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I had my first BBC when I was 15 and feel inlove

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I’m Melissa or Missy, I am tall 5’11 and not to skinny, but athletic, small tits but a decent ass. I love basketball and aspire to play in college someday. Summer was starting, school was out and we had set up a basketball goal in the back yard. I spent my days alone while mom was at work, playing ball and getting in shape. I had nice abs and legs but no boys to play with.

My neighbors saw me playing basketball one day and stopped by, they were an old black couple, always sweet. I had ate at their house a few times and she was a great cook. They told me their grandson was coming to stay for a 3 weeks and Im sure he would love to shoot hoops with me. I got excited and told them I cant wait, I hated playing alone all the time.

The next Monday I was outside playing ball and this car pulls in their driveway and this woman and man get out, the man is huge. Really tall, they wave at me and go inside. A few minutes later that big black man comes over and says hi to me. His name is Devin, I told him he was so tall and he said yeah he was 6’7. He played college basketball and football, he was a freshman, so he was 18 or 19. He also had a great body.

He offered to play a game with me, we played to 10 and he easily beat me. He asked me if I could dunk the ball and I laughed and said no, they he grabbed the ball and dunked it with any problem. He had me stand under the rim and gave me the ball, he got behind me, He put his hands under my arm pit and told me to jump and see if we could get me to dunk the ball. I said okay and I bent down a little and tried to take a big jump and he lifts me up, and raises me to the rim and I dunk it.

I was shocked at how strong he was, I was about 145 pounds and he lifted me like nothing. We shot the ball some more and he went to his grandparents house. We played basketball alot of the next week and he helped me learn alot. He also had me horny all the time. Were always bumping into each other when we played, and I tried to bump him as much as I could. I wasnt sure, but a few times when I bumped my ass into him when I was doing a post move I thought I could feel his hard dick.

He slipped one day and pulled his hamstring, he said it had been sore for a few days but he kept playing ball with me anyway. He said back in college he had therapists to work on it so he was fine. I dont know why I said this but it just slipped out, I said I can massage you if you need one. He just looked at me and didnt respond.

The next morning my mom went to work and 8:30 and as soon as she left Devin texted me and asked if that massage offer was really legit and I told him yeah it was. His grandparents were going out soon, he was gonna take a shower and he said I could come over and give that massage if I wanted, I said sure, I was going to take a shower to.

I got to his house, he was in his boxers, he had muscles and abs and he was so sexy. We went to his room and he gave me some massage lotion and layed in bed on his stomach. He told me to start at his calves and work my way up. I started to massage his muscular body and I got wet and horny and was enjoying myself way to much. I did my best massage, his hamstring and his back and shoulders.

After about 20 minutes I told him to turn over so I could massage his front, he said didnt need his front done but I told him to turn over. He went to lay on his back, I saw why he didnt want to turn over, there was a huge bulge in his boxers. I didnt say anything, I just started to massage his feet and legs, then his stomach and chest. His cock never went down, it stayed hard the whole time.

I got lost in what I was doing and rubbed my hand just under his boxers. I could feel him shiver abit but he didnt say anything, I rubbed my hand farther under his boxers and just glanced his hard cock. I looked at him and he looked back at me. I could tell he was thinking what I was thinking, I slide my hand under again and this time carressed his balls.He moaned as my hand massaged his big black balls.

I didnt ask him, I just grabbed his boxers and pulled them down. This hard black cock popped out. He was 8 plus inches easily. I poured some massage lotion on his cock and balls and went to work with both of my hands. His big black cock was shiny from the lotion, I looked at him, his eyes were closed and I could tell he loved this.

He loved having this white virgin massaging his big black cock, and I loved massaging it. I took my time, I would stroke him fast and slow and masage his balls. I started a medium stroke on his dick, it felt so good having that big cock in my hands. He started to talk, calling me baby and saying how fucking good this felt, stroke me faster baby , oh fuck baby, he said oh shit im cumming and stroked him faster, I saw his cum shoot out of black cock, stream after stream, falling on his chest, some hitting my arms, it was a lovely scene.

I slowed down on his dick as he started to get soft. My hands carressed his balls as he thanked me for the massage. I told him I loved it, but I better go before his grandparents came back.

After that day, we would kiss and make out sometimes but that was it. He was going to leave in 2 days and I wanted more of his black cock.

My mom had to work late that Thursday night, I told Devin to come around 8:30, it would be almost dark by then so we couldnt play basketball, but I had plans. He came over and I was wearing an oversize hoodie that went past my ass, it was warm outside, but I was naked under it.

We talked and kissed for a little then I told him to sit down in the sofa on the back porch. I sat on top of him straddling him, my open legs about his dick that was covered by his shorts. We kissed and I whispered to him I was naked under my hoodie, he reached behind me and grabbed my naked ass and started to kiss me harder. I told him I wanted his big black cock inside of my white virgin pussy right now. I knew he wanted me to, but he said he didnt have any protection.

I told him I just started my period that morning, if he didnt mind a little blood on his dick, we could fuck and he could cum in me and I wont get pregnant. He lowered his shorts to the ground and I worked on getting that big black cock inside me, it hurt my virgin pussy but I got 3 or so inches inside me and I started to ride him. Damn it felt so good, I felt my pussy opening to him and I rode him faster and knew I was about to cum.

I told him I was cumming and he grabbed my ass and lifted his hips up and pushed more of his big black cock inside while I was in the middle of my orgasm. He buried it inside me, it felt so damn good, I could feel my pussy stretching and I kept riding him until I came again, then he started to moan and grabbed my ass really hard and I could feel him shoot his cum inside me. I sat on his big black cock and kissed him, feeling his cum leak out of me.

We kissed and his cock was still mostly hard, so I started to ride him again. I was getting sore, so I wasnt going to cum again, but I rode him for another 5 minutes and then he blessed my pussy with his cum again. I told him Im sorry if he got bloody but he said it was worth it. He got up and got dressed and went home.

I went up to my room, I stood in front of my mirror, I could feel the cum still leaking out of me, I took a wet rag and wiped my pussy, it was covered with cum and blood. But it wasnt period blood, I wasnt on my period, the blood was from that big black cock tearing open my white virgin pussy. I lied to Devin because I wanted to get fucked raw and feel his cum inside me. Unfortunately I got my period 3 weeks later, I hoped atleast one of his cum shots inside me had got me pregnant, but better luck next time.

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  • Reply stan ID:71ou0taghl5

    great story

  • Reply Michelle ID:1i2kovirk0c7

    I know the craving you had. When I was 14 over at my friend’s place. He brother always had on lose shorts and no underwear. I get a peek of his penis.

    I told my friend that her brothers penis was hard one day, she said she knew as he wants a bj. I said how do you know, she said he always flashing when he wants on. I said you give your brother a bj and she smiled. Said I should help.
    I said I never did, but she went over to her brother and pulled his shorts off. It was first penis I ever saw. She took my hand and placed it on his pins. I was memorized at how hard it was. He was little over 6inchs.
    I kissed it and learned to suck him, as I was my friend was pulling my panties down and licking me.

    It was hard to continue to suck him, my body was shaking. He picked me up and lying me down started to place his penis against my pussy. I said I’m a virgin he said did I want to stop I knew I should but to him to go ahead.
    It hurt when he hit my Hyman but told him to keep going wasn’t long I felt something warm in me and he pushed hard and stopped

    My friend afterwards licked me clean saying she been enjoying her brother. Told me she was pregnant and she wanted me to be pregnant

  • Reply Smol femboi ID:2vki2t0in

    Aww your so lucky :3 I could only dream of that happening to me

  • Reply [email protected] ID:rz5vjd9jm

    Better luck could be you mailing a BBC right now 😉 I’ll be waiting

  • Reply GDC ID:1das914k0b2

    Hey Missy I love ur story it got me so hard. Can we talk on snap and get freaky together my snap
    Is g_conliffe21 and I’m not 21 add me.