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I am married lady .34 years .with good figure. I was innocent before my marriage .didn’t know about sex I got married at 15 years of age .my husband was 26 years .he fucked me...
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Fiest gay experience

I was 15 years old at that time.we were living in small town near our villagey dad was working in town.we have a small rented home.uor relative use to come frequently..once my uncle...
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Almost caught horsin around

I was almost caught in January of 2018, by my husband and Tessi. With my new found freedom, I decided to purchase a black and white twenty two inch horse cock dildo to spice up my masturbation... 👤
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Can’t do without two

I guess I’m writing these stories as therapeutic confessions, as a way to express the love I have for my husbands best friend, Derek. I’ve been sleeping with Derek for three years... 👤
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Journal of my daily cheating

Another Day, Another Cheating. Well, Tessi just finished taking full advantage of me twice in 18 hours. I went out with my best friend Cindy and her husband, along with a few other... 👤
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I cheat too fucking much

I have a friend who loves reading all types of adult stories, her name is Cindy, and she made sure that I tell my stories online. So here I go. Please bare with me…I’m a stay... 👤
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