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Garden Time 2

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Continuing using a 14 year old girl I met

After the last time I saw Morgan, I wasn’t sure what would happen. I’d even get paranoid that an angry parent or the cops world come knocking on my door. So I did my best to be nice while messaging her and convince her that what we did was amazing, that getting to fuck her was an incredible thing we shared.

Not to much of my surprise, the girl was buying into it. She even admitted being curious about sex and how I made her feel good, despite the hurt caused from stretching her with my cock. I convinced her that the pain would be less and less and the pleasure more and more with each time and even got her to promise to come over before her school break was over.

One of the things we talked about was fetishes and what we liked. I mentioned that I loved being naked and having sex in the outdoors, even enjoying being risky at places like the mall. And that I loved brunette women with nice long legs. All bullshit, but I was playing into her own fantasies and insecurities. I’d tell her that my favourite fantasy was having her amazing legs wrapped around me while I’m fucking her in some woods. Morgan seemed like a shy girl at first but now she was opening up to all sorts of sexual fun with me, agreeing it would be amazing to fuck in the woods.

Anyway, it was a few days later that she came by my place again, this time wearing a short summer dress with her sandals. I noticed how she had no bra on her small tits as I welcomed her inside. We kissed hard and I felt her tight bum. The slag had a thong on, my favourite. I complimented her on the dress, even though I was in a hurry to get her naked.

The weather was shit, raining non stop, but I dared her to go out in the garden and feel the rain on her skin. Morgan blushed but soon her clothes were on the kitchen floor and she was out in the rain! I followed her example and I was soon behind her, the rain matting my body hairs and my cock pointing angrily at hair. She wasn’t aware that I had taken a couple of dick pills just earlier, I was keen on maximizing my time with her.

I laid her down and got her to sit on my face, 69 style, but she couldn’t reach my cock with her mouth so she simply jerked me off while I made her cum hard on my mouth. She cried with pleasure and when I let go she had a stupid smile on her face from her orgasm. My young friend knew I wanted her to return the favour and put the tip in her mouth.

Morgan had no idea how to give a proper blowjob and I had a great opportunity to train her. I ordered her to lick and kiss all of my cock, then suck on my nutsack, her small tongue licking the rain off my hairy genitals. She licked with obvious disgust when I pushed her face towards my ass, but licked nevertheless. Then I showed her how to suck and work my cock and knelt on the grass while that pure girl was getting filthy with me.

My lovely friend was trying to please me and she was rewarded with an erection that felt like steel. She was concerned when I lifted her up in my hands and cradled her legs on my arms. It was time to fuck her once more and she was scared of the pain. Well, I was going to fuck her brains out today so she had better get used to it.

I lowered her on my cock with no care and started fucking her like a ragdoll. She cried and yelped but could do nothing than hold on to my shoulders for dear life. Her teenage pussy was as tight as the last time, but today I was going deep and hard with no mercy. The little slag’s hole was responding by juicing like crazy and soon Morgan was moaning in sweet agony. I groaned like an animal as I impaled her tight pussy under the rain.

Her body and legs shook and I really hoped she was having an orgasm from riding my cock. The idea drove me crazy and I started fucking her harder and harder, making her scream. It was the trigger I needed, pushing me over the edge and shooting my cum right against the kid’s womb. I was quite possibly seeding her but I couldn’t care less, all that mattered was that I got to violate and inseminate that sweet pussy.

Morgen could barely stand on her thin legs after the fucking I had given her. She told me how much it hurt but also how it made her lose her mind. I assured her that probably my cock and her vagina were perfect a perfect match, that we had high sexual compatibility, since she made me feel amazing. Lies of course, but she bought it all.

The rain was getting too much though, so we ended up at the lounge, wrapped in warm blankets, watching some TV. She sat with her feet on my lap and started teasing me with them. It led to her working my hard cock with her feet. She was curious about how that made me feel. I would much prefer a blowjob to a footjob, but there was no harm in training Morgan to do everything. Plus it was good having some variety, right?

Her footwork and the pills resulted in yet another angry looking erection. I pulled Morgan close so she could hold it and use her mouth on it. I had an idea and put one of my favourite porn videos on the tv, one that I thought had the best blowjob scene ever. I then asked the girl to work my cock just like the woman in the video did. Morgan did her best, spitting at my cock, sucking on my balls, getting her face buried up my ass, even if she didn’t enjoy it. She still couldn’t take much of me in her mouth without choking, but she would be getting plenty of deepthroating practice.

Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t getting anywhere close to making me cum, so I’d have to fuck her pussy once more. She was reluctant, still feeling like she was split in half from the outdoors fucking, but I reminded her that the more we fuck, the more she will get out of it.

So we ended up with her on all fours and me lining up my cock with her bare pussy. She was going to find out what it really was like getting a deep and hard fuck from me, I loved going ape while fucking in doggy. Holding her petite hips in my hands, I knew I could break her if not careful and honestly, I was in a very selfish mood.

My cock sunk inside, smashing against her cervix. She cried out in pain, but she got no time to complain as the next thrust hit her, then the next and the one after, picking up pace. Morgan found herself held in place and getting hammered from behind, long hair and neck locked in my fists, screaming while I smashed her hard and fast. No love or tenderness, just hard fucking. My cock was completely desensitised by now and I was counting on her immense tightness and the sick pleasure of listening to her pained cries to push me over the edge.

Morgan sounded like an animal in the clutches of a predator. She was in a way, I suppose. I almost felt bad for her, but I really needed to give someone a good, hard fucking. Plus I had to break her in and get her used to taking it hard from me. Hell, I thought I could even condition her to like it! So I kept shoving my cock deep into her inexperienced hole, my weight on her slender body, all while kissing her and telling her how good she was doing.

I genuinely thought she was lucky, having her first being a man with a sizeable cock and who could give her a good seeing to. Straight in to the deep end. Then the familiar twitch came, traveling from my cock head down to my balls. I groaned and gruntled as I pushed and stayed deep inside her, shooting again inside her. Her pussy was already dripping with my cum from before and now she got a top up.

The sofa was getting wet from our sweat, our cum and Morgan’s tears. I pulled out and got off her. She was incapable of moving, like a limp fuckdoll that was fucked to its limits. I admired her stretched pussy, gaping and glistening from my cock. It felt satisfying. I took the crying girl in my arms and soothed her, once more telling her how great she had been, how amazing sex between the two of us was, how much potential we had between us. And the little bitch was buying it, giving me a sincere smile through her pained face.

We stayed in the sofa for bit more, while waiting for some takeaway lunch. I ordered what she wanted and we had lunch in the lounge, naked. I observed her eating, calculating how to proceed with her, going forward.

Watching her precious nude body, the energy from the food and a last jolt by the dick pills caused yet another erection to rise. It caught Morgan’s eye and I could tell that she was both impressed and terrified. But she didn’t need to worry, I was planning on being gentle with her, give her something to enjoy too.

I dared her to show me how she masturbated and we ended up on the sofa jacking off side by side, moaning and coaxing each other. She looked so cute fingering her smooth pussy. When she relaxed and got really comfortable, I stood between her legs, hand on my cock and put my fingers in her mouth. She sucked on them like a good girl. Then I used her spit to wet my cock. Her pussy was already wet from my cum and I had no problem pushing halfway inside her.

She groaned but kept playing with her pussy and I pushed my fingers back in her mouth. I ordered Morgan to play with her pussy while I was simulating spit roasting her. It was amazing how well behaved she was, offering no resistance. There was some hesitation in her eyes, but my filthy talking, my fucking and her hand got her all fired up. She came hard on my cock and I instinctively pushed my cock and my fingers deep inside her. Her body thrashing from the orgasm, the pain and the choking.

I kept my cock deep and fucked her with short strokes, her legs spread wide. We had both lost all sensitivity down there. If anything, Morgan was starting to feel really sore. But she had to endure it, for I needed to cum again. It took me ages but I finally came again, shooting dry while crushing the broken girl under my weight.

At that point I knew I’ve had enough of her, so I helped her clean up, get dressed and out of my house promptly. I would need a few days to recharge, but I had plenty of ideas about using my young lover.

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