Whore Queen Garia

I am Garia, ruler of a small country on the outskirts of fairyland. My country is named after me, and I have been Queen for over two thousand years. I try to keep in shape so that my... # #

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Boys are weird

Raising my son as a single mother wasn’t always easy. Especially when he discovered his penis and the pleasures it could give him. # #

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Teen and oldman

Well I was 16 at the time. So far my life was hell drunk parents and very miss treated. He’ll they didn’t even notice that I was very feminine completely hairless except... # #

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First dick

First incest very true story history morning distorted my history I’m sex completely I am 61 years old still loved it I hope you enjoy this first time # # # #

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Play with my brother/cousins

When i was younger I had a sexual encounter with my cousins and brother. I was 11 my cousins where 13 and my brother 15. We will call my cousins cousin a and cousin b. We were all in... # # # #

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Me and Ross

when i was 12 i started talking to a 48 yr old man, we met up in the woods and he fucked me my snap: positivesquidy # # #

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Family whore 3

The next day I was terribly aroused, Father tied me to a chair and turned on a compilation of porn on the laptop. I howled in pain as my dick tried to break through the cage it was... # # # #

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