Cat: Incest

Daddy’s girl

Ok let me just say this is true as far as I’m able to make it so. Ages have been changed due to site rules and, well just because. Backstory (sort of): My Mom, who worked a part... # # #

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Me and my cousin

mike is a year older then me and his brother is 4 years younger. I’ve been fucked by both. With mike we started messing around at age 5. When I was 11 I started to touch kev. He always... # # #

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Playing with my cousin goes wrong

Since when i was a little brat my female cousin that is 3 years older than me, liked to play with me a lot. She was that one innocent girl and the shy one, but if someone pissed her... # # #

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Making babies

When my father passed away when i wad just 21 years, i had to step up and be man of the house. I was now responsible for taking care my mom(42) and my two little sisters (Katie 10 and... # #

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