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I wish it was me – Part 17

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I could hardly sleep that night…I couldn’t wait for tomorrow / Saturday to arrive so I could go back to my teacher’s apartment for a whole afternoon. To have him touch me again…show me the love I so desperately missed.

The morning dragged on until I could go to the meeting place where my teacher was picking me up. Once we saw each other in the car, his hand was immediately on my thigh, I leaned in for a kiss and he said no, not until we were in the safety of his apartment.

Once we were safely in my teacher’s apartment, he pushed me up against the door and kissed me deeply and desperately…when he pulled away, he looked me in the eye and said I was now his baby girl, and he would take care of me always.

He took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I didn’t know what to expect, but I just assumed we would be on the couch again. My teacher started to undress me as I just stood there…waiting for some direction from him. As he removed every article of clothing he would kiss me, suck on my nipples, lick my soft skin, he was in no rush to undress me, he was savouring the moment, savouring me.

Once my teacher had me fully undressed, he backed up and locked eyes with me as he proceeded to remove his clothes. Once he removed his pants, I could see his hard cock tenting in his boxers…and I felt a twinge of desire / power, knowing I caused this beautiful man to get hard and desire me. He slowly removed his boxers, and I couldn’t help but let my eyes drop to see the source of my desire and want. My teacher’s cock was beautiful, it took my breath away, it was so regal the way it stood up and rested against his stomach. I wanted nothing more in the moment than to get down on my knees and nurse from my teacher’s cock.

Once we were both naked my teacher took me in his arms and held me close, just letting us experience our naked bodies touch for the first time. His cock rested on my stomach and his chin rested on top of my head. I felt so safe, loved and cherished in that moment. I knew I had found my true love, the man who would love me, take care of me, make me feel special. My teacher slowly pushed me back towards the bed and gently pushed me backwards to I was lying on the bed.

As I moved up the bed he placed his body over mine…with his hands and knees supporting himself suspended above me. I need to have contact with his body again, I wrapped my arms around his neck as I wrapped my legs around his middle, trying to bring his body down to mine. He lowered his head to kiss me as he lowered his chest to my chest. His tongue was deep in my mouth and we were both moaning, as I felt the weight from his upper body push me into the mattress.

As much as my legs were wrapped around his waist, I couldn’t get my pussy to make contact with his hard cock. He knew what I was trying to do…feel his cock against my little girl pussy…have his wetness mix with my wetness. I just knew that I had this overwhelming need to be filled with this man’s cock…to be reintroduced to a man’s cock in my baby girl pussy…the pussy that was made to be loved by a man.

My teacher’s hand wet down between our bodies, and I could feel him maneuver his cock against the soft entrance of my little girl pussy. The head of his cock rested at the entrance of my pussy, my wetness coating it. I felt my teacher’s hips move forward slightly as the head of his cock slowly penetrated me, I moaned and held my teacher’s neck even tighter. I moved my hips towards my teacher…encouraging him to put more of his cock in my tight pussy…My teacher went slowly, he knew that although I was no longer a virgin, I would still be tight and needed my pussy opened slowly, as to not cause me any discomfort. He patiently entered me a little at time…then pulled back, just like my Uncle did before him, he slowly fed me his cock, stretching my pussy slowly in the most loving manner.

When I finally felt his pubic bone make contact with my pubic bone, I knew I had all of his cock in me. As he rested his cock deep inside me, he lowered his forehead to rest on my forehead and looked into my eyes…and told me that he loved me. That he would never stop loving me and that I now belonged to him and he would always take care of me. In the moment I didn’t fully understand what my teacher was saying to me. I just knew that I was happy and having his cock buried deep inside me was all I cared about in the moment. To feel that fullness again…have a man’s hard cock stretch my pussy open and give it a purpose, to make this man as happy as I am.

My teacher started moving his cock in and out of me very slowly and gently. I couldn’t believe how good it felt, I knew my orgasm wasn’t going to be far off. He rocked my body gently with his cock, and every time he thrust deeply in me I got closer to falling over the edge. He started moving his hips quicker and his breathing was increasing, I knew my teacher was close to having his own orgasm and this excited me more. My teacher lowered his mouth to mine and took me in a deep kiss as his hips erratically thrust deeply into me, and he moaned into my mouth, I felt his hard cock expand in my tight pussy and the next thing I knew I could feel his cock erupt in me and fill me with his seed. Knowing my teacher was filling my pussy with his seed was all it took, and my body rocked with an orgasm.

We laid there in each other’s arms as my teacher’s cock was still buried in my pussy, keeping his seed deeply planted in me. He raised his head and asked me if I was alright, I just nodded yes, as I was grinning from ear to ear. My smile made my teacher smile and chuckle. He said that was the most unbelievable sex he has ever had, and he doesn’t think he could ever give me up now. He said that he didn’t intend to take me so quickly, that he had planned to enjoy my body for much longer before he penetrated me, but he couldn’t wait…and I appeared eager and ready to have my pussy filled with his cock.

When we finally parted, my teacher said, lets quickly rinse off and make something to eat. We have all afternoon, and this isn’t the last time you are going to have my cock in you today before I take you home. I was very happy to hear that my baby pussy would be filled again this afternoon – I didn’t want once to be enough for him, I had lots of time to make up for.

My teacher filled my pussy with his seed two more times that day….

Our tutoring sessions changed going forward. Once we got to his apartment, we would strip and sit on the couch working over math problems. And just the closeness and nakedness was enough to stimulate us both. And before I would get dressed and go home…I would first straddle my teacher’s lap as I maneuvered his hard cock to the entrance of my pussy and rode him until I exploded in orgasm and he filled my pussy with his seed. I went home with a secret smile and happy pussy as I though about his seed deep inside me, marking me as his own.

I managed to get away most Saturdays and my teacher and I would spend the day naked together in his bed. With him licking my pussy until I orgasmed on his tongue and me sucking his cock. But my teacher wouldn’t let me nurse his cock, have his cock explode in my mouth and fill my mouth with his cum. He said that for right now, all of his seed belong in my baby pussy and that is how it was going to be for right now. I didn’t complain, as much as I wanted to nurse my teacher’s cum from his cock, I also wanted to feel his hard cock buried deep inside my tight baby girl pussy, and mechanically I couldn’t have both.

Our time together was magical, I loved my teacher very much and there was nothing I wouldn’t have done for him. And I felt so safe and secure when I was with him, wrapped in his arms, away from the world. The school year was quickly coming to a close and my teacher had been loving me for almost three months now. I was wondering how our summer was going to look together, now that we didn’t have the excuse of school to be together for tutoring.

One Saturday as I was dressing after our day together, I was having a difficult time buttoning and zipping up my shorts, I thought nothing of it, they were a pair I had from the previous year, so obviously I had grown. My teacher was looking at me, smiling, I asked him what was so funny? He said your shorts are tight around your stomach. I said yes, I know, they are from last year…I guess I need new ones.

My teacher got down in front of me on his knees and undid the shorts I had struggled to do up…he looked up at me, and said no, the shorts aren’t too small for you because they are from last year. He kissed my belly, and held me close…he said ‘I have bred you…my baby is growing inside you’.

The fear that washed over me in that moment was overwhelming…what was I going to do. Why hadn’t I though about this…my teacher had been putting his seed into me for months now…what did I think was going to happen????

Chapters 16 & 17 are dedicated to the ghost of a man who never was…

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