Cat: Incest

My mom is homeschooling me

So I’m a boy and I’m 14,in the last month my life completely changed…since I had a hard time making friends, my mom decided to homeschool me, and now that I’m... # #

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Covid disaster

So we all now corona sucks but in my personal option it also has some benefits in common. For example in my area there is a burger King that delivers now. But yeah i know what you thinking... # #

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I wanna fuck my daughter

My daughter is 14 and she’s alrdy hyper sexual and its hot she has a bald small cunt and a cups and she’s adorable when we took a bath together because she wanted to she... # #

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Losing my Virginity to my uncle

A little over a week ago my uncle Jim had me and I got.really horny while we watched a movie with a seX cene so I grinded on his lap I didn’t know what it was at the... # #

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I guess I’m kind of a mutant, but not the sort to join the Xmen. It’s not anything that would be useful for fighting crime. # # #

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Daddy’s Hypnosis

Everyday when I get home from school, my daddy makes me go into his room with him and let him hypnotize me. You see, my daddy is training to be a hypnotist and he’s always wanted... # #

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