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I was my brother’s sex slave

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I’ll keep it short , I am Priya (fake name ) , 22 yo and I am currently completing my masters . I have a mother and a brother naked harsh (also fake name ) 28 yo.

So 5 years ago , when I was 17 my dad passed away , my mom was devastated and my brother 23 yo was burdened with all the responsibility of the house . We were financially struggling to the point I even thought of not taking addmission in a college so could find a job and contribute to the house . But my brother strictly prohibited me and told me to keep studying. My mom also has job but it didn’t pay her very well ,so my brother had to leave everything he had in his life to find a job and work 12 hours a day . During my first semester, one of my family’s friend had suggested that their daughter and my brother get married. My mom was happy to hear that , but my brother denied and gave the reason that he has to provide for his mother and more importantly his sister. I was so sad that he has to sacrifice his life to mine better, I literally cried in my room for hours.

My first semester was finished and I had started my second semester. One day during 8-9 at night I was changing my clothes in my room , I saw something in mirror and I was shocked to know what it was . Apparently it was my brother peeking on me . And I forgot to mention we live in 1 bedroom apartment. I couldn’t confront him because I thought it would be embarrassing for both of us . That same night while I was trying to sleep , I was thinking about this ,but then I realised that he had a chance to get married to a beautiful girl yet he sacrificed for me . I knew that he was still a man who has sexual urges . And after lots of thinking I wasn’t actually mad at him , but rather I kinda understood his situation.

I started changing clothes with door open Lil bit, I would often leave my panties and bra in the bathroom or on the bed . And I was right , I found my panty in pile of dirty clothes , and it had slimy and sticky liquid all over it . I immediately understood what it was , harsh had used my panty to jerk himself. I continued doing this for few weeks , until one day I was asked out by my classmate , and when he asked me out all I could think was that I have to focus on my studies and my brother, I respectfully denied his proposal. I wanted my brother to have atleast one hour a day that he can enjoy it . That night after my mom fell asleep, my brother came home , I gave him water while he was sitting on a couch . While he drank water , he checked me out from top to bottom and asked me how was my day , I told him it was alright. He was trying to show me that he still has energy after that long shift , but I could see he was tired . I walked towards him and kneeled on the floor infront of him , I grabbed the glass from one hand while I putmy other hand on his crotch. He quickly grabbed my wrist and asked me what the hell am I doing , then I putmy other hand on his crotch and said to him “please let me do this for you , I know you are very tired” . He slowly withdrew his hands , I massaged his crotch for 1 or 2 mins . After then I proceeded to remove his pants with his underwear, that is when I saw his hard and sweaty dick , And I’ll be honest it was huge . I started jerking him , I had to use both of my hands , I could hear his moaning and he ejaculated in my hands after which I went to the bathroom to clean it .

I started giving him handjob every other day , but one day he asked if I can try with mouth. I thought it was bad idea but I used my mouth anyways, I first put my tongue on the tip and then took the dick in my mouth . My mouth could only take one third of his dick , he deepthroated me for few minutes until he came in my mouth , I swallowed to make him feel better.

Now it was handjob and blowjob every other night, I could see that it was actually working, his mind was finally getting some peace . But one day in the middle of the night I woke up and found my brother’s dick in my mouth and he was on top of me. When we looked at each other he smiled and after watching him smile , I smiled at him too while my mouth had huge dick in it ,he face fucked me and came in my mouth .

One day while I was cleaning I found condom packets and I was shocked I pretended that I didn’t see it . that night harsh woke me again , but I was too tired so I opened my mouth and told him to do whatever he wants to do , then I closed my eyes because I didn’t had to do anything. He facefucked me as usual, but after few minutes he stopped but he hasn’t ejaculated , I felt his finger on waist then I realised he’s trying to remove my pants , I asked him what is he doing, he simply said “I am going to fuck you now ” I kept looking at his face while wondering why didn’t he ask me this time . Then I realised that I was practically becoming his wife . He fucked me so hard , we both were panting heavily.

Now we were doing everything, blowjob, handjob and fucking. He even once woke me up one night and he took me to bathroom with him. He told me to kneel down and open my mouth, I thought he was going to facefuck me but I was wrong he actually peed in my mouth and all over my body andthen he face fucked me. He even made me eat his asshole . But the most weirdest and funny thing he did was , one day in the middle of the day I was in college he came to my college and said that it was an emergency and we should go , when we got home , there wasn’t any emergency he just wanted to fuck . We even took showers together many times .

This went on until I graduated and was accepted by a college in different city for my master’s . I told my brother about it , he just looked at me and with smile on his face said ” I am so proud of you, I always knew you would be successful”. That sentence broke my heart , I knew it meant that I had to go to different city for my master’s leaving my mother and my brother. On my last day we fucked 3 times and took shower together.

It’s been a year since I left my home to come here for my masters , and I miss them so much , since I can’t tell this story to anyone I am writing it here.to be honest I’ve never wanted to have sex with my brother but I did it for him , and I don’t regret it , even in future when I am married, if he wants to fuck me I will let him fuck me .

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    Great fucking story, got me to wank myself

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    I can tell you really love you’re family,

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    You don’t need to get married, let your brother own you.

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  • Reply Eva ID:1ebmzoy7zy1w

    My brother started on me when I was 8 and he was 16. He told me it helped him with stress and I wanted to help. My parents caught him fucking me when I was 13

    • Liligirl ID:1eefahqgelp6

      What happened when your mom caught him

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      I want to know this story too

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