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Step Bro Needs My Help in the Bath: Part 5

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The Caravan Chronicles – Chapter 2

As I am writing this, we are back from the caravans and woah…stuff happened. If mum or dad knew about it, Chris and I would definitely be disowned. But anyways, here’s what happened after the events of last time.

Wednesday came along and we spent the whole day at our granny’s caravan. They have one on the same site which is the reason why mum and dad bought one in the first place. We spent the day watching TV and having another barbecue, this time having chinese pork chops and skewers – they were incredible. Granddad is a great cook, always has been. The day practically flew in and before we knew it, it was 10 o’clock and way past Chris bedtime. Mum and dad were having a few drinks with granny and granddad, Chris was half sleeping on the sofa beside me, head resting on my shoulder, and I was on my phone feeling bored.

Mum: *Laughing* Mum, I can’t believe that actually happened to you and dad yesterday. We would’ve been so embarrassed.”

Granny: “Oh, I bet!”

Mum: *checking the time* “Oh wow, look at the time, ha, Chris should be in bed by now.”

Dad: “What? Oh yeah, I guess we’ll have to cut this conversation short Margret.”

Granny: “I’m sure Sarah would be more than happy to walk Chris back and we can stay here, have another glass…or two.” *laughing whilst she takes another sip*

Mum: “Sarah, sweetie, would you mind?”

Me: “Not at all, I’m feeling tired myself.”

Mum: “Thank you sweetie, that’s so kind of you…*burp*

Dad: “That’s my girl.”

I wake Chris up and let him know what’s happening, half-sleeping, he gets up and holds on to me as we leave the caravan. We walk past the isle of caravans, down the past and tuck-shop and down the “rocky road” as we called it. It’s a highly damaged road, full of potholes, that connected one part of the site to another. There is a beach area beside it that is always beautiful at night, the moon shines on it and the sound of the waves are heavenly…it’s just so relaxing to sit and take it in. Holding up Chris, I bring us to the beach area and sit him down.

Chris: *Half sleeping* “Why…why are we s..stopping?”

Me: “I love these waves, Chris, I want to sit here for a few minutes and take it in.”
Chris: “Oh..okay sis.”

I sit and listen to the sound of the waves crashing against the surface, it’s heavenly and I adore it. I close my eyes and take it in. A few minutes pass and Chris pokes me.

Chris: “Can…w..we go now? It’s getting…ch…chilly.”

Me: “Sure, let’s go.”

Chris seemed more awake so he was able to walk by himself. We continued walking to our caravan, past the park, past the isles of caravans and past the site managers house. We get to our caravan, I unlocked door, we walked, and then locked it again. Chris immediately entered the bathroom and I went into the living room and turned on the tv, The Vampire Diaries was on. Chris came back in shortly after, sat down beside me and yawned.

Me: “I believe it’s your bedtime, bro. Actually it’s past it.”

Chris: “Mum…and…d..dad aren’t back yet…can…I s..stay up with you…for a while?”

Me: “You know what? Sure. But if we hear them outside, you’ll have to run to bed, okay?”

Chris: “Yay!” *sounding wide awake now*

Me: “So, what do you want to do?”

Chris: “Umm…play a game?”

Me: “Sounds fun, what game?”

Chris: “You…pick.”

Me: “Oh, okay, sure. Umm…let’s play the blind feeling game.”

Chris: “Yes! I..I love that game!”

The “blind feeling game” is a game were one of us wears a blindfold and has to guess what the other has put in our hands. We can use any body part, but the hands are best. I got up and grabbed a scarf from the coat rack and sat back down.

Me: “Okay, do you want to feel first or do you want me too?”

Chris: “I…I don’t mind.”

Me: “Okay, tell you what. We’ll take turns, two rounds each and then switch.”

Chris: “S..sounds good.”

Me: “I’ll go first.”

I picked up the scarf and folded it around me eyes tightly, I couldn’t see a thing. I hear Chris get up and run away, he clearly had something in mind. He came back shortly after and was giggling.

Chris: “Okay..ha..hands out.”

I reached my hands out and I felt him place something into my hands. It’s felt furry, soft and just like one of his teddies.

Me: “Is it…your teddy?”

Chris: “Yes! Well…done…s..sis. Okay…next one.”

I felt him placed another object into my hands. This one felt soft, warm and underneath some kind of material…I recognised what it was instantly. Knowing what it was, I pulled on it harshly acting like I didn’t know what it was.

Me: “Is it…your toe?” *I ask jokingly*

Chris: “No…hehe.”

Me: “Is it…your finger?”

Chris: “Nope…haha. You’re..close sis…maybe…y…you should…feel..it..m..more”

I squeeze it again and start to rub it. I knew what he wanted and I was enjoying. I move my hand over his hardening shaft and get to the head, I wrap my hand around it and squeeze it…again and again; almost like mini-strokes. After about 30 seconds I told him my guess.

Me: “Is it…your willy?” *I say jokingly*

Chris: *Laughing* “Yep…hehe”

I took off the scarf.

Me: “You made me grab your willy through your boxers, naughty boy.”

Chris: “S..sorry sis.”

Me: It’s okay, now it’s your turn.”

Chris pulled his trousers back up and sat down, smiling. I tied the scarf around him and walked away to find something. I picked up the tv remote and a pen, and walked back over to him. He had his arms stretched out and a smile on his face.

Me: “Okay, here’s the first thing.”

I placed the remote into his hands and let him feel it. He pressed a few buttons, causing the tv channel to change and for the volume to go off.

Chris: “It’s the tv remote!”

Me: “Correct, well done!”

I took the remote from his hands and went to place the pen in his hands when a thought came to mind…two could play at that game. I pulled up my shirt and grabs his hands, placing them on my boobs and making him squeeze.

Chris: “Huh…is it…your bum?”

Me: “Nope but your close.”

Chris: “Is it…your boobies?”

Me: “Why don’t you take a look?”

I pulled down Chris’ scarf and saw his eyes light up and felt his hands squeeze again.

Chris: “You…copied me!”

Me: “Mostly…yeah. Okay, it’s my turn again.”

I sat down beside him and took the scarf and tied it around my eyes again. I heard Chris get up and run away again. He came back a minute after and was laughing again. Already holding my hands out, I feel something soft, warm and skin-like. I feel around for a second and realised what it was…his cock. I pretended like I wasn’t sure and felt him up some more, teasing him for the fun of it.

Me: “Hmm…it’s your body again but different…is it your willy?”

Chris: “Why…why don’t you…take a look?”

I pulled down the scarf and saw him staring at me, smiling. His willy is in my hands, semi-hard and is now out of his boxers. I let go.

Me: “Hey! That’s a bit much.”

Chris: *laughing* “sorry…sis. It was too…easy not too.”

It was at this point that we heard mum and dad outside laughing and walking towards the door.

Me: “Shit…let’s go to our room. You get into bed.”

We ran into the room, Chris entering and me going to the door. I let mum and dad in, wished them goodnight and went into the bedroom. I lock the door behind us. Chris was under the covers, only his head was showing, and his clothes were on the floor.

Me: “That was close. Okay, bed time I think.”

I take off my shoes and socks, slip off my shorts and remove my shirt. I looked over at Chris and he was staring at me.

Me: “Enjoying the view?”

Chris: “M..maybe.”

I laughed and realised the opportunity we had. I could tease him some more, entertaining us both before bed without being caught. Before I could remove any more clothing, Chris flung his blank off of him and to the bottom of his bed. He was completely naked underneath, still semi-hard and smiling away.

Me: “Huh! Chris? What are you doing?”

Chris: “Just…messing around. Hehe.”

Me: “Ha ha. Now, put it away. I don’t want to see your willy.”

Chris: “Are y..you sure?” *He says whilst grabbing it and flinging it around.

Me: “Huh! You’re so naughty. I can be naughty too, you know.”

I took off my bra and started playing with my boobies, making them bounce around.

Chris: *Laughing* “Oh yeah, well I’m n..naughtier.”

Chris stood up and yanked down my panties, revealing my pussy. He points at it and laughs.

Me: “Huh, you little shit!” *I say jokingly* “Two can play at that game.”

I looked down and grabbed on to his shaft, stroking it rapidly, feeling it grow and harden in my hand.

Chris: “Huh…you…that feels…great sis.”

The next thing I knew, Chris pushed me back and I landed on my bed, legs spread and pussy completely out. I saw him stare in awe and then felt his hand touch it, he slid his finger down my slit and heard me moan. It felt kind of good having someone else touch me for once…so I let him explore me. He slid his finger up and down my slit a few more times and then accidentally applied too much pressure and slipped his finger inside. His face turned from amazement to shock, he clearly didn’t understand what he did.

Chris: “Huh…s..sorry sis. I…didn’t mean too. I was just…”

Me: “It’s okay Chris, there’s a hole there for things to go into too. It feels good, like when I touch your willy. Here, look.”

I spread my lips open using my fingers, revealing my clit and the hole. He was in a mixture of shock and joy. Learning about something he had never seen before, it must’ve been overwhelming for him. He continued to explore me more, pushing his finger and then two in and out feeling the tightness, wetness and heat. After a few minutes, I feel it coming on…I’m was about to cum and my brother was the cause of it.

Me: “Chris…I’m gonna…”

Before I could say anything, I came. My juices flowed out, drenching his fingers and hand. His eyes were wide open with shock and amazement.

Chris: “Woah…sis…what happened…?”

Me: *Breathless* “You know how your milk comes out after I touch it for a while, well the same thing happens to me.”

Chris: “Oh…so…I made you…feel good?”

Me: “Yes, you made me feel very good. Thank you.”

I looked down and saw that he was rock hard and was in desperate need of unloading. I pushed him back on to his bed and took hold of his cock.

Me: “It’s only fair if I do the same.”

Chris: “Woah…okay…”

I stroked his cock enthusiastically, wanting his “milk” to come out. I wanted to make him feel good like he made me, it felt as if I was under some sort of spell. I couldn’t help myself…I bent down and put him in my mouth, swirling my tongue around his head. My mouth was so full of saliva and I needed to empty it. I took his cock out of my mouth and spat on my cock, stroking it rapidly again.

Me: “Does that feel good Chris?”

Chris: “Oh…God…yes.”

Me: “Good.”

I took him in again and took in his entire length, trying to deep throat him. He wasn’t big enough so he couldn’t reach my throat. I continue sucking him and feel his balls tighten…he was about to cum.

Chris: “It’s coming s..sis.”

He exploded in my mouth, shooting rope after rope filling my mouth. I stroked him even faster and sucked every last drop. I take him out of my mouth, swallow half of his “milk” and spat the rest on to his cock.

Me: “Look, Chris still is your milk. It’s actually called sperm or cum, but milk will do.”

Chris: “Oh…cum sounds…funny.”

Me: *I laugh* “When it comes out, it’s calling cumming. Remember that…for future reference.”

Chris: “Will do…thank you sis. That was…incredible.”

Me: “You’re very welcome bro, now bed time.”

I lick and suck the rest of the cum off of his cock, flicking his tip again. He went soft and moaned.

Chris: “And….don’t worry. I..won’t ..tell anymore.”

Chris sat up and put his boxers back on and, with my help, slipped into onesie. He got back into bed and threw the covers over him. I slipped my hand under the quilt, slowly felt my way up his legs and grabbed on to his cock through his onesie.

Me: “Now, if you’re a good boy tomorrow there might be some more of this. I can’t promise anything but sharing this room might come in handy after all.”

Chris: “Yay!”

Me: *Smiling* “Good boy, now time to sleep.”

I kissed his forehead and got into my own bed. I drifted off to sleep shortly after, with the taste of his cum still in his mouth. I liked where this was going.

The End.

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    So good

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    Something tells me that when they get home, mom or dad will be giving Chris a bath when he gets excited again. Only this time instead of playing it off like Mom did the first time they turn it into a “teaching moment.”

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      That would be fuckin hot af.

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      its called a stutter

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