Our introduction into sex with a dog 11

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Sometimes the pieces just fall into place. We were determined if there was enough opportunities we could make this happen. Sometimes they suprise you.

I figured things were good. She was feeling good about things and was very sure there were no regrets. She was also sure she wanted to experience more. Even with all that I decided to step back and let her decide if and when she wanted to involve him. Now that doesn’t mean I didn’t maybe make things easier for her.
The days were finally getting longer and the weather was great. These were the times when our boy wanted to spend most all of his time outside. Fortunately we spent a lot of time outside too. Winter is rough here for the most part. Shorter days, cold days and all chores take longer. We’d spend more time inside as would he but now she’d have to seek him out if she wanted him to play because he wouldn’t be always so close by. I was curious to see how that would play out.
We were still watching videos and girl/dog was what she was picking more often then not. She’d asked me about if I liked them and how much. There are some really hot young ladies doing a lot of those videos. I was really enjoying them and I told her so. That made it easier to pick them more often cause she could blame it on me. I didn’t care. They were fun and they never failed to get her worked up. I think sometimes she’d get almost dripping wet.
She was still into her inflatable toy so sometimes I’d get her to use it and then I’d slide my dick or a dildo into her to kind of make it like a dog’s cock and knot.
Being spring it was also back to no panty weather. I loved the teases no panties provided and now I had her squatting and peeing for me to watch too. The easy access to her pussy was fun. Our boy seemed to think so also. I spent a lot of time taking a moment or two to grab a handful of ass or pussy. Or to rub or finger her for bit. He took advantage to get a taste and do some licking.
Poor guy still wasn’t getting any return licking to speak of though. He was getting a little more into asking or at least that’s what I’d always say to her. I started noticing him having his dick poking out quite a bit. I really don’t know if it was more then it used to be or if I just didn’t used to notice as much. I’d think he was having more reason to be horny now days so that’s what I’d say the reason was. So many times we’d see him sitting down and half his dick was popped out. She got into making comments about his lipstick. Often teasing telling him to put his lipstick away or saying hey you left your lipstick out again. Of course that lead to me teasing her about using his lipstick or telling her he’s got your lipstick for ya. A couple times she either to tease me or please me would grab his dick when it was like that and run it across her lips like it was lipstick. Even doing a mouth smack action thing with the sound effect. That was hot but not something she really liked doing and it wasn’t something that was that easy to accomplish. Logistics and all.
There were times he’d get excited acting and try to mount her while she was standing or doing something. She’d drop down to her hands and knees and sometimes he’d make a good effort but fail while other times he didn’t seem as dedicated. Mounting then hopping off then repeat another time or two. We never had the luck like in stories where a dog seemed to always get the girl after a shower pulling her towel off and knocking her to the floor and getting him some. Or the opps I dropped something and when I bent over to get it I got some dog cock instead. He had pretty much quit reading stories and instructional things were pretty much the same thing repeated over and over but not much help. We watched videos and still looked for ideas or paid attention to what worked well and what didn’t. We did notice some had the same things we were experiencing. Thinking maybe a lot of those video shoots went more like our playing did but after the editing you never realized it.
We continued giving him opportunities.
Then one day we had just finished up a few things and was gonna run to the store. She’d put panties on and then had a pair of shorts on. Of course a bra and t-shirt. She sat on the couch putting her shoes and socks on and he came and was acting excited nosing at her and hopping around. Through his nonsense she had gotten one sock and a shoe on and was attempting the other sock. He wasn’t making things easy so she said ok ok boy let’s do it. Figuring he’d not get far and give up and then she could finish and we could go. I was already ready and had been standing there waiting patiently.
She pushed her shorts and panties down to about her knees and dropped into doggy position. He mounted her but had his feet on her back. It had her ass and shoulders up but her middle was arched downwards. He started humping and wasn’t finding where he needed to be. Then he slipped down on her grasping a good hold around her and still humping away. I think the way her middle was down must of put her ass up and caused the right angle cause he found her hole. It was the regular humping then to him suddenly pushing forwards hard. She let out a squeal sound and he started really pumping into her fast. Her whole body rocked as he bounced into her. I was ready for the show. Watching it almost looked like he wasn’t pulling back but each thrust was pushing her forwards and then the next thrust was just getting it back fully inside her. He was moving so fast and she was getting knocked around it was too hard to tell exactly what was going on but I was so into I was just that focused.
Her shorts had her legs together so she couldn’t spread her knees further apart and a few times I thought she was gonna go over sideways. She was squealing, moaning, breathing, huffing. I’m sure she had no control of what was coming out of her mouth or what noises she was making. Then Idk why but I was focused on her one foot with the shoe and sock on and the other with a sock half on and the shoe laying on its side next to her. It was almost like he was fucking her so hard he knocked her out of her shoe. Or that’s how my mind was reading the scene.
He pushed in deep one last time and then quit humping and hung to her. Idk why it never registered in my brain because later watching videos it was the same but irl our dog never actually fucked for that long. I bet he or maybe I should say she was lucky if it actually lasted one minute. When it was happening it seemed longer but then again at the same time it didn’t. I guess my brain couldn’t get it straight.
He hung on top of her for a minute then acted like he was gonna pull out and dismount so I jumped over to stop him. I figured out he was trying to get off her to turn around and stand like dogs do when they mate. I’d never dealt with this before and wasn’t sure how to go about it so he didn’t slip out. I got my hand up to her pussy and fumbled to get some kind of grasp to hold him inside. His knot was inside her so I didn’t know what or where to grab finally deciding to push my fingers inside and push against his knot. Probably not ideal but it was panic mood thinking. But ya between that and kind of holding one of his legs and not really letting him step away he got turned around and kept it in. I moved a little and was still beside him but ready to reach around his chest to limit his movement when I needed and told him good boy, good boy, you did really good.
I told her to reach back and hold his legs like in the videos but she said he’s not trying to move at all. I leaned back to beside him and looked. He wasn’t moving just standing with his tongue hanging out. She looked wobbly so I told her to lift this knee. The leg with the sock only. She lifted it and I tugged to get that side of her shorts and panties off. Even moving her leg some it wasn’t quite going. I tugged harder and as I heard what sounded like stitches tearing I got her foot free of them and lost that damn sock at the same time. Poor sock had hung on so long too. Now she was able to get her legs apart a bit more and was stable. He still hadn’t tried to move.
I moved back some so I could take in a better view. They were ass to ass and their backs were at about the same height. Idk if it was the sexiest position for them to be in but it definitely screamed I’m having sex with a dog. I was hard AF. She was holding really still to and not making much sounds now. Not really moaning. Maybe lightly and breathing heavier. Kind of like mouth breathing. Maybe that was her way of panting. I set there quietly too. It seemed like what to do in that moment. To set and watched and took it all in. It had been a while and we had talked a few times and I still wasn’t exactly sure how she felt. I figured things were running through her mind and I should probably let her be alone with those thoughts this time. Let her sort through them and be sure of what she wanted.
He never lasted 45 minutes like some say theirs do. He stayed knotted in her for probably 15 maybe 20 minutes all together and then without any big deal he pulled a little and popped free from her then walked off to the kitchen. Cum splashed from her and onto the floor. Then when she saw I was watching she raised up a little and pushed until another stream out and then it tricked down her legs. I looked at how gaped open her pussy was. Not a lot but she was opened some. She spun around to face me and in motion came up to get in a sitting position and started to scoot over. I grabbed her sides above her hips before she she could and set her down right in the puddle they’d made.
She gave me a look like I was crazy so all I could think to do was say. Splashdown.
We never made it to the store and we didn’t make it to the bedroom. I took my pants off right there and laid on the floor then put her little wet ass right on top of me. I had her bouncing on me and I fucked her gaped pussy until she came so hard it flushed everything out of her and all over me. Then I continued until I got off emptying my load up inside her.
When I was finished I held her hips having her lift up till my dick popped free then a little higher and stay there until all my cum oozed and dripped from her pussy.
Then I had her get on her knees beside me so a could stare at that used pussy while she leaned over and licked up everything on me. That was what a naughty girl should do and she eagerly did.
Now we had hit our stride and hoped he was ready and willing to cum along with us.

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