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This is 4 yrs after Camping trip of a lifetime

The other 3 storeis i shared happened years ago. Since then Charlotte has moved on. Rodney and i have drifted apart so as life. I was married once, before the events of Am I Bi and Camping trip of a lifetime. It started going south about 7 yrs into the marriage. I stayed around just so not to hurt the daughter. The ex and I finally split up when my stepdaughter was 19. i say stepdaughter, she is basically my daughter she was very young when we got married plus I adopted her. I helped raise her. Her real dad was never around. Dead beat sorry POS! Daughter even refers to him as just the sperm donor.

I never had any sexually thoughts about her. Always noticed the stares i got but it was mostly when she had friends around. Still I never give it much thought. Don’t get me wrong she is a looker. Now 27 she is 5’6 long wavey flowing dirty blonde hair, baby blue eyes, 36DD hour glass figure and a banging ass with naturally thick full lips. She was recently divorced from a man that use to slap her around. I wanted to slap him around. But she wouldnt let me saying i didnt need to in trouble for his sorry ass. That marriage didnt last long 6 months. Surprising she does still visit with me and we hang out.

One day she calls me says she is coming by. I said cool. Come on by. A few minutes later she is coming through the door. She was dressed sexy, which was not uncommon she liked showing off what she had. We sat on the couch and chatted for a good while. I finally asked did she want to grab some food. She responded with. There is food here that can be grabbed. With that said she reached and took a firm grip on my cock. It totally caught me off guard, I jumped up off the couch asking wtf was she doing.

She said, Come on dad like you haven’t never thought of it. She said I always found you hot so did all my friends and their moms. You are even hotter now that you are older. Now that she mentioned it quite a few of her friends moms were hot. To bad I was just finding out now that I had a chance with them. Anyway! She proceeded to tell me that she always thought I was hot. She told me that several times her and her bestie, (she stayed at our house alot she still calls me dad when we see each other) masturbated and played with each other thinking about the 3 of us having sex together.

I was floored. I didn’t know what to say. I just stood there listening. She slid to the other side of the couch closer to me, continuing to tell me about her fantasies she had about me growing up. She reached out rubbing my beginning to rise rod. She then told me that there was several times that she laid at our bedroom door mastubating listening to me and the ex having sex.

I guess it was just the thought of finding out that we had a audience and didn’t know made my cock stiffen. I pulled away from her, trying to resist her. She stood up. Walked up to me, leaned up to me and kissed me on the lips. Whispered into my ear rubbing my now fully erected cock. Please daddy. Fuck me like I always imagined you fucking me. Make me moan like I use to hear you make mama moan. First of all she has never called me daddy. It has always been dad to this day it is still dad. Hearing her whisper that to me in the sexy little voice she did made me lose all train of thought. I looked down into those beautiful baby blues eyes of hers and was lost. I leaned down and kissed her.

I picked her up our lips still locked together and carried her to my bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and proceeded to get undressed. She sat up watching me as I removed my clothing like it was her first time seeing a man undressing. She then said that she had been waiting so long for this, as I done my little strip tease. Here I am 46 yrs old standing completely naked in front of my stepdaughter. She reaches out grabs my cock and starts to stroke it. Mmm no wonder mama moaned so much. She pulled me closer by my manhood, cupped my balls and took me all the way into her mouth. I reached down and put my hand on the back of her head. She pulls off my dick looks at me saying, That’s right daddy make your little girl like it. I pushed her head. Making her take my throbbing rod back into her mouth.

Damn this was feeling good as those thick lips of hers massaged my hard cock. She was taking me all the way into her mouth with ever stroke working her tongue in all the right places sucking on just the tip. Hell she was giving a better blowjob then her mama. With that thought reality set in and I pulled my cock out of her mouth and turned away. Her sounding confused. She asked why the hell did I do that. I told her that this was wrong and we shouldn’t be doing this. She said look at me. I didn’t move. She said. Come on Alex look at me. I turned around looked at her and said Alex when did we get on first name bases. She started sexually removing her top exposing those beautiful big breast of hers. She said. It’s not wrong we are responsible adults. She removed her shorts revealing that pink shaven pussy to me. You are my daughter. Stepdaughter she replied. She laid back on the bed spreaded her legs reached down and speaded open her pussy lips. Looked at me and said, Now eat this pussy daddy.

Quickly thoughts run through my mind. She had a good point. What the hell. I got into the bed settled between her legs. I slid 2 fingers into her. She moaned. She was already wet so she must have cum alittle at some point. I leaned in licking her clit sliding my fingers into that hot hole. I wanted to taste her I couldn’t stand it anymore. I removed my fingers licking her down to that sweet pie hole till my tongue found it. I stuck my tongue into her pussy. She let out a long moan and started thrashing her hips. At this point she was no longer my stepdaughter to me she was April. I licked every inch of her young sweet pussy till she orgasmed around my tongue and in mouth. She tasted sweet I enjoyed every bit of her love juices.

As she laid there breathing heavily. I started kissing my way up her body. I licked and circled her belly botton with my tongue. She let a small giggle. I made my way up to her DD’s licking and sucking her large hard nipples. She said daddy I want to feel your dick in me. This her calling me daddy was beginning to be erotic as fuck to me. I moved up to her lips putting my tongue in her mouth as I slid my hard as a rock cock into her hot wet young pussy all the way in till I was touching her cervix. Still kissing her, I started moving slowly in and out of her. I was enjoying this and wanted to make the best of it. She laid her head back eyes rolled back as she closed them, moaning in intensity. I knew she was enjoying it. After all she was getting what she wanted after all this time. I started speeding up my thrusting now. She said yes daddy fuck my pussy. With that I started pounding her pussy. With the thought of what I was doing still in my head being wrong. But to late now. She wrapped her legs around and locked me in place. I knew I wasn’t going anywhere she was a dancer. She sunk her nails into my back. Damn her mother use to do that shit to. I am pounding her pussy so hard her boobs are slapping her chin.
She let’s out a oh my God I am going to cum. She tightens her grip with her legs. Oh God it’s cumming. Then she floods me the sheets bed everything with her love juices. It was a intense orgasm. I started to feel it building I am fixing to explode. I tell her I am about to cum where does she want me to put it. She tightens her legs even tighter around me and says, Daddy fill my cunt up with your baby batter. That I did. With one final thrust into her I pump my load deep into her greedy pussy. I fell on top of her. She wrapped are arms around me hugging me tight. Whispering into my ear again, Thank you daddy. Finally I got to fuck you.

We fucked several more times that evening, I even let her use the strap on on me. She absolutely loved that.

Now here I am 46 yrs old I am expecting my daughter/granddaughter my first biological child with my 27 yr old daughter/stepdaughter. The Ex as I expected was pissed. All I got from her was, How could you, you bastard, and she storms out of the room. The daughter chasing behind her saying, Come on mom. Don’t be mad at dad. It was my fault I pushed the issue and plus I seduced him. They started fussing. Yeah well I done this to myself. My mama is shocked at the whole thing but is happy that she is getting a grandkid from me. My dad said she is a looker I probably would have fucked her to son, Ummm ok thanks dad!. The ex has calmed down now and we made amends cause she wants to be in the baby’s life after all she is the grandmother. This got weird and got weird quick. Lmao! Hope you enjoyed.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itamm3

    That’s a lot of self induced drama dude but I guess it was worth it in the long run I suppose. I would of surely fucked all four of my biological daughters as they were blond and beautiful as I was told. Both there twin mothers were amazingly beautiful even at 16.
    All conceiving is beautiful in my book with any female at any age. Even now late in years I think I would shed a tear knowing I got any girl pregnant. Life if precious and a few females are born knowing this and they love having babies fulfilling their obligation to man and their inner lust for creation. The feeling of longingness pulls two people together especially if the chemistry is right. just a touch of the hand send a shock through you and you know you were both meant to be together. I have witnessed this with many females even as young as 7 one month a go. The bond is amazing and hard to deny. You girls are meant for love, mating and being touched in a way that makes you feel all warm, cozy and safe. This feeling is real and no girl should ever be denied this feeling as it is her right and her destiny to love not matter what age.