Cat: Incest

I missed his dick

Me (Gay) and my guy (Straight) cousin used to fuck me when i was still 11 years old and he’s 16. I sucked his dick and he fucked me. # # # #

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We raped a boy

My brother and I raped a boy at the local pool, he fucked him up the ass while I forced him to fuck my pussy on the bench. It was so good. # # # #

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The too late mother

So my mom contacted me after 19 years and my dad died she got into contact and the rest follows I’m not complaining fuck yes #

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My fathers sperm

Im maykal but people call me may and 24 now and have a 2 year old son and single and wana share my first time feeling my fathers sperm when i was 17 i had went out to a party and ended... #

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Me and My Cousin-The Beginning

During the summers, I would go up to my grandparents house at the lake numerous times. There were 10 of us cousins that were within 10 years of age: 9 boys, 1 girl. This one summer,... # # #

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