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A young girl in rio

I m 18 now and live in rio as a very kept girl, I was 13 living in a small villagein a remote place in the rain forest I was very sexy even then with small firm tits nice ass and a... # #

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My Wife My Life-9

Thank you for all your encouragement, please read the previous part here (/2024/02/my-wife-my-life-8/ ) so you can enjoy this better… I put a few condoms in my pocket and said “darling... # # #

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Eric’s birthday

Carol called her dope dealer and said she needed something to get high on. She added “But I’m broke.” Her dealer, Al, said “Then there’s nothing…wait!... # #

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Little India Doctrine

A mature mechanic finds a lost Indian girl. What will he do with her? Alberto was standing as if frozen looking at that, in front of him on the other side of the street was a girl of... # # # #

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Saving Grace Part 8

Part 8 I could not get last Saturday off my mind, First Mia then Grace performed her show for me, all through the week at work I wanted them both. At the same time, individually, I... # # #

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The Family Games – Chapter 2

Glynn Johansen struggled to watch her sister at breakfast the next day. When she brushed her naked knee against his under the table, he began to climb immediately hard. She smiles at... #

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my pantie fetish

We were both 14 , very close friends . Always with each other , and visiting our homes . We had been close since we were 7 . I had never thought about Maz sexually . This summer i had... #

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I want to be someones slut

So I’m 13 and recently I came out as a gay and I started to finger myself I enjoy it but it’s not enough we’ll get to that later. I have been watching porn and masturbating... # #

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