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Cat: Incest

Affairs with my Brother in Law

I’m Janis in my early 30s, got married with 1 daughter age 5, overall, my marriage just average and sometime we did quarrel once awhile, and my husband will need to fly away for work... # # #

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Clair loves to Fuck at 71

Referring to a story from Kathy ( Horny Grandma 24/7), I was so taken in by her as you rarely get storeys from females, congratulations to her well done. I don’t understand why more... # # #

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Something clicked between my twin brother and I, something we couldn’t fight, something we couldn’t control. It was amazing. # # # #

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New dairy post

Ok sorry for the wait I had gotten sick last 4 days. So my son went to his one day a month at his physical School last week. While on recess he had to go to the bathroom so he went... # # #

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The New Girl-14

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts here (/2024/02/the-new-girl-13/ )… I quickly hid the condoms in my part of the cupboard and freshened... # # # #

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Me and my cousin

Im a 15 year old male, attractive, tall, brown fluffy hair and my cousin is 13 a bit chubbier, short and cute faced with nice tits and a fat ass. I have always had a good relationship... # # #

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I wanna fuck my dad

I’m posting this privately as an open confession, although I’m also hoping for some advice. I always wanted to fuck my dad since I could remember. There’s no history... # #

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