Cat: Incest

Taylor’s First Lesson

With my wife working, son in school, and my daughter Taylor sick and sleeping I decided that it was a wonderful time to masturbate. I read incest stories, enjoyed my early life experiences... # #

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Happy with the dogs

Hi everyone, My name is Gary and this is my new passion.. So last week my buddy Jake asked me to watch his dog he said she is very special and is always ready to please you. That kinda... # # #

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I missed his dick

Me (Gay) and my guy (Straight) cousin used to fuck me when i was still 11 years old and he’s 16. I sucked his dick and he fucked me. # # # #

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We raped a boy

My brother and I raped a boy at the local pool, he fucked him up the ass while I forced him to fuck my pussy on the bench. It was so good. # # # #

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The too late mother

So my mom contacted me after 19 years and my dad died she got into contact and the rest follows I’m not complaining fuck yes #

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