Cool Air (xYx)

The narrator is completely unaware of H. P. Lovecraft. So, it’s not an intentional allusion on her part. #Nerd # #

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In Security

This is mostly from the Victim’s PoV. If you want the whole story, about why they’re doing this, go back and read Bat/Widow, and Poena/Ms. Direction. # # #

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pedo uncle

Brianna groaned as her uncle called her she was trapped in a cabin with him until quarantine was lifted as always she got up and jogged downstairs sitting in uncle’s lap trying... # #

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Max and the dogs

When Max was 9 he was left home alone for the first time with his little shitzu, Prince, and his husky mix, Jack. Max sat on the couch playing a random game on his iPad, completely... # #

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Incest at age 10

At the age of 10 my mom had left me n my dad for a guy in canada so i was left living in a small apartment with my uncle and older cousin jacob and ofc my dad but uncle tomas and my... #

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It feels good

Growing up incest was a common thing in my household and town (im not gonna say) but if was okay to walk around naked infront of my cousins and uncles and if my dad needed somebody... # #

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