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Neighbour’s daughter

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This is true story about how I fucked my neighbor’s preteen daughter

I am Dom, 21 years old college student. At that time I was staying at home for summer vacation. On that day my gf cancelled our dinner date .so I was irritated and angry. I needed to jerk off to cool down myself. I started playing video games . At 12 am I heard knock at my door. My mom was there with the guy from nextdoor house. He requested me babysit his 12 years old daughter as he needs to take his wife to hospital. She was epileptic and had an attack of epilepsy earlier that evening. As I don’t have anything to do that night I agreed though I wasn’t happy with the new development.i just wanted a masterbation and sound sleep .but I can do that at their house too.
So I went to their house .the girl whom should I babysit was sleeping. The house owner left with his wife. So I took a shower and went to bed . I called my gf she didn’t pick up the call make me more irritated. I went to downstairs took a beer can . When I was passing the girl’s room I look at her bed . I was never seen her before. So cute angelic face . Nubile body. Without even think what will I do I just enter the room got on the bed , and hugged the girl. She smells intoxicating. I never think of fucking such young girl after my 16. I always loved to fuck teen and preteen girls when I was at my teenage. But for last 3 years I never entered any preteen.
I always prefer teen virgin . But something different with this girl.i need to fuck tonight.
She woke up with surprise I told her father told to sleep with her and teach her a new game of filling the gap.
I was lying through my teeth but her juvenile brain can’t get my trick.
She asked what that game ?
I told her for the game I need to take off your clothes. She was reluctant but I applied force to make her nude
I pointed to her pussy saying the the gap I will fill with my joystick.
She was shy and tried to cover herself. But I took her on my lap rubbing my semi erect dick on her but.
I took off my clothes exposing my 7 inch dick to her.
She was afraid but I hugged her tight and started rubbing my dick head to her pussy lips . I pushed my dick in her soft smooth velvety pussy skin.
She sounds auoch.
And I loved that and pushed hard to enter about an inch.
She really uncomfortable. But I was in heaven seeing that shy afraid innocent face. I got more violent and pushed again to touch her hymen.what a tight pussy . After a long period I was inside a preteen pussy and it was outstanding.soft fragile smooth and tight. I pushed using all of my body weight to tear pass the hymen and entered my half length inside her . What a feelings. Too good.
She was in tremendous pain and tried to go away . But she was a tiny creature under a muscular monster with 3.5 inch nails inside her . She was locked.
Her head was under chest because of her shorter height.
She was rubbing her face on my chest. That aroused me more.
I pushed again and again until I was ball deep.
She was suffering a lot . But the pleasure I was getting was so intoxicating I can’t leave her undone.
So I started to fuck with all of my force .
She was trembling and moving my every push. After 25 minutes I ejaculate inside her drop on her body . She was so charming.
I removed my dick it was tight packed inside her.
I went to washroom Clean my cum and her blood .
When I was back she lying still . After my excruciating fuck she was not able to move. So went to downstairs naked took a beer bottle and come back to her room . I took her to washroom and cleaned her self up.
Drink the beer . My irritation was gone.
I was feeling so satisfied after fucking this innocent beautiful.
After an hour I got on bed again and started a relaxed loving session of fuck.
Best fuck of my life.

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    Keep going next time fuck her up the ass