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sex slave at 13

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gang rape and forced pregnancy at 13 :))

Hi i know i havent posted in a while but ive been busy. a few months ago i was gangraped by a bunch of men my dad found and my dad. It hurt at first but i liked it eventually. They all shoved their cock in my holes, my mouth, ass, and pussy. they went for about an hour before leaving me with my dad again. My dad is arranging for me to get married soon before i turn 14. One of the guys from the gangbang is a pedophile and likes younger girls but i don’t mind. My dad lets me go to his house for weeks at a time so i can please him everyday and get treated like fuck meat. he holds me down and cums inside me most days, or pounds my throat if he feels like it. I like it the best when he puts a collar on me and pulls on it so i cant breathe while he fucks me hard. I already had my families baby but i want to be used as a breeder. I loved being pregnant because it made me look older and made my boobs and ass grow. Im really excited to be a pregnant slut again. I also added some guys off chat sites to send to. I got a cat bikini lingerie and some micro-bikinis to show off to men too.

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  • Reply Favour ID:4bn00en3fia

    I love this

  • Reply JumaBru ID:33wnj8k

    Hey, any other way to contact you?

  • Reply SUSAN ID:1ejgg9yi3d6m

    I’m 14 Yr old and like this story
    I’m at wickr me as badschoollady1
    Open for suggestions

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    Wow so hot.I would love to fuck your slut pussy and cum deep in your wet dripping pussy afterr everyone has fucked you and filled you mmmmmm

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    can you add me on email please [email protected]

  • Reply Gangraped, twice ID:2kyhpc18rd

    I was on holiday when was young girl turned 13 and sneaky got drunk and was raped by 4 men and found by my parents who took straight to the police station proper old Spanish village one and inside mom n dad said go tell what happened etc so went through this metal gate it was slammed shut and then these horrible old.pklicemen all laughing etc and then saw the main police man drop his trousers and parents were unable to get to me to help and then forced me sit on his cock up my ass which was bleeding and I was screaming in pain but just turned on more and then 2nd forced his cock just in ass aswell then horiffically rammed it in ass and both savagely raping me and was then put in with the prisoners and mom was too and gangraped repeatedly

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      fuck i bet those prisoners anally gangraped your 13yo asshole till it was ruined!

    • Daddy ID:1cnczb3o8b4u

      Mmm I would love to watch you being fucked and then fuck your tight spunk filled pussy and lick you out after.

  • Reply Self confessed whpre ID:2kyhpc18rd

    Well font know if pregnant lol… but have been on 2 day session drinking and sniffing coke nonstop and so went to 1 the guys flats and his daughter and friend there. Then his daughter went bk her moms and her friend went to leave and the friends dad shut door coked it said where think your going… and said get in there and we all sniffing and wild now hearing him telling her …. he started pulling clothes of then shouted hold her and rhen dragged to table and forced her snort lot of coke and then she stumbling and couldn’t even talk and so told her light cigarette up take a drag started coughing so when made her actually sick he said hold her legs and then he just forced cock in her and raping her hurting her then 2nd jut grabbed her head and slapping her then cock down throat and as other went berserk so did guy in throat and see she was panicking and vomiting loads … so al gangraped hwr

  • Reply [email protected] ID:vuf1mt0b

    I’m sure I’d hate it IRL, but I have gangrape & snuff fantasies; which is weird since I came very close to getting offed a while back.

    I tried to post a story on here, but I kept getting an “error” thing. I’ll accept any advice to about getting my stories posted. It sucks that asstr.org is down.

    • HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20b

      My stepdaughter emailed you..

  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:bvj3erd0

    Dreamgirl!!!! Little girls should be used for their mouths, pussies, asses and as breeders from the moment they can get pregnant. And I love sucking milk-filled breasts. Best milk in the world.

    • Ren ID:41ery97d1

      You’re right! Little girls should be use for breeding that’s their purpose

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    Email me in order to exchange stories at [email protected]

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    do you like getting ur milk sucked out now

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    I would lo e to have a young slut like you so I could fuck you anytime I wanted , and breed you , then keep fucking you while you are pregnant .

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    Bullshit story and no Wicker….. troll here everyone

    • cumslvt13 ID:42oe3vl9q

      im not a troll its true 🙁 my wickr should work

    • Snake ID:3zxjrennoik

      Cumslvt13 you should make a kik then I could find you….

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