Freaky foursome

I was struggling with my sex addiction and when it hit an all time low, it got better, time 3! #

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Honeymoon in Malindi

In the night of 24th October, about 10.30 p.m., Mr. Lighting and his wife Claire, an english newlywed couple who were visiting Malindi during their honey-moon, were returning to their... # # #

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bade bhaiya ne behan ko choda

17 saal ki jhoti behan rubi ko bade bhaiya ne boifriend ke sath kissing karte dekha aur phir blachmail kar rubi ki jabardast chudai ki #

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Your wife gives good head

On June 12, Mitchell B., who had a drug problem, agreed with two young men to rob a family, who were renting a home from Mitchell’s parents. Mitchell had the keys to the home, which... # #

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The intruder and the vibrator

On April 4, 25-year-old Kristi Mills went to sleep in her Bloomington apartment around 12:30 a.m. Sometime after she went to sleep, she awoke to find an intruder standing in her doorway,... #

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Man of the house

It all started when my parents got a divorce. Me and my younger sister Becca moved to Tennessee with my mom. I was 15, Becca was 12, and my mom, Debbie, was 42. Things were normal for... # # #

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My teacher gave me a gift..

This is the story about how in the last year of high school, my teacher took an interest into me. #

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Duty to help

As a healthcare worker, my duty is to help. I have a niece who always felt comfortable talking to me about anything. At my age of 36 yo, I am the middle uncle. I always listen to her... #

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The surprise

My cock stiffens as I hear my cell phone buzz again. You’ve been sending me texts all day. Teasing me while I’m at work. You’ve been sending me naughty texts, pictures... #

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Accidental encounter

In South Africa, Eskom ( Electric power supplier own by Government) implented load shedding. Lemme me introduce myself. I am known as Rider from my soccer playing days. The name stuck.... #

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Horny in December

I never knew at that being horny can drive even a preacher wild. Now in South Africa, the legal sex age is sixteen. I am a 35 year old Health professional who joggs 18.5 km twice a... # # #

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Masturbate in bus station 3

i go to close my legs but tom stop them and open them again wide then he start pull down my underwear he is going to fucked me #

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