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My perverted cousin

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Lisa is my closet cousin. She needed my help so I was willing to help.

Lisa is my favorite cousin. When we were kids we fucked around alot . She was always wanting to suck my dick and she had a thing about her ass. She loved for me to eat her ass and finger fuck her asshole. One day she called asking me if I had plans for the weekend. I told her no I didn’t have plans.
she said she needed someone to watch Rennie her 10 yr old daughter. She was a beautiful little girl. Long raven black hair with dark skin . Every since I saw her naked when she was 8 while we swam in the pond down the road. . We always skinny dipped in that pond since we were kids. She used lean against my leg and hump it when she was 5 yr old. When we went swimming she would wrap her legs around me and hang on so her ass was sitting just above my dick giving me a raging hard on. I got out of the water grabbed a beer and sit down on a rock trying to hide my hard-on from Lisa.

I haven’t seen Lisa in a few months and it was nice talking to her. I asked why she was going out of town. She said it was for work .I told her my house wasn’t setup for kids. She said I could stay at her house and sleep in her bed. I pulled in the driveway and Rennie came running out and jumped in my arms and hugged me. She said we are going to have so much fun this weekend.lisa walked out hugged me and told me thank you and said food in the fridge Rennie has a bath at 8:00 pm and I will be sleeping in her bed or with Rennie if she has a nightmare. And with that she jumped in her car and left.

Rennie was excited that it was going to be just the two of us all weekend. I could already feel my dick getting hard and I hopped I could control my self. Rennie grabbed my hand and said I want to show you something. She pulled me into the house and said sit down and close my eyes. I sat down and watched Rennie run into her room. After a few minutes she said ok close your eyes. She stood in front of me and said ok look. Wow my dick about jumped out of my shorts. She said look what mommy bought for me for this weekend. It was the skimpiest g string bathing suit I ever saw. She spun around and showing me her sexy little ass and when she bent over I could see her asshole. I felt my dick cum a little.

She said mommy said you could take me to the pond if you want. If we go swimming there you don’t have to wear your shorts remember the last time. I said maybe if you are a good girl we will go swimming. She asked if she could wear her new bathing suit around the house just for a little while. Ok but don’t go outside wearing it. Mommy already told me I could only wear it when we are alone and if you are here. She jumped on my lap and gave me a big hug.

I hugged her back and she stayed sitting on my lap and still grinding on it.she moved around until I felt my dick slip into the crack of her ass. My shorts were thin gym shorts and my dick has worked it’s way out and finding her pussy.i had to get her off my lap before my dick found her pussy. I asked her if she had any games she wants to play.she said yes and ran into her room and came out with a twister game. She said mommy just bought this for me yesterday.

Rennie grabbed the matt while I was reading the box . She had it spread out and was bending and stretching on the color square’s as I looked up she was stretched out and I saw her bold little pussy and all I wanted to do was drive my tongue deep in her and suck and lick her sexy little pussy and asshole. I couldn’t control my dick at this point and it popped out sticking straight out and throbbing and dripping precum on my shorts. Rennie was looking at me when I was trying to get it back in my shorts. Her eyes were glued to my dick and all I could do was stop trying to hide it and set it free .

I was asking Rennie something I really don’t remember what but she walked over and stood in front of me and reached out and touched my dick. She then climbed up on my lap and said we don’t have to play the game now we can do it after we take a bath. She wrapped her hand around my dick and started rubbing my precum with a finger while she looked in my eyes.it was hypnotic and before I knew it I was rubbing her pussy and finding the entrance to her love tunnel. I couldn’t stop myself I let my whole dick out giving her full access as she stroked the full length. I grabbed her and carried her to the couch and pulled off her swimsuit and started licking her little clit and licking up and down her pussy as she let out a loud moan. My tongue found her opening and I drove my tongue as far in as it would go and she was moaning and shaking when she started to leak liquid in my mouth as she grabbed the back of my head and grinding her pussy into my mouth. My tongue pulled out of her pussy and found her little asshole and she started bucking her ass off the couch up to my mouth.i tongue fucked her asshole for what seemed like 10 minutes and loving every inch of her beautiful body. I raised my head from her pussy and grabbed my dick guided it to her pussy and slowly working the head into her now dripping wet pussy and with one push drove it in 2 inches and out an inch and began pumping in and out I had my dick in three inches and it stopped. Rennie was going wild telling me to fuck her faster so I pushed it in a little more than she made a little whimper my dick burst in almost to my balls.

I was in heaven driving my dick deeper and deeper in the little bold pussy that I dreamed about for so long. I was enjoying it so much I wasn’t looking at Rennie. when I came back to Earth I looked into her face and her eyes were rolling back into her head and she was moaning loud almost screaming with pleasure. I had her legs over my shoulders and drive my dick in her so hard and deep she lost control. Suddenly I felt my dick explode filling her pussy full of my cum. When I pulled out cum flooded out running all over the couch. The rest of the weekend was undescribable. I fucked her tiny little pussy as hard as she could stand it and we are still fucking to this very day.

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  • Reply B ID:1dpywqiq4gy5

    Lucky bastard

  • Reply Illvp 59 ID:1ctzol0rucyj

    I was right i got both girls to let me fuck them. Oldest is 12 so might bfe pregnant i hope so other is 9 and cant seem to get enough now even got her doing dogs what a hot sight that is.

  • Reply Illvp 59 ID:1ctzol0rucyj

    I have loved a few pre-teen virgins in my time. Working on a couple of them now dont thinkit will be to long before i get in thoes little pussies.

  • Reply Popparocker ID:1csliids7v1x

    your cousin set you up for a wonderful weekend

    • Anonymous ID:b9mh66ij

      My cousin J, like my other cousins on that side of the family were blessed with a plump ass. The feeling of her ass as it literally ate my tongue was one of the greatest memories I ever had, and still have.

      I thought she wasn’t going to stop until she said “ready for my pussy’ and she literally guided my cock with her hand into her pussy and was pumping it for me. When she finally had her hymen burst, the orgasm she had was incredibly awesome. She bled, since it was her first time but was so ecstatic that she took her own blood and rubbed it on my chest like it was a soveneour.

      We aren’t close anymore, and she has a family of her own now but every time we see each other she still gives me a wink and quite the hard on.