Daddy Breeders

My best friend and I were going to have a sleep over My daddy was going to be there We both had fertile bald pussies Answer wore no underwear It made my daddy happy His cock was hard... # # #

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Little Debbie

I was 16 and my step sister Deb was 10. I hear giggling coming from the closet. I open the closet door and my step sister and her male friend are standing across from each other with... # # # #

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Man with three wives–Part-1

Devji in his 18 was very handsome like a cinie hero. Sex jokes also attracted many girls. Voluntary game and fell in his sex net. So enjoyed his life # #

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Molly’s in heat

My parents are always drinking. They could be home and drunk, or out at some party blacked out. They spend all their money on lottery tickets and alcohol, so they never bother getting... # #

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My Step Neice

I was watching my step niece, Jia, for my brother. She’s over here all the time anyway. She loves me. My brother is eight years older than I am. I was 14 at this time. His stepdaughter... # # # #

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