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Teaching Emma

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Emma, my 10 year Daughter learns about sex.

This is a story about me teaching my 10yr old daughter about sex.

I closed the door to my truck and I entered the house. I had just got home from work and needed to take a piss really bad. I walked in the door and went to the nearest bathroom not closing the door. I unzipped my pants and took out my soft cock and began to relieve myself into the toilet and that’s when I heard it, my daughter’s innocent voice behind me. “Daddy, what’s that thing?” Emma, my 10yr old daughter asked. “What’s, what?” I replied confused. “That thing hanging out of your belly.” She said. That’s when I realized it Emma had never seen a man’s body before. I figured she was about the age she should learn these things. “Come over here I’ll teach you honey.” I said. She walked into the room. Emma is a sweet little girl who stands at about 4’5 and has long flowing brown hair. She couldn’t help but stare at my manhood that was beginning to grow a little. “This, is a penis Emma. It’s a part only boys have.” I explained. “You also have a special part that boys don’t have, a pussy. Here come over here.” Emma walker closer into the bathroom and I closed the door behind her. “Baby, take off your clothes too so I can teach you about these differences.” I told her. “Okay daddy.” She said eagerly. Emma slowly removed her clothes and finally revealing her small virgin pussy and tits just beginning to develop. I couldn’t help it and my cock tingled. “Okay Emma you see a man’s penis gets hard when he sees or feels something he likes.” I said “I can show you this if you come over here and touch it.” I got her to sit down on my lap so I could teach her the basics. Emma reached down and grabbed my cock. Suddenly it sprang up and got rock hard feeling her small hand struggle to wrap around it. “Woah, daddy that’s cool.” She exclaimed “what else can It do?” “Well when a man finds a woman to do it with she can make a special liquid come out of it with her pussy or mouth.” I answered. “I wanna see that daddy!!” She said while giggling. “Okay sweetie but don’t tell anyone or we can’t do it again.” I said eagerly to my daughter as precum began to leak out of my tip. “But first lemme me get wash you about yours.” “you have a vagina or a pussy as people usually call it, if you see or feel something you like it will get wet and sticky.” I said. “That happened when I touched your penis daddy, wanna feel?” She said happily. I knew it was wrong but I took 2 of my fingers and began to play around with her young pussy feeling how wet it was for her dad. She let out a soft moaning sound. “Daddy it feels so good!” She said. “Now can you teach me about your special liquid too?” I told her to kneel down in front of me and open her mouth. “Now when I do this, I want you to use your mouth and go up and down sucking it and make sure not to use your teeth.” I commanded her. “ yes daddy” she said. I felt her tongue lick the tip of my cock and she tasted my precum that had been leaking. “It’s salty daddy, I like it” she said. Then her small wet mouth began to suck on my cock going from the head halfway down my 7 inch shaft, as far as her 10 year old throat could go. Her wet tongue was also doing small circles on my tip. I couldn’t believe my innocent baby was so good at this. “Daddy you taste so good in my mouth” she said grinning with her face stuffed with cock. “Okay sweetie that’s enough with your mouth, I said now I’ll teach you how our parts work together.” I said. I commanded Emma to sit bend over with her hands on the toilet seat.without warning I pushed my throbbing cock into her young, small, tight pussy feeling the grip surrounding my dick I knew I wouldn’t last long in her fresh unused cunt. “Omg daddy I feel so good, your coco is so big inside me.” Emma said while moaning. I continued slowly but hardly going in and out of her extremely wet and gripping pussy until I felt myself almost ready to cum a huge load. “Get ready to use your mouth again.” I said to Emma. As I removed my dick from her soaking wet pussy and placed it into her mouth while she sucked it up and down twice and suddenly I couldn’t take it anymore and I forcefully busted a huge load in my daughters mouth. “Now swallow it for a treat.” I said. Emma’s mouth was full of my load and she swallowed it obligingly saying, “Daddy I loved this lesson so much.” “Well if you promise to say nothing I can teach you more” I said.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:fygmdfuf8

    There not a 10 yo girl that don’t know what a cock is and what todo with it. So if I read that a 10 girl say what that referring to a cock, I know the story is fake.

  • Reply SAM ID:1dacdgrodg0g


  • Reply Daddy Dick ID:1d8l4mfk6p02

    She’s already 10 and she hasn’t seen her daddy’s cock? I would’ve been playing with her pussy asap


    • tim ID:1dmnvcjlopcl

      facts lol

  • Reply Vincent ID:4bn00en3fia


  • Reply Los ang ID:7btmwn2b0d

    I want to hear a real dad fucks his daughter and she loves it . If there is someone, tell their real story on my Instagram “imwithyou2day”

    • [email protected] ID:7z8b6px7m0

      These stories are fun but as soon as I hear the line daddy what’s that reference to his cock I know it just a story. I never meet a girl above 7 who don’t know what a cock is and most knows where a cock goes. I admit I meet girls that age who knew not(ing bout sucking cock . By 8 they know more but by 9 I mit girls who knew more then I did.other wise they may know bout jacking off or sucking a guy at 7 or 8 but by 9 they know and have fantasized about a cock.. when my daughter was 9 she had 5 other girls spend the night 1 was 8 rest was 9. I hid a micro phone in her room so I can hear what they are saying. For awhile it was just like did you watch this show etc. but then my daughter say look at what I found she brought up a adult site and all the girls were watch then one of the girls said I would fuck him then they all was talking bout fucking and sucking man.. I was surprize they all talked about it and 1 girl first one of us to suck or fuck a guy gas to till the rest of us about they all promised they would then the 8 yo said that she has jacked off and suck 2 guys. One said at the same time she said no.who was who was ever girl was saying my dad since I was 6 and also my uncle.then she went on and said they done force her they just ask her anymore.. I’m sorry I’m not sure why I was telling you all this

    • BillPorn34 ID:5uo23e3t0a

      Achubfunguy, the lowest age the website lets you put is 10 so that’s why

    • Sexygrandma57 ID:bpbyueov4

      Hell I was 5 when I first saw my dad’s dick and knew exactly what it was used for due to walking in on him and my mom. Of course I didn’t know at the time, but once my mom explained to me what it was they were doing and how good she felt I couldn’t wait until my turn lol

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1col5ueb4hi9

    Is this real , u cappin homie

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Next part please