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I wish it was me – Part 18

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Oh my god mommy, what did you tell your parents? Honestly, baby girl, I told my parents nothing…that is why you have never met your grandparents. With the age difference between your father and I, and me being a minor, I couldn’t take the chance that we would be separated, and I would then be alone and pregnant with you. And I loved your daddy so deeply – he was and still is my whole world. So, we finished the school year off, and drove three states west to where we now live and welcomed you into our lives.

We were so happy when I had a baby girl, your daddy loved watching you suckle from my breasts as I nursed you. And I loved knowing that one day, your daddy would be able to show you the same love he had showed me. All baby girls should know that type of love….

Baby girl, that was a long love story to tell…it is way past your bedtime. I think you should be heading to bed. I am surprised your daddy isn’t already in our bed with us. Give me a big hug and kiss and go to bed. OK mommy, I crawled on top of my naked mommy and gave her a huge hug and kissed her deeply, showing her how much I loved her. Mommy held me close and I could feel the heat from her pussy and her hips naturally pushed up into my body. Mommy moaned and said if I didn’t hurry to my bed right now, she wasn’t going to let me leave. I just giggled, happy to know that I could excite my mommy that much. I jumped out of her bed and went to my room.

I hadn’t been in my bed very long but was already drifting off to sleep when my bedroom door opened…my daddy pulled back my blankets and got in my bed cuddling up to my back with his front. He gathered me into his arms and kissed the back of my head as he whispered in my ear, did you like mommy and daddy’s love story? I said yes, I was happy they found each other and had me. I had the best parents in the world, and I felt so lucky.

I could feel daddy’s hard cock against my bum, it felt so comforting…I wanted to suck daddy’s cock but I was so tired I couldn’t move. I think daddy could read my mind, because he told me to open my legs as I laid on my side and I felt daddy’s cock slide between my legs and rest against my pussy. Daddy just held me closely and told me to go to sleep.

In the morning daddy was still in my bed as I awoke, he kissed my cheek and told me to roll onto my back; I did, as my daddy brought his body over mine. Daddy rested on his arms and knees as he spread my legs open and put his hard cock against my pussy. I thought it was happening, my daddy was going to put his cock in my baby pussy, just like the grandfather in the movie and how he had made me with my mommy.

But daddy just started rubbing his cock up and down my pussy which was becoming very wet. Every time his cock made contact with my clit, my body started to jerk and I would moan. Daddy said, my baby girl likes having daddy’s hard cock rub her virgin baby pussy, doesn’t she? Given everything daddy and I had already done together, all the time he fingered and lick and put his tongue in my pussy, I never thought about the fact that I was still a virgin. I just nodded, yes daddy, please don’t stop. Its OK baby, daddy will never stop loving you or your baby pussy, you belong to me, just like your mother did before you. I now understood the love and protection my daddy had offered my mommy and was now offering me. My daddy would take care of me no matter what, all he asked from me was my love, which I was more than happy to give my daddy.

As my daddy applied more pressure to my pussy with his cock, I felt his cock head getting caught at the entrance of my baby pussy. Like it had a mind of its own and it knew where it wanted to go, to be inserted deep in me, and it had found the entrance to make that happen. But every time I could feel daddy’s cock head at my pussy entrance, daddy would move his hand down and move his cock back to my clit. I didn’t understand didn’t my daddy want to put his cock in me, just like the movies he showed me yesterday? As I squirmed in pleasure under my daddy’s body, he moved down further on the bed, taking his cock away from my baby pussy…I moaned in frustration, until I felt my daddy’s tongue on my pussy….his tongue was pushing as deep as possible into my pussy entrance…giving me what I couldn’t get from his hard cock. It was almost immediate when my body shook and coated my daddy’s tongue with my wetness.

Daddy lifted his head and said good morning baby….I just sighed and said good morning daddy. Daddy got up and said he was going to go take a quick shower, he would see me downstairs for breakfast.

As much as I loved when daddy licked my little pussy, I still didn’t understand why daddy didn’t put his cock in me…even as I felt he wanted too.

When daddy joined me at breakfast, I wouldn’t look at him. Mommy also noticed how I didn’t welcome daddy to the table. Mommy and daddy looked at each other and asked me what was wrong, they had genuine concern on their faces, and they spoke very softly. I just started to cry…immediately mommy had her arms around me and was rocking me asking me again what had upset me so much. I tried to form words but my sobs were to great…as mommy soothed me and I started to calm down, I had my head pressed into my mommy’s chest, but she had a top on…oh, how I wished she didn’t in that moment, I just wanted to nurse, feel safe again in my mommy’s arm. I pushed mommy’s top up and latched onto her right nipple and just started to suck…mommy held my head close and told me, that is right baby girl, just nurse from mommy, that will make everything better. My tears stopped as I sucked on my mommy’s breast, I could hear her breathing getting quicker and deeper and low moans escaping her lips – I though, at least my mommy still wanted me.

As I continued to calm down, I could feel daddy place his hand on my back. My immediate instinct was to pull away from his hand. When I did move away from daddy’s hand, mommy lifted my head from her breast and looked in my eyes and asked me again – what is wrong? That I had her and daddy very scared in that moment, and it wasn’t like me to move away from my daddy’s hand. I just looked at mommy as my eyes stated to fill with tears again and whispered…daddy doesn’t want me.

My mommy looked at me confused and said, why do I think that daddy doesn’t want me. I told her about this morning and daddy’s body lying above me in my bed and his cock rubbing against my pussy, but every time the head of his cock found the entrance to my baby pussy, he would move his cock away with his hand. Oh my little baby, mommy cooed…your daddy wants you, more than you know, your daddy wants you. But we were waiting until you started to menstruate before daddy put his hard cock in you and gave you his seed. But mommy, why…why do we have to wait?

Mommy and daddy looked at each other and kind of just shrugged…and mommy said, I don’t know baby girl, why we have to wait? I guess it was just something your daddy I discussed as to when we felt you would be ready to have a grown man’s hard cock in your baby pussy. I just looked up at my mommy and said, but you were my age when your Uncle Jim fist put his cock in you…mommy just said yes, you are right; I was your age. Then I said to mommy, if you were ready at 10 years old to take your Uncle Jim’s hard cock, why am I not ready to take daddy’s hard cock in my little girl pussy?

Daddy came over to me and took me from mommy’s arms and held me tightly and closely, and just whispered over and over again, I’m sorry baby. I’m so sorry baby daddy didn’t realize you need him that way already, that you were ready to have daddy fully love you and give you, my seed. I just whispered into my daddy’s chest, yes, daddy, I want you to love me. Daddy said he already loves me with his whole heart and that will never change, but he will give me what I need, what I desire and what only a daddy can give his baby girl. Upon hearing that I just hugged my daddy closer and said thank you daddy.

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