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Thank you Uncle Sam 2

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I meet my little playmate so we can “play house” again

After meeting Lucy and PLAYING HOUSE I worried all week that the MPs would come beating down my door for molesting a 9 year old.. After all at 9 how long could she keep a secret and surely her mom would notice if her panties had blood in them from her popped hymen… Every time I went out I kept watching over my shoulder for Lucy or the police. It got to be distracting.

The next Saturday I considered not showing up .. .. but the chance to be with her and possibly have sex with a child was too tempting …. I did wind up going early and hiding across the sand dunes watching the entrances to the fort. I saw Lucy peddle up and hide her bike and take a bag inside with her. Waiting a while to be sure no one else was coming I left my motorcycle where I was and made my way to the fort on foot I noticed the sand was loose and with the wind my foot prints were covered almost as soon as they were made

I made my way inside … I also had a bag with me .. with extra flashlights, a lantern some water and snacks. Just inside the entrance I called out softly … “Lucy are you here..?” no response but I figured she was already in her hiding place and the walls and sand muffled all the sounds … so I made my way following her tracks … as I got closer I could hear a small voice singing … that’s a good sign I thought

My light shined into the room ahead of me and I heard her stop singing … so I stepped into the room so see could see it was me … “Honey, I’m home” I called and she ran to me and hugged me … “I’ve missed you so much this week … I thought today would never get her” she said excitedly then she grabbed my shirt and pulled me down and gave me a kiss … with her little hands holding my face to hers I felt her tiny tongue slide across my lips and slip inside to play with mine. Rather than break the kiss I grabbed her bubble butt in my hands and stood up … still kissing her and holding her close I squeezed her little ass and pushed her against me. We finally stopped kissing and I put her down and opened the bag I brought with me…

“I brought a few things for our house” I told her as I pulled out a table top lantern turning it on we could see each other better … then a small box lunch and a couple juice boxes. If things go as I hoped we would need more energy later … another blanket and sheet for “our bed” … I was hoping that she would leave a red stain on the sheet as a memento she went straight to work and made our bed and lay out our lunch ..

“Lucy … why don’t we eat first … and talk a little … I’d like to know more about my little girl friend” She giggled at my calling her my girl friend … We used empty boxes as seats … although as soon as I sat down she planted her little butt in my lap … “So… your Lucy ??” “Jackson” she said with a mouth full of sandwich … “It’s a pleasure to meet you Lucy Jackson” and I kissed her fore head … she leaned up for a kiss on the lips but I stalled with a bite of my sandwich. “and your 9 and go to school on base?” “9 and a half” at her age that half year is important “and no, I go to school in town .. mom says they have better schools” “So that’s where you met those other boys?” “Yeah … we use to play during recess but almost got caught so I told them about this place” “Will they maybe come here looking for you?” “Nope… they can’t get on base without me” good I thought that eliminates that chance of getting caught. “So how long have you been playing house like this?” “Oh a long time … at least a year” … so she started giving blow jobs when she was 8…. “How did you learn to play house … did someone teach you?” “I would wake up and watch mom and dad … and sometimes mom with her friends when dad was gone like now” yep, mom is one of the cheating wife’s from the club… she interrupted “I’ve seen them do other things too … I watched her sit on daddy and ride like on a horse… and mom’s friends like to treat her like I see the dogs outside the house” … “I’ve been looking some of this up on line … I think that was is called doggy style … plus they do a lot of laying on top of each other … mom really like being on the bottom I think … at least she makes more noise then”

Well I thought… this may prove easier than I had hoped … “Since your older I think you could show me how to do some of those things” she said and got kinda shy … “If you want” then she reached up and kissed my lips briefly and again longer this time with tongue … Our talk and her little butt on my lap and now her kiss had my dick swelling beneath her … “I think I feel your thing … your dick … is ready to play now” and she hopped off my lap … she turned and patted my crotch with her little hand and lightly squeezed my dick …

“Now, …I brought some things to” she said with a big smile “but you need to turn around … and do not peek!” this could be good I thought so I turned away … I could hear her getting something from her bag … then I heard what sounded like her taking off her cloth’s … a few more minutes and I heard music playing … “Can I ..” “NO just one more second” after a short pause … “now turn around”

“Oh shit … I’m glad I brought a lantern … the light from our flashlight last time did not let me see and appreacheat what was standing before me … draped in a too large white satin baby doll nighty stood a beauty … she had taken her hair out of it’s pony tail and it hung to her shoulders where the thin straps of her nighty let the gown hang low … I ws treated to a view of her small mounds and even with the gown covering her nipples I could see that they were poking out … whether from the chill or excitement I didn’t care. The nighty hung to her knees but was sheer enough that when she turned just right I could tell she had no panties on …

She twirled in front of the light and I was blessed with a shadowy view of her body … developing curves .. the gap at the top of her legs promised the view and access to her pussy … he slim but muscular legs tapered down to her cute bare feet.. in her hand she held a can … I assumed a soda but when she stepped closer she handed me a beer … still cold…

“The baby is already in bed asleep…. I hope we will be soon … in bed that is … not asleep” I love how this little thing plays house … I popped the beer open and drank half in one swig … Then I pulled off my shirt and dropped my pants and slipped out of my shoes … still wearing my boxers my dick was pushing them out … pointing to her like the sight on a gun … I dropped to my knees and pulled her to me .. her legs closed around my dick as we kissed and cuddled . The feel of the satin on her smooth body was fantastic it slipped over her ass as I caressed her.

I could feel the heat from her body and her tiny nipples poked my chest as she moved left and right … I kissed my was down her neck to her shoulder … when I started to move her strap off her shoulder she stopped me … “Wait I want to keep it on” … so I kissed down to her tiny nipples … brushing aside the material I kissed and licked one then the other breast and nipple … tiny moans came from her throat … “Mmmmm yes … like that … just like that … lower .. please … lick me … lick my….. pussy”

I swept her in my arms and lay her down on the white sheet … her tanned little body looked beautiful against the white … the tan lines from her swim suit showed under her satin gown … I moved to the end of our ‘bed’ looking at the vision in front of me … her gown long enough to cover her knees kept hidden the treasure I was seeking … I picked up one foot and kissed her ankle and licked up her calf … then holding that foot up I picked up the other and repeated the kiss …. holding her feet up had raised her gown and teased me with almost a view of her little pussy …. I continued kissing and licking my way up her legs … she kept giggling and squirming but was beginning to hum … almost a purr … I placed her feet on my shoulders which freed my hands for one to tug her gown to her waist … then both hands slid under her and held her tiny cheeks … I lifted her pussy up as my face came down and I again tasted heaven …

Her giggles stopped and when my lips met hers “mmmmm there… right there …” slowly I kissed and licked her tiny pussy making love to her with my tongue for having only done this twice now it was surprising how natural it seemed to lick the nectar that would ease my way into her cunt…. I followed the dripping fluid down the crack of her ass and pushed my tongue into her ass … tangy yet sweet … then back up to her pussy and up to find her little clit

“YES ..” she almost screamed when my tongue licked her preteen clit and drew it to my lips … it was already swollen and needed no encouragement to peak from its hood … I held her clit in my lips and teased it with my tongue .. her thighs closed tight around my head and her small hands came to my head and held me in place … a place I was in no hurry to move from … for a few seconds I thought she was going to pull my hair out as I ate her 9 year old pussy like a starving man … I moved a finger to the opening in her pussy and teased it in and out … the heat and scent of her was a drug … when I pushed my finger inside a little deeper she jerked … I could feel her hymen was still mostly intact … gently I felt a small opening … as I sucked her clit and fingered her pussy her hands came off my head and began hitting the sheet on both side as she stretched out her arms … her back arched .. and her moans got louder and longer .. each time I would move my tongue back she would push forward to find it … I knew she was close … she tried to push harder to me and get my finger deeper … but I wanted that treasure to be opened with my dick …

“OH GOD!” she screamed and my face was soaked as I teased another finger against her rosebud Her little body felt like it went into convulsions as she thrashed in her orgasm … I kept up my assault on her pussy and she kept cumming … then finally she went limp and her little hands pushed me away … “No more … no more .. for now … please” I raised my head and looked at her glazed eyes … the shine of sweat on her body … rocking forward I kissed my way up her body until I reached her lips … as soon as our lips touched her hands found my head and would not let me stop … wither she was a fast leaner or had been doing this before that little girl knew how to kiss .. with passion …

With a hidden strength I didn’t know she had she rolled us over with her on top and lay prone along my body … her head settling into my neck … her breathing labored and warm … we lay holding each other for a few minutes while she settled down … then she sat up on me … “We have too much clothing on” her little arms lifted as I raised her gown above her and lay it aside … she then scooted down below my feet and pulled my shorts off with her … my dick bounced almost in her face as she freed it. with a brief kiss to my crown … “Soon .. it’s your turn … soon” she said

She crawled back up and lay her head on my stomach … her tiny nipples brushing my dick … Those guys that like a tit job with a big set of tits … let me tell you they have not learned … the pleasure of her little mounds and tight nipples rubbing around on my crotch .. was to die for .. had she continues I know I would have coated her chest with my load of cum. She moved up until my dick poked up between her thigh … then pushing back down I felt her tiny lips wrap around my shaft … then her legs closed tight holding me to her warm dripping pussy … my precum dripped down my shaft and coated her thigh as she humped up and down .. it was almost as if we were fucking

Her little butt in my hands held us close as she worked her magic against my shaft her breath on my chest was warm and passionate … she kissed and lightly bit my nipples then nurse one then the other … my balls were drawing up to release soon…. she increased her humping and again started moaning from my dick rubbing her clit … I moved a finger down to her slick ass crack and searched out her tight tiny rosebud again … her hips tightened more and her crotch pushed hard against me … her breathing stopped … and we both came … her fluids coating my dick as it throbbed a squirted my cum out to land on her butt and legs we moved together rubbing and brushing enjoying the pleasure of being this close and sharing this moment …

This was not the climax or just where I wanted my cum to go … but the day was still young …. holding her little body to me I flipped the sheet over us and we both napped

When we woke we were stuck together where our cum had dried … even the sheet was stuck to her butt and legs as we rolled apart we sat and cleaned up what we could … I was better off getting the cum off but Lucy had to stand up and turn around so I could clean her back butt and legs. “I think I got it all … but hold still let me check one place” with her back to me I leaned in and ran my tongue along her butt crack … she tasted like hand wipes … and she wiggled and giggled as I repeated licking her butt … then holding her cheeks apart I again stuck my tongue in her rosebud … “Ahhhh ..there’s the flavor I love” I told her then wiggled my tongue back into her but and poked it in and out a couple times….

She pulled away and turned around … she started to kiss me then paused .. “What’s wrong” “Your tongue .. it’s been in my ass ..” “and I hope to have it there and in every opening you have” I said as I pulled her in and gave her a kiss with lots of tongue … at first she tried to pull away put gave up and we made out like teen ages.

We rested and sat around nude and comfortable with each other drinking some water and chatting for a while when she stood and wrapped her arms around my neck and looked in my eyes…. “You do remember that there were other things I wanted to try today ” “I do indeed … but looking at this guy” we both looked down to my limp dick .. “Maybe you should see if you can wake him up” “Oh boy… I like this part … just don’t shoot in my mouth… I want it somewhere else” and she dropped down and lifted my dick in her little hand … “Hey.” she said as she petted my dick “it’s time to wake up .. you’ve got more to do ” and as she took my dick in her mouth I could feel it begin to stiffing.

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    Ich freue mich schon zu lesen wenn er ihren kleinen Arsch fickt

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    Awesome made me hard need more

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    Good stories so far

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    Simply loved it and brought back so many memories being in the Navy. I have been to 8 countries by the time I was 20 so I could not even count how many young girls I was with. I always thought most officers were dicks and I just love fucking their young daughters at the pool or arts n craft classes. I made a special point to fuck all the dick officers daughters lol.