Having Fun With Teacher

(characters are 18+) It all started when I was failing my history class and I desperately needed to bring my grade up. Me and Mr. Robinson started touching each other. At first, it... # # #

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my family

So have you ever regret anything?? Wish you wouldn’t have done that ? Wishing you could do anything to take it back?? Well this is not one of thos time. Hear is the story of how... # # #

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Corner shop fun

It was just gone 6pm, it was summer so still really hot and the sun burning. I never get many customers after 5 being in a little cornershop just outside of town, so I thought to myself... # # #

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I got bored, and horny, so I checked my messages. I guess 18221 was a dating site, or hookups. 18-to-21, those awkward ages where you could buy sex toys, and perform porn, but not beer.... # # #

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Pizza girl

The whole thing came off without a hitch. A bunch of us guys from the minimum security prison were doing cleanup along the highway. My sister drove up, I got in and we drove away. I... # # #

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Daddys lil sissy 2

It’s been a few weeks since what my dad done to me. We dont talk about it but I havent dressed up since. Although I hate to admit as much as I was hurt by this it was the best... # # #

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