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Babysitting my cousins

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This just happened a couple weeks ago my cousin ask me to babysit her kids she had 4 kids one boy and a girl who only deserves a quick mention in this story and the 2 oldest girls Marilyn the oldest she had a perfectly toned body for a 11 yr old with long blonde hair and a tight bubble butt with size b tits already. Then Pacifica who was a tiny petite little 8 yr old with a amazing little ass that would stun any man even if she’s young and budding perfect handful sized breast . I had been staying there for a week babysitting there mom worked night shift but she slept most days so I spent a lot of time with the kids I started to notice everytime I got out the shower there would be the two oldest girls standing there like they were waiting on something. The next time I got a shower I found a Marilyn’s phone sitting there recording I’m a horny 14 yr old so I decided to give them a little show I started jerking my cock and moaning letting the camera see my cock grow I stopped after a minute and turned to leave but I stopped I knew the girls were out there I decided I would try something a little risky I knew the to little girls were out there and that my cousin (their mom) was asleep and so we’re their two little siblings so I decided I would walk past them without a towel let them get a little taste before they watched the videos so I stroked my cock and walked out into the hall. I stepped out and saw the two girls staring at my cock I told them to close there eyes I left my towel in my room but they didn’t listen they just kept staring I smiled and just turned and went to my room to wait. The next morning my cousin was taking the two younger siblings somewhere so i was just watching the two oldest. They left early so when I woke up it was just me and the girls I cooked them breakfast and everything seemed normal other than I thought I saw them staring at my crotch and maybe even playing with their pussies a couple times. I later caught them laying on their bed side by side playing with there pussies to the video of me I told them I wouldn’t tell their mom but I got to punish them my way and they couldn’t complain or tell anyone I started by bending them both over the bed I spanked them until they whimpered in pain and pleasure watching pacificas little ass try to jiggle and watching Marilyns gorgeous bubble butt that’s already so amazing and telling them how slutty they are I started fingering pacifica and licking Marilyn out feeling them both shake I then swapped and then I was just fingering both of them until they both moaned so loud I was worried someone might here then they both squirted all over me and on my face and cock and I leaned in and kissed them I felt the heat of there lips I whispered next time you pleasure me and I turned to walk out I stopped at the door hey delete that video so your mom doesn’t see it you can ask me to watch anytime goodnight girls I love you….. Part 2 coming soon

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  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Da muss aufjeden Fall mehr kommen u d du musst es mehr beschreiben

  • Reply CWC ID:neo5ozr9

    Great Story! Keep it going.

  • Reply Dan ID:5jq6vib12q4

    Fantastic story can’t wait to read more about how their pussies feel with your cock in it