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In Security

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This is mostly from the Victim’s PoV. If you want the whole story, about why they’re doing this, go back and read Bat/Widow, and Poena/Ms. Direction.

Blake Wainwright (Mfb Emotional Torture)

I don’t know what she’s talking about, strong women? No matter how much aerobics the do, pilates, yoga classes, and jogging isn’t going to make them strong.

Lean, cut, and sexy, yeah. Proud of their bodies and how they looks, but Strong? Don’t make me laugh, none of them are on steroids, or enough to give them any real strength.

Sure, there are strong women, out there, but not here. Successful? She said that too, “Strong successful women,” as if that threatened my masculinity somehow. Successful at attracting a rich man, maybe. Trophy wives, into fitness, or at least strong me that decided to live here, in this fantasy land.

She keeps talking, trying to get me to open up about my feelings, but honestly, it’s not all that overcomplicated. She’s overthinking it, but she got one thing right. This neighborhood, it’s perfect. Full of dumb bleach blonde young yuppy women, and their husbands. Fitness equipment strung along the jogging trails.

Paved so they can push their little shits along, in yoga pants, and sports bras. I don’t have anything to prove, I’ve just got a hard on for dumb rich spoiled entitled women, and she thinks she’s so smart.

She thinks she can rape me too, and somehow that’s going to make up for. All right. I’m sorry? She was too young, and I was too horny. Back before I made this my personal playground, I wanted someone a lot older, but I settled, and I’m not proud of that.

She said she was 10, and I don’t know about that. Most girls that age can’t wait to grow up, so they lie about being older, until they’re just the right age. And then when they start pushing 30, they say they’re 28 for few years until they get too old to believe them.

Not like her mom, yeah I recognized her. From around the neighborhood, but not that night. It was dark, and I was too horny to care. She was so skinny, it took a while to even get it up, but not because I ever had that problem. She wasn’t old enough, I’m not a pedophile, but I guess once a child molester, there’s no going back.

She said I made her, she wanted to show me, what I made her. Strong, confident, and successful. Like all the women she looked up to, unlike her mom. She lost a lot of weight, but still. You can’t go back, to before you let yourself go. She’s not fooling anyone, so she’s not a fatty, any more. Big deal, she married a trauma surgeon, had a couple kids, and raised a psycho.

Not that, I had anything to do with that. “Where’s the tape?”

“What tape, does this look like an office depot, or home depot? We don’t carry any tape here.”

“So, you don’t tape their mouths so they can’t say no any more?”

“Huh, no. I told you I don’t do that any more.” I only did it once, and. Honestly, it wasn’t very satisfying, but I don’t want to tell her that.

“Hihihn! He’s cute when he bites his lip, like a girl. I see what you mean, he’s not bad looking.”

Miss Direction. Well, I know that trick, but if you ignore it. She’s not a threat, she might be a distraction if she wasn’t so quiet, but the older one. The one I made, she’s not all that impressive yet, but maybe with some steroids. She could be my sidekick, and help me. If she wasn’t such a deluded bitch!

“Huh, it’s hard. To control. I know, but when is it my turn?”

“What are you going to do, little girl? You don’t even have tits yet, and you think I’m fooled for one second by that padded bra, then you’re stupid for putting arrows pointing it out.” She obviously made her own costume, a turtleneck, for fuck’s sake. With 2 arrows pointing both ways, and a padded bra, to give it some shape.

A black mask, I guess you can get away with wearing them, when they make everyone where them, to stop the plague. The virus, and everyone living in fear, after the terror attacks, and that idiot Kenyan president fucked up the country, superheros got big, and everyone wanted to live in a fantasy world, where girls can kick ass, too.

I could mop the floor with both of them, but that would probably break something, and then I’d have a mess to clean up. Besides, it’s boring, watching security screens all night, at least it pays well?

“No hand cuff, or those.” The witch I raped held her hands up, linking her fingers together. “Or those zip ties they use for handcuffs?”

“No zip-cuffs either.” I’m not going to tell them where the weapons and restraints are, “This isn’t a police department, either.”

“You couldn’t get in.” There she goes again, trying to get in my head. “Couldn’t cut it as a real cop, could you?”

“No, I was a fucking Marine. MP, 2 tours in Afghanistan, I never even wanted to be a civy cop. I just got this gig, because it’s easy money. I’m practically retired.”

They looked back and forth at each other, so I got up. “Okay, kids, playtime’s gutK!” One of them sucker punched me, and I bit my tongue, then something hit me in the throat. “Khuh!” The top of my ribs, so the trauma plate knocked the wind out of me, then they kicked out the backs of my knees.

“Uh, ngh! Khuh!”

“See,” the witch stepped back, holding her fists up, while the little one cowered in a corner. “When your attacker is taller, you want the first shot to pop their chin up. So they can’t see you, and defend against the follow-up.” She looked down at me. “She’s still learning.”


Poena (f/M… bM)

“It’s Hard,” he said, and I should have let him. “When is it my turn?”

Jesus, I think I broke my pinky? No, just the knuckle, but he’s the kind of jerkwad that wear full body armor to sit in a chair, and watch TV screens all night. There was something like a steel plate in there?

I should have done more research on body armor, I guess, but what kind of asshole wears steel plate armor inside a security door? What’s he expecting, a spree shooter, or something? No matter, I don’t want to tape his mouth anyway. I want to hear him, lie, make excuses, and maybe even beg, when he can scream again.

I got to pull off my favorite combination though. For real, or at least 3/4 of it. I usually start with a thigh kick, hoping to distract them so they don’t see the uppercut, but most of the girls in my kickboxing picked that up real quick.

“Yeah,” I patted his shoulder, “It’s your turn.” Left handed, so my broken pinky. I don’t want him to see that, but honestly, the adrenaline, and excitement of that. I didn’t even think about it, just popped his chin up, got my elbow into his through, and followed it up with a punch to the solar plexus, but pushing my little BROTHER forward. I felt my belt, and the roll of knuckles in there. Plucked it out careful not to bend my pinky, then switched it over to my left hand.

Just in case I had to hit him again. “Huh, well he’s never going to learn what it feels like to be sexually abused if we just talk to him all night.” He reached up under his skirt, and I heard the seam rip. In his tights, making them crotchless.

“What, you’re going to try to rape me now?” His voice was still ragged, but I took his breath away, literally. If you can’t breathe, you can’t fight, and let’s be honest. We don’t want to give him a chance to fight back. He’s bigger, and stronger and both of us put together. “Huh!” I saw his eyes go wide, then he looked up.

“I told you it was hard, now lick my balls. Rapist.” He held the skirt back down, stepping back. “Don’t touch me, don’t even think about bighting me.” He leaned down, and pulled off his mask. “Look at me.” He panned his shoulders, then felt up to his collar. His tie, and pulled it out. “If you even think about biting me, I’ll let you choose. Whether I strangle you, or let her beat you to death.”

“Wh, khuh! Guh!” The man’s hands grabbed at my brother’s skinny gloved arms, but there was nothing he could do, but pull his arms tighter.

“LOOK! At mrh.” He snarled through clenched teeth, and even blew some spit out, but his victim tried shaking his head, his mouth wide open, and his face turning red. “Stick your tongue out.”

“Khuh huh!” The rapist let go, and fell down, on his hands and knees.

“Holy shit!”

“Shut up.” My brother just held his finger up, over his shoulder, and didn’t even look over at me. From the side, I could see everything, he didn’t even take his eyes off of him. Just lifted his skirt, with his balls hanging out of the now crotchless tights. His hard little pisser sticking straight up, flattened by the tight lycra. “It’s my turn, now get up. And look at me, when you lick my balls. Don’t kiss them, don’t even try to suck them. Huh! Just lick. The sweat off my balls.”

He didn’t even have to shave them. I had no idea that, he had that. Any of that in him. Maybe it was the costume, maybe it was the crossdressing, I don’t know, but. It wasn’t anything I expected, least of all from him. “Huh, that’s right. You’re not gay, look at me?” He warned. “Just nod your head yes, or shake your head no.”

“Uh uh.”

“Just keep on licking, but that’s good. Even better. If you were gay, or bisexual, maybe you could enjoy it. Huh? I’m not either, bye the way. I don’t know what I am, honestly. I’m too young, but huh! I love the way your tongue feels, on my balls. You ever licked a boy’s balls before?”

“Uh uh.”

“Well, you’re doing a real good job, for your first time.” He took a deep breath, and sighed. “Huh, I just knew, you’d never let us in, unless I wore a dress. Well, the skirt covered up any embarrassing bulges, that might have given it away, but go ahead, and take your tie off. Didn’t stop, licking my balls for one minute, but I bet you can’t think of anything. Anything else, you might be, besides licking a boy’s empty hairless little balls, can you?”

“Uh uh.”

“Huh! Lick back and forth. Luluh.” Switching from corner to corner, “Like that. Get them both really good, huh. Yeah, you’re doing such a good job, I might let you see my sister’s pussy again. You remember that?”

“Uh huh?”

“No, keep going back and forth, from nut, to nut. Yeah, well she remembers it a little differently. Now you can sympathize a little can’t you?”

“Snh!” He blinked out a tear!


“Can’t you?”

“Uh huh?”

“Yeah, how’s it feel to be dominated by a little boy? You like it?”

“Uh uh.”

“Huh!” He stepped back, drying his crotch with the skirt. “All right, he’s all yours.”

“Oh my god,” I hugged him, “Thank you!”

I never would have thought of that, and at first, I should have been angry. Maybe even jealous that he made him cry, but honestly? I didn’t know what to do, that ball licking thing was so far out, and of course. I don’t have balls to lick, does it have to be balls? I don’t know. “I don’t know what to do now?”

“Huh, well. Let’s go, then.”

“You’re satisfied, with that?” I picked up my phone. “Don’t move.” I unlocked it, hit [Phone, and 911]

“Who are you calling?” He shook his head, still in shock, he didn’t even wipe the spit off his chin!

“911, what’s your emergency?”

I held it up to his ear. “Say your name.”


“You heard me, tell her your name.”

“Uh, Wainwright. Blake T.” I hung up, before anything else. “911?”

“Come on,” I tucked it back in my tits. “Huh, I need some fresh air, and a walk.”

“What the fuck was that all about?”

“They have your name now. You might want to run away.” Ms. Direction, it was all his idea. “You might not, it’s up to you which will make you look more guilty, but they know what’s been going on here, and now they have a name.”

I slammed the door, and finally, felt relaxed enough to giggle. “That was tense! And what was with that creepy kinky ball licking thing?”

“That’s all I wanted to do to him,” he shrugged, “but now, I really have to beat off.”

“Yeah, you really get the blue balls, if you don’t jerk off?”

“No, but I barely even get boners. So, maybe that’s something that’ll start when I get to puberty. You must be horny as hell, too.”

“No, I’m. Not? Huh, honestly. I’m so weirded out by the whole ball thing, I don’t have the first clue what to feel about it. That was really fucking freaky, and would you really have strangled him, to death?”

He sighed, and shivered. “Hhuh, I don’t know.” Shook his head, “I don’t even want to know, but thanks for getting rid of my boner.”

“Well, maybe if I lick your nuts, you can get it up again.”

“You’d really do that for me?”

“I’ve never seen you take control like that before, so. Yeah.”

“Okay, where then?”

“I don’t know.” We’re safely, back in the shadows, between cameras. of course, he set them up, so he knows where all the gaps are, and we’re talking about 50 acres of homes, streets, parking lots, and exercise trails to cover but we grew up here.

He doesn’t even live here, but he thinks that he can use this place as his own personal game preserve, to hunt women like deer? No, we know where every camera is, and where it’s pointed too. We saw them when they appeared, even if we weren’t there when they set them up, and we’d been sneaking out, to sneak around a lot longer than he has.

“He’s not coming out.”

“Huh?” I wiped the corner of my mouth, and looked back.

“I think he’s waiting for the cops. Maybe he just called them back, to tell them it’s a prank call, but.”

“We can call them back, if we have to.”

“Maybe he’s trying to get rid of the video evidence.”

“Or maybe, he’s just curled up in a ball, sobbing on the floor.”

“Huh!” He ripped the seam, farther up, so his hard little dick sprang out.

“Can I suck your dick, please?”

“Yeah.” He patted my head, and pulled the skirt over. So, I could suck his dick, until the cops showed up…

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