My Tranny GF

I found out real soon that this transsexual was the right person for me. #

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My dog fucked me

I was about 15 when I had sex with my dog. I remember when I came home after school I would wait for my family to go upstairs so I could take my dog to a room where nobody would see... # #

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Fucked in the ass in front of her parents

On September 28, Maria Ines was at the Jorge Ramon’s residence located in the Sabilar street urbanization, since he was her postgraduate thesis advisor. When it was approximately... #

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What I Desire

Two highschool sweethearts been marry for 1&1/2 years.They are happily and deeply in love.Except here lately sex for the wife has been kind of dull. #

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A new life

True story… Married my highschool sweetheart Megan a few yrs ago. She’s a lovely ambitious woman who is also a bit racist. I never held it against her due to her up bringing... # # #

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