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A Mother Can’t Help Herself Part 4

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Rick doesn’t know that Tina has confided in her sister about her relationship with her son. Now her sister wants some of Rick’s massive cock.

Stacy is Tina’s older sister who is 45 years old and has a body similar to Tina’s. Tina had talked to Stacy about her fucking Rick and that the baby she was carrying is Rick’s. At first Stacy was not sure about Tina’s choice of having sex with her own son but when she heard how big his cock was, she understood the attraction.

Stacy had been married for years and had also gotten a divorce. She had never experienced a cock the size of Rick’s. Stacy asked Tina if she was willing to give her a shot at his cock as she hadn’t had any sex in a while.

Tina loved her sister and agreed to allow Stacy to seduce Rick and get him to fuck Stacy properly. Tina made up a story about having to go out of town for work the next weekend and said that Stacy would check in on him.

Tina left the house that Friday afternoon and went to a hotel. Stacy had a key to the house and she was going to come over early Saturday morning. She hoped to catch Rick still asleep in his bed. Tina had told Stacy that he slept in the nude.

The next morning Stacy entered the house and crept up to his room. Rick was laying on his back and the covers were pulled off his waist and his cock was standing straight up above his stomach. Stacy gasped as she saw just how big and beautiful his cock really was.

Stacy walked over to the bed and stripped her clothes off. She sat down on the bed and Rick stirred but didn’t wake up. Stacy reached down and wrapped her fingers around his large shaft as it throbbed in her hand. He groaned in his sleep as she slowly stroked the massive fuck meat.

A large glob of pre cum appeared at the head and she couldn’t resist the urge to suck it off. She leaned over and licked the blob off the slit and she swirled it around in her mouth and she tried to stifled her moans. She missed the taste of cock in her mouth. He groaned again as she slipped her mouth over the massive head and pushed his cock deeper into her mouth as she swirled her tongue around the fat purple head.

Stacy’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she felt his cock throb angrily against her tongue. She knew that she needed to get as much of it down her throat. She took a deep breath and drove her mouth down further onto his cock until her face was directly against his groin.

Rick suddenly opened his eyes and at first thought that Tina had returned to the house and was sucking on his cock. He reached down to grab her hair like he always did but when she felt his hand on her head she pulled off his cock and sat there looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

Rick realized that she wasn’t Tina but was his aunt Stacy. Stacy was still stroking his cock as her drool mixed with his pre cum dripped off her chin onto her tits.

“What the hell is going on aunt Stacy?” He yelled as she looked at him with a wicked smile.

“I just came over to check on my nephew and I saw this gorgeous cock and I just couldn’t resist taking it into my mouth!” She replied as she pushed herself back onto his cock until he was balls deep in her mouth.

Rick grunted as he felt her sucking mouth working his cock for all its worth. Stacy could suck cock way better than Tina. She was trying to suck Rick’s soul out the piss slit of his cock. Stacy was fucking her own face up and down the entirety of his cock. She worked her tongue and throat all over his shaft. She massaged his large balls as she moaned and whimpered loudly. She was a cock hungry slut and she intended on making a meal of Rick’s cock.

Rick just laid his hands on the back of her head because she was already driving her mouth down as hard and deep as he would be able to. She was doing all the work and he loved it. Soon she had him on the verge of cumming and he instinctively shoved his cock into her throat as he pumped his cum into her stomach. She moaned deeply as she experienced her first orgasm from sucking his cock.

Stacy kept on sucking until his cock remained hard. She immediately climbed up onto the bed and straddled him as she reached down and aligned his cock with her soaking wet pussy.

Rick watched his aunt drop herself down onto his cock until he felt her ass cheeks pressed against his legs.

FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE BABY! FUCK WHAT A PERFECT FUCKING COCK!” Stacy screamed out as another orgasm slammed her body.

Never in her life had she ever remembered being stretched this much by a cock. Her body trembled with excitement and desire as she felt his cock throb with his heartbeat. She felt his hands grip her tits as she began to bounce up and down on his cock.

Rick watched his aunt driving herself down onto his cock as it slammed into her cervix. She screamed out in pleasure and pain as his cock reached virgin areas of her pussy. Her clit ground against his shaft as it sliced into her soaking wet pussy over and over again.

She rode him like a bucking bronco. She was in a constant orgasmic state as he continued his assault on her nipples. Rick decided that it was time for him to take control of his aunt like he did with his mother. Rick suddenly grabbed her hips and rolled her over onto her back. She didn’t realize what was happening until she had her legs pressed against her chest and Rick was jackhammering her pussy from above.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD YEEESSSSSS PLEASE FUCK ME! FUCK ME LIKE YOUR WHORE!” She screamed as another orgasm rolled over her.

Rick might have been only 16 but he was definitely fucking like a man. Stacy was beside herself with desire and passion as she was being royaly fucked by her nephew. Rick was beyond caring if he was hurting her. He was in madman mode and Stacy was not complaining.

This is what she needed. She needed to be manhandled and fucked properly. She had missed sex and to now be used as a fleshlight to her nephew was more than she could have imagined. Rick continued to hammer her pussy as they both headed into the sexual bliss that people rarely ever get to.

Nothing mattered except his cock inside her pussy. Her moans and gasps were being drowned out by the slapping of their bodies. Stacy had her mouth open but nothing came out. Rick was a fucking machine and was about to flood her pussy with his incestuous seed. His ass clenched tightly as his cum boiled up through the shaft of his cock and began to spray her womb. She felt every spurt spash her cervix as he growled deeply. Her legs quickly pulled around his waist pulling him deeper into her spasmodic pussy.

After Rick had filled Stacy’s pussy with his seed he rolled over onto his back and Stacy immediately took him into her mouth as she sucked the last few drops from his cock. She happily slurped her juices mixed with his cum into her mouth. He groaned as she worked her mouth all over his groin making sure that she didn’t miss a drop.

She slid her body up against his as she whimpered into his ear.

“That’s the best fucking I have ever had in my entire life and I plan on being fucked like that again!” She moaned as wrapped her hand around the wilted shaft of his cock.

“How about we jump into the shower and get cleaned up and I will let you put this gorgeous cock in my ass?” She whimpered.

Rick immediately got up and dragged her into the shower. After they had finished cleaning each other up Stacy dropped to her knees and sucked his cock back into her mouth as it began to harden again. Once it was ready for action she stood up and intended to turn around and bend over to present her ass to Rick but he wanted something different.

He pushed her back against the wall and reached down and grabbed her legs pulling them up and over his arms. He had her pinned against the wall and he slid her down onto his cock. It popped into her asshole and she immediately gasped loudly as it painfully stretched her tight unused ass.


He didn’t intend on listening to her plea and he drove his cock into her tight ass with one thrust. She screamed out as she felt his cock slice into her depths. She almost passed out from the intense pain that radiated through her ass. He took a nipple into his mouth and began to chew on the large orb. Stacy was at his mercy as he began to jackhammer her asshole as her ass cheeks bounced off the wall.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YOU ARE KILLING ME!” She moaned as he railed her ass

Rick was beyond caring about anything except for the intense feeling he was experiencing from her tight ass. She was a willing participant in the raping of her asshole. She was at his mercy and she couldn’t do anything to stop it. In fact that was the last thing that she wanted to do. Even though she was in pain and she would have preferred it done a little more gentler, he was in control over her body at the moment and she had accepted her place.

She was very much like her sister Tina. She needed a man who knew how to really take a woman. She loved being treated like a fleshlight by her nephew and she intended for it to happen many more times in the future as long as Tina would let it.

Rick had finally gotten to the point where he was about to fill her ass with his seed. She wrapped her arms around his neck and groaned “FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM BABY!”

That was all it took as Rick’s cock exploded inside her hot tight ass and sprayed her insides with his incestuous seed. She bucked against his spewing cock as she squeezed the shaft milking every last drop. When his cock slipped out of her ass he sat her down onto her wobbly legs.

They cleaned up once again and got out and dried off before heading back to the bedroom. Rick fucked Stacy all day and late into the night.

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    Is there any other parts to this story as it is happening to me and really like reading that I’m noy the only one.