a... # #

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Lactating sex

I had sex with lactating female .I did not know that .it is 40 years back incident . #

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