Sexual Awakening

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My first ever sex story I hope readers enjoy!!!

Story of fiction unfortunately.

Note: This is my first time writing a sexual fantasy story it might be short and I will be using a different name other then my real name but please enjoy!

Hello my name is Benjamin but well go for Ben for short I live in a homeless shelter in Southern California or SoCal some might call it. I’m 35 years old I’m approximately 6ft tall avarage build no peircings or tattoos blue eyes and brown hair which is starting to go grey in some areas also I have a beard and mustache.I work construction anywhere from 8-12 hours a day Monday through Friday.

One Friday evening at the shelter there was a new arrival at the shelter named Chris he is approximately 6’4″ he is of Russian and German decent and has one hell of an accent and is clean shaven. I watch as he gets settled in to his bed stowing away his belongings. He notices me looking at him and I was about to look away but he gave me a big smile and waved in my direction and I returned the gesture. I was thinking to myself in my head what the fuck was going on and why did I return the gesture I’m a straight man after all or am I? A couple minutes later I step outside to have a cigarette before hitting the shower after a long hot 12 hour work day. While outside having my cigarette Chris walks outside and approches me and asks if I could spare a cigarette and I give him one and offer to light it for him and we start talking and I light up another cigarette and offer him another one and says “No thank you that was quite strong I’m not used to menthol cigarettes!” and we talked a few more minutes then I feel a sharp pain in my back and yelp slightly and he offered to help me work out my sore spots and said he was good at it having worked at a spa in the past. I agreed and sat on a bench and he worked my sore spots for a while then we went back inside.

I told him I was going to take a shower and he said he was going to take one as well he to was out in the heat he worked as a gardener now and had a 10 hour day working outside. I show him where the showers are and notice some of them are out of order each shower had it’s own 6×6 room with a changing bench he said he could work those sore areas more in the shower and I agreed to that and I had another what the fuck moment go through my head but didn’t change my mind. Sharing shower rooms was no uncommon and noone thought anything of it this is SoCal and the LGBTQ community was strong in the area. So we walk in the shower room with clean clothes and cleaning products in hand and both undress facing away from each other has looks over and says “Damn you have a great ass Ben!” I said “Thank you your very kind!” I always thought I was ugly as shit but took the compliment. I turned and was still undressing his ass facing my he had thick dark back hair and on his ass and legs as well when he turned around I saw his hairy chest and sporting a 5 inch soft cock and a dark bush of pubic hair my jaw dropped. Moments later I start the shower and we both get under the water and start to wash ourselves from being dirty and sweaty from the Summer heat outside. I start having trouble washing my back due to the back pain and he notices and without asking starts to help it was a weird but no uncomfortable sensation having another man wash my back and my cock start twitching a little and getting harder I look down over my shoulder and see him dripping wet and his cock swaying slightly along with his heavy balls he then gently touched my ass check and starts cleaning my ass then he slids a finger in my crack and says “Need to make sure you are nice and clean!” I tense up for moment but then I get a tingling sensation. I then said “Oh my God that feels good!” He continues for a couple more minutes then I turn around and his once soft 5 inch cock is now rock hard and 7 inches long and my once soft 4 inch cock was now getting harder. He looked at me and said “Do you like what you see?” then gently grabs my cock and stocks it till its rock hard and 6 inchs long then he gets on his knees and starts kissing around my naval then down to my pubic hair then licks the tip of my cock and I squirm a little he then lick along my shaft and starts sucking my balls which are still sweaty and salty and says “You taste wonderful i can’t wait to taste your cum!” and after he said that he started sucking my cock slow at first then he started face fucking me and reached around and slapped my ass which stung but felt amazing at the same time he started playing with my balls and after about 5 minutes of face fucking me he felt my balls pull up inside me and my cock swell he looked at me and nodded then seconds later I came and came hard he swallowed as much as he could I became weak at the knees and almost fell over and he said “Was that good Ben?” I said “Better than good that was fantastic!” I noticed that his cock was still rock hard so I started to get on my knees but he stopped me and asked if I had ever had a prostate massage before and said no he had me lean against the wall with my ass out he sucked his fingers and licked my asshole to lube it up he then slowly started pressing his index and middle finger inside my ass this through my over the edge as i stared to moan he then said “I must be hitting the spot?” I then said “Yes you are don’t stop!” I then reached back and grabbed his cock and started stroking it he let out a loud groan and thrust his cock into my hand. I then said “I want to feel you inside me!” he then said “You want me to fuck you in the ass?” I said “Yes please fuck my ass!” he withdrew his fingers and spat on his hand and rubbed it on his cock and led me down on all fours he knelt behind me and started to rub the head of his cock on my asshole he then started to gently push the head past my entrance I let out a gasp then he started to slowly work his way inside me moving in and out each time going deeper inside soon he was all the was inside me he then start to go a little faster and ask me if I liked it I said “YES!” in a load voice i then said “Please fuck me harder!” and he started fucking me harder and harder his heavy balls slapped against mine which hurt both of us but we were to caught in the moment it didn’t bother us and after about 6 or 7 minutes of intense fucking I could feel his balls harden and his cock swell and knew he was about to cum. He said “I’m about to cum!” I said please cum inside me!” and he did just that then the explosion of cum inside my ass made me cum again. After laying on the floor for a few minutes we collected ourselves and finished our shower and got dressed and left the shower room. We both went outside for a smoke and looked at each other and we knew had to do that again!

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