Convicts II

Convicts: Moving On AP: “Police report that two men, Mark Kessel and Brian Genner, having been released from prison on Friday after serving lengthy sentences for violent crimes. After... # # # #

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My experience with dog dick

I (M14) was extremely horny one morning and my dog (pit bull) happened to be near while I was masturbating, he just sniffed it and I’m really sensitive so i kept twitching and letting... # # #

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My Stalker Caught Me And Raped Me

Did you ever have a stalker? I did and it was traumatic. I was 14 and a freshman in high school. A guy in my general business class sat right behind me in class. It started out innocent... # #

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Mary meets Jenny

Mary and I go bar hopping and we ran into my aunt Jenny at the second place we stoped at. Jenny seen us walking in and started to wave her hand as I glanced across the place, seeing... # # #

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Another story made by NovelAi

John wanted to masturbate, so he clicked on the computer in the darkly lit room. He went to a porn site and started watching some videos of women eating out men’s cocks. John... #

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The Convicts

Mark Kessel and Brian Genner had two things in common: They were both incarcerated in the state prison, and both had an unnatural desire for young girls. Today, though, they’d both... # # # #

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So horny for a man

It was a Friday afternoon my wife and I just had our nails done and painted our eyebrows waxed and went shopping. She and I bought heels and stockings and ect. Since the mall was kinda... # # #

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I like an inappropriate wank

I like to fuck but I also like to wank over stuff that my wife wouldn’t agree with! 1 My niece. She’s been getting my cum for a long time, she’s 18 now but I’ve... # #

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sex crazy for my parents

i’m now 32, but i was always curious about sex as a young girl, i knew about it since i was 6 since i accidentally walked into my parents having sex, my parents were always very sex... # # # #

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How I lost my virginity (WITH A BRUSH)

Like the title said I lost my virginity yay I’m happy because if you read my other story’s you would know I wanted to lose my virginity but I lost it with a brush I was... #

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