Cat: Incest

Megan 1.2

After I sent the email to my mom, I sat down on my bed and started to cry. How could they not want me? 20 mins later, there was a knock on my door. Jon is back to take me away. I don’t... # # # #

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I fucked my sisters

This has been waiting for years now. So I am 22 and my 2 sisters are 25 and 20. I was always attracted to the both of them since I was 18-19 years old. I had these thoughts of incest... # #

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We Are Cousins!

I was 13 when my cousin Katie moved in with us. She was 12 at this time and recently orphaned. Her parents died in a car crash. My mom and dad agreed to let her stay with us. Katie... # # # #

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This is a short story that I didn’t write but it’s a good one. I don’t know the author. I’m looking for more of this story if anyone knows please let # #

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Charlie Brown 4

Schroeder was concentrating on playing Christmas carols on the piano, he didn’t pay attention to what Lucy was doing. He knew she was crazy about him, but he didn’t have... # #

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Charlie Brown and friends

Charlie Brown lay on his bed in his room playing with his little dick and thinking about the pretty little red-haired girl. She was so cute and he was sure he was in love with her.... # #

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Drunk Mom

So this happened years ago, I was 18 it was New Years And Mom and Dad had a party. I had o girl friend was always backwards with girls . Mom was 38. Not fat not skinny She was 5,4 I... # # # #

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