Sleepy sister

I’ve always thought of my sister in ways I never should. She’s only two years younger than me, but she’s so much more developed than me. I’m 15 and she’s 13. She’s got beautiful... # # #

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48 States and counting

We headed north we got as far as Denver CO, had a breakdown on the truck was going to made us late for delivery, I told the broker this and he asked me to talk with the customer and... # # #

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Clean your room

Mom got angry with my sister for not cleaning her room so she dragged her in to my room and forced me to fuck her up the ass as punishment. # # # #

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Helping Sandra

Sandra my girlfriend sister had come to visit us after she had graduated from university. Sandra decided to take the entire summer off to recoup from all the hard work that she had... #

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48 States and still running

We all got up about noonish we are all hungry, Lily looks at the time and goes I have to go, I was expected home hours ago, I tell her just tell the Parents you lost track of time as... # # # #

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Wife of the party

I took the wife to the local for a drink and a meal. The food was great and the drinks were flowing. After a few drinks as she was getting loose we decided to have a dance. At 48 my... # # #

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Little woman

I’d spent the afternoon getting her drunk with Malibu milkshakes. I was waiting until she was blackout drunk so I could fuck her silly. After a full bottle and 5 hours she was... # # #

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My special girl

I’m a 56-year-old man born and raised in southern California. For the last thirty years of my life, I have devoted myself to my job, as an 8th-grade teacher. This has been the... # # # #

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Crack Whore

My days smoking Crack and giving up my ass and mouth to anybody #

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