Oh, Brother.

I gave in to my brothers sexual harassment, I couldn’t let him suffer any longer. We had amazing sex, but now I’m in trouble. # # #

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Pure lusty dirty sex with mom on step dads bed

My mom is a very hot 5/6 135 pound 53 year old.looks much younger.wears glasses with reddish brown hair.great figure with built legs and ass.i got a call from her monday evening telling... #

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My GF’s Dog take the revenge

I am a very stubborn man i am 24 lives with my Gf . i am a very dominating kindda man or atleast i used to be. I always liked to dominate my gf or treat her like shit and i know she... # # #

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My Teacher Used Me

I recommend to read my other stories in order before this: 1. ‘Sister’s Birthday Gift‘ 2. ‘Best Family Dinner‘ It happened after my other stories. I was... # #

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Indian 16 year old part 2

Hey Guys, its Saira again with Part 2. Its been just a few days since me and my driver had sex and he took my virginity. If you haven’t read how everything happened, please read part... #

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Our love for our sister

My brothers and I, triplets, decided our sister would be a good fuck so we waited for her to come home from school and then we raped her for hours. # # # #

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Fiction: Each morning my slut pig & I would drink each other’s fresh piss in deep mugs before coffee. Then burn my cock & balls & her tits in the hot coffee pot to... # #

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My mother was raped and she told me about it

Back in 1983 my Mother got really drunk. She told me about the time when she was raped in Sept. of 1971. She went in explicit details about it/ In Feb of 1971 My father dissapeared.... #

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Indian 16 year old with Driver

Hey guys, this is Saira with a true story. I’ve been reading sex stories for a while and thought to myself, why not share mine. Hope you enjoy it. Being 16 and coming from an Indian... # #

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fuck me daddy, please

Daddy caught me in a compromising situation and took it upon himself to fuck me in the ass. Please do it again, daddy, I need it. # # #

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Such a good boy

My mom and sister came home drunk and they came in to my bedroom and showed me what my cock was for and how to use it. # # #

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