Cat: Incest

big brother

I remember I was 14 and scrawny and small I never got picked for sports teams in the gym and was bullied. But my big brother never bullied me he was 17 and fit way bugger because he... # # #

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My sister, our cum dump

My sister forgot her swimsuit so she stripped down to her panties. Then we paid her to suck us all off, she was eager to do it and now she’s our whore # # #

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The dare

when i was 13 and freshly in the 8th grade there was a group of girls, they were popular and everybody liked them so one day I tried to join them. but I had to do a dare that all of... # # #

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My dad molests me

I remember the first time I got to see my dad in a while I was 10 and bummed out while it was raining hard, my mom was making me leave my cousins sleepover to see a special someone.... # # #

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I sat on the couch peacefully until my older brother came and snatched the remote changing the channel “Derrick knock it off I’m watching tv” I groaned and reaches... # # #

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Step dad and dogs

My mom had left for a business trip a few days ago, so it was just me and my stepdad. I was barely 11 so I couldn’t stay up passed 9:30 except for on weekends. One night I heard strange... # # #

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On the road with papa

I love my life, it’s just me and my papa traveling in his truck every summer, of course, we settle down once it’s time for me to go back to school. But when I turned 14... # # #

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A slutty sleepover

(This is a continuation of my last stories “Amy’s first tribbing” and “Best birthday ever” let me know if you have any ideas for future stories below) # # #

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