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My Blind Sister and I: Chapter 1

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This is my next series; I hope you all enjoy it.

My younger sister Mia was born blind and hasn’t had the easiest upbringing. During elementary school, she found it hard to make friends and so she was always by herself just trying to learn and keep up with the other students. The school she went to was great for her, they had classroom assistants that would have one-on-one sessions with her, helping her to learn braille and using that as a way to read; essentially. Our home life was good and was very much focused around her, having to adjust how we do things and having to compensate a lot for her disability. It was a bit annoying and difficult at first but you know, we can’t really complain. We aren’t the ones having to live life without sight. As a result of all of this, we Mia and I were always close. I was her best friend and she was mine, we played games with each other and played with toys and stuff and were there for each other.

I was the one she came too when she was feeling down or annoyed or just needed to vent to somebody. I quite liked being the one she felt close too, it made us closer as siblings and so when she started high school I was over the moon. She found it to be different and strange but she enjoyed the feeling of being more independent and older. We would walk to school together, hang out during the break and at lunch time and would talk about our classes and how school is going and basically everything. The first incident happened a few months into her first year, just before Christmas.

Mia was in year eight and I was in year eleven (she was recently 14 and I was 17). Exam time was starting and so I wasn’t in school every day, due to scheduling of exams and having revision days. Mum worked as a nurse and so she would leave for her morning shift before we would be up, leaving me to get Mia up out of bed and ready to start the day. I was used to doing this and found it to be completely normal, it was our usual routine…until something strange happened. I’ll add in some dialogue lines to help you to understand and visualise what happened between us.

I woke up to my alarm blaring and like any morning, I got up and went into Mia’s room to wake her up and help her to get ready. I always had morning wood but it was never a big deal because Mia couldn’t see it so it didn’t get in the way of anything. I assumed she knew about sex and stuff but I never brought it up to her, it didn’t seem necessary to. I walked into her room and shook her arm to wake her up.

Me: “Mia, hey, it’s time to wake up.”

Mia: *waking up* “ugh…okay. Thanks for waking me up.”

Mia sat up and looked at where my voice was coming from.

Me: “Your welcome but you don’t have to keep thanking me every morning sis.”

Mia: “Okay James, I’ll try not to.”

Me: “Whatever, now here’s your clothes. I’ll give your privacy to get changed.”

Mia: “Thanks James”

For context, Mia likes to be independent and doesn’t always want to be handed stuff, instead she likes to hold her arms out and feel around for them. I guess it made her feel abler to do stuff and better about her disability but either way I enjoyed doing helping her, she would smile back and thank me and it made me happy to see her happy.
Anyways, so, I held out her clothes for her and watched as she held her arms out and felt around for them. She was smiling and enjoying this, so I smiled back. Unfortunately, though, she reached out too far and fell forwards, face planting into my thighs and going between my legs; half off the bed and half on. I felt her head whack against me and graze my morning wood. I immediately dropped her clothes and went to lift her back up.

But something else happened instead…

Me: “Mia! Shit.”

I bent down and went to lift her up.

Mia: “Ugh…sorry bro, I didn’t realise.”

Me: “It’s okay”

Mia: “Let me lift myself back up”

Me: “Okay sis, whatever you want”

Mia pushed herself backwards and planted her hands on my thighs to help with her balance. She moved her hands upwards more and more as a way of balancing herself as she got into a sitting-up position; essentially using me to climb back up. I stood there and watched as she struggled slightly but enjoyed the independence of it. Her hands went to my boxers and moved upwards, thankfully dodging my morning wood. She got to my hips and pushed back hard to force herself back on to the bed. She didn’t push hard enough though and ended up falling forwards again with her hands landing just beside my morning wood.

Mia: “Damn it!”

Me: “It’s okay, do you want me to help you?”

Mia: “No, it’s okay. Let me try again.”

Me: “Of course, you do you.”

Mia moved her hands up again, this time grabbing on to my waistband for support. Again, it felt kinds strange but I didn’t think too much into it. I just let her do whatever she wanted because it made her happy and her being happy made me happy too. She pushed off even harder this time, pulling my waistband forward and almost exposing my morning wood. She fell backwards this time and landed on her bed, and then sat up.

Mia: “There we go, thanks for letting me do that by myself.”

Me: “No problem, now time to get changed.”

Mia: “Okay bro”

I went to pull my boxers back up over my morning wood, however, Mia put her arms out at the same time to feel for the clothes and ending up slapping my boner instead. I felt my boner spring back and smack her hand again. She clearly felt it too and ended up grabbing it. It felt good and nice but wrong at the same time. I froze at her touch and couldn’t do anything.

Me: “Huh! Sis…you shouldn’t be grabbing that.”

Mia: *laughing* “It’s feels hard and warm…what is it?”

Me: “Just let go sis, please. It’s something of mine you shouldn’t be touching.”

I felt Mia place her other hand on it and start to feel it up, exploring my shaft and running her hands down to my balls.

Mia: “It’s jiggly too. What is it?”

Me: “Mia, please. Just let go and I’ll tell you. It’s not right for you to be touching me there.”

Mia: “It feels funny”

I feel her pull my foreskin back slightly through my boxers, stroking me slowly. I don’t think realised what she was doing.

Me: “mmmhh…sis…stop please. You shouldn’t be doing this.”

Mia: “In a minute, okay? I want to feel it more, it’s fun!”

Me: “mmm…fine. Just hurry up.”

Mia: *laughing* “I will”

I felt Mia increase feel around again, grabbing my head and squeezing it. It felt strangely good, no one had ever touched me there before so it was enjoyable for me too. She was smiling and was clearly having fun, exploring and touching this new…toy? (I guess would be an appropriate word for it.) I stood there and let her do whatever she wanted, her being happy made me happy. A minute goes by and I feel her grab my shaft and start to rub it up and down, practically stroking me.

Me: “Ugh….sis I think that’s enough. Stop now.”

Mia: “Aw…just one more minute.”

She sounded upset and actually sad about it…I hated seeing her like that.

Me: *sigh* “Fine, one more minute and that’s it.”

Mia: “Yay!”

Mia immediately picked her pace and started stroking me rapidly, clearly trying to get as much enjoyment as she could within the minute time frame. It feels so good but wrong at the same time…and then something happened. I felt myself get close, the sensations increased and I knew I was gonna cum soon if she didn’t stop.

Me: “Sis…mmm…that’s enough.”

Mia: “Aw…are you sure?”

I felt myself reach the edge and I pulled back, releasing her hands and stopping myself from cumming all over her. I bent down and picked up her uniform off the floor.

Me: *out of breath* “yes…definitely. Here, put on your clothes, good girl.”

Mia: “Okay James, whatever you say.”

I held out her clothes and she grabbed them this time. She stood up and shooed me out of the room. I left her room, went into the bathroom and took a shower and thought about what we had done…what I had let her do…what I had let her almost do.

The End.

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    Totally fun story. Very realistic. Completely believable. Well written and enjoyable.

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    Great story more please

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    Should have let her continue incest is awesome. [email protected]

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    God t hat, made me so hard, i Almost came

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      Part 2 coming soon…

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    So hot!!