The Cruise

I am sorry for the long buildup but I want to tell my story. I was sitting on a lounge chair sipping my drink on a cruise ship just looking out over the ocean. In a total melancholy... #

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Mom came in my room one night

It was in January I remember dad was working graveyard shift. Mom was watching tv all covered on blankets when I got up to go to bed. She said good night as I walked by to my room.... # # #

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Dads needs

So I was 11 when mom married my step dad. He was nice enough to me and after Mom married him and they went back to work dad had weekends off . Mom worked Saturday 7 am to 7 pm. So I... # # # # #

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The Twins 6: The Harem

So Emma found this friend, Jackie, who happened to be bi-sexual also. She was in between our ages. I was now 15, Jackie was 14 and the twins were 13. I had to resort to condoms now... # # # #

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Am I wrong?

I work in the casino as a first responder. I do security when there’s no medicals going on. They recently hired a new slot tech, Melissa. Techs fix the slot machines when necessary.... #

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The Twins 5: Home again

Well we finally got home from vacation after going to Springfield Illinois. We went to the Lincoln Home and Presidential Library and Lincoln’s tomb. Erin woke me up next day rubbing... # # # #

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Not interested

So there is this homely chick where I work. I don’t know what she has but she has mood swings like crazy. One minute she is super nice the next she is super crazy and mean. Of... #

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The Neighbor Girls 3

Koko the neighbors wife was waiting in the corridor when Luke came to the door. She smiled went running up to him jumping into his arms. She was dressed in a sort white skirt no panties... # # #

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The Neighbor Girls 2

Astrid got up I have to go to swimming practice. Ariana says not today for me, I’m staying here with Luke grabbing his cock and squeezing it hard. Wow not so hard Ariana goes... # # #

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The Neighbor Girls

I had watched my neighbors twin girls grow up over the years. Their dad a 6’5″ white man and their mother a beautiful Asian woman. I had watched them when the parents were... # # #

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Out of her league

I asked this girl out from work. She laughed at me. Saying she would never go out with me and that I was way out of her league. I said “Fuck you! You fucking bitch. Go fuck yourself... # # #

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