Cat: Incest

Step dad and dogs

My mom had left for a business trip a few days ago, so it was just me and my stepdad. I was barely 11 so I couldn’t stay up passed 9:30 except for on weekends. One night I heard strange... # # #

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On the road with papa

I love my life, it’s just me and my papa traveling in his truck every summer, of course, we settle down once it’s time for me to go back to school. But when I turned 14... # # #

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A slutty sleepover

(This is a continuation of my last stories “Amy’s first tribbing” and “Best birthday ever” let me know if you have any ideas for future stories below) # # #

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Father Daughter Bond

When she turned 13 she became a bitch and teased me with her slutty clothes, so one day I just barged in to her room and fucked her good and hard. # #

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My special cousin

I’m Ben I’m 48 now but this happened when I was 22. My little cousin was 13 at the time and is mentally retarded. She was in a wheelchair because she couldn’t walk. One day my... # # #

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Best birthday ever

(Disclaimer this story is entirely fictional. It’s just a fantasy that I have been cooking up for a while) # # #

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My good deed

My step-sister got a vibrator stuck up her pussy, I helped her remove it, then I replaced it with my cock. She even thanked me for doing it. # # #

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I had just got in from Michigan and sat at my older sister’s dining table it was pretty hot in Cali but I was happy to be in the new state. We chatted about how we been my 2 nephews... # # #

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