Cat: Incest

My fathers sperm

Im maykal but people call me may and 24 now and have a 2 year old son and single and wana share my first time feeling my fathers sperm when i was 17 i had went out to a party and ended... #

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Me and My Cousin-The Beginning

During the summers, I would go up to my grandparents house at the lake numerous times. There were 10 of us cousins that were within 10 years of age: 9 boys, 1 girl. This one summer,... # # #

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Crossdresser for daddy

Yes I am a crossdresser full time since I was very young and this is fantasy story I really didn’t have a dad or know him. Well it started when I was young I was completely hairless... # # # #

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Good boy Herbie

Walking back to the bedroom after getting a middle of the night drink , a noise coming from the den catches my attention and I head In that direction to make sure my benefactor didn’t... # # #

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Sex addiction

Ever since I was a lil boy. I always been very horny. Getting a hard on from girls on TV, movies, cartoon and even my own Family members. Not just cousins either. My own mom and lil... # # #

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Step dad fucked me and I liked it

When I was 11 I went to stay over for the night at my step dads, I only did this because I always felt strange about letting my brother go alone. Although he knew he wasn’t my... # #

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Camping night Gail, My sister and me

I wrote about playing with my cousin and fucking an older one on here. But after making love to Becky my cousin about 5 times she stopped doing it or wanting it, I assumed it was her... # #

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