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A mother’s confession (part 5)

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‘Date-night’ at the restaurant was about to become personal. I knew what my son wanted…

The sexual tension during our drive home was astounding. Beads of sweat canvassed Michaels’ forehead, as he struggled to focus on the road. I don’t recommend putting an inexperienced driver behind the wheel under those conditions, yikes.
I left my leg perched in full view the entire time. The chatter was light, the tension was unbearable. Red lights stirred some hazy stares between us. I couldn’t believe how fast this was progressing.
Within two dates, my role as his mother, was about to change.
Goosebumps rose all over my body as we pulled into the garage. Michaels firm grip on the wheel suddenly, relaxed. The silence that followed was overwhelming. I turned and looked directly at him. He was riddled with anticipation. His breathing was elevated, so was mine. ‘Are you okay?’ I asked him. ‘I am more than okay’ he replied, as he stole a few more glances at my peering thigh. ‘Let’s go inside’ I said, as I opened my own car door.
As I stood by the door selecting the right key, I felt Michaels’ hand embrace my side. Once inside, I went into the kitchen. So many emotions were running through my mind. A few seconds later Michael emerged and stood close by my side. This was the moment of truth. I quickly glanced at him with a nervous smile, ‘are you okay?’ I asked. Instead of responding, he placed his hand on my arm and gently turned me in his direction, and he kissed me.
Following the brief yet soothing exchange I hugged him tight. When we withdrew from the embrace, we still remained face to face. Reminiscent of a scene in a movie, that tension. We stared into each other’s eyes as our lips grew closer. That silent nod of approval does exist. Seconds later, we engaged in another kiss. The passion was unstoppable. Hot gasps of air were filling our cavities as a frenzy of lust ensued. I cradled the back of his head and continued to kiss the lips of my son.
Omg,’ like an out-of-body experience. There we were. Our hands were no longer restricted. They traveled to places they’ve never been permitted to visit before. Michaels hand slowly slid from my lower back and lightly cruised the curve of my cheeks. That initiated an even deeper kiss from his mother. Michael began almost squealing with excitement. We were basking in the heat of the moment, while enjoying the fruit we’re forbidden to taste. Hesitation was gone, and so were the morals a mother bestows.
He backed me up to the wall, driving his tongue so deep. The next thing I felt, was a handful of ass in the palm of my hand. Passion took over, the gloves were off. I pressed forward, pushing him against the counter, a nearby glass shattered on the floor. I could feel his erection pressed against me. ‘Omg Michael’ I whispered. I felt Michaels’ hand on my ass too.
For a moment, I felt like the whole world was watching in utter shock. Suddenly, I stopped and stood back. Michael clung to the counter, his mouth, basted in his mother’s saliva, breathless, speechless. ‘Meet me in the den in three minutes’ I said to him, then I walked away.
I don’t recall my walk to our bedroom. Once inside, I kicked off my heels and began to disrobe. I stared at my gown as if it was to blame, as I rested it on the mattress. When I dropped my bra, I cupped my breasts and gave them a squeeze. My thong was soaking wet. I exited the bedroom wearing an oversized button-down shirt, and nothing else… to be continued,…


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  • Reply Bob ID:1ddi8u108zq9

    Another hot part!!! So nice to see you gradually get him more in your grip of love and sex. He’ll love every second of you revealing your horny self to him. You already knew that he was equally horny, since you saw numerous manifestations of his interest and the porn vids in his bedroom!! Your plan worked perfectly!!
    Love, sucks and fucks,

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    • Carrie ID:9cf5nqr9

      A gradual seduction, yes. 🙂

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Loved it , keep them coming Carrie. Emma from Australia.

    • Carrie ID:9cf5nqr9

      KISS* ty Emma.H

  • Reply Paulb ID:4keelewqk

    Very sexy

    • Carrie ID:9cf5nqr9

      Thank you Paul!

  • Reply milkman ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    I am overwhelmed. This story is so incredibly well written and so hot. WOW!

    • Carrie ID:ioubbm3

      Thank you (KISS*)

  • Reply Dogg ID:1eimgwt0j

    So hot

    • Carrie ID:ioubbm3

      thankyou / KISS*

  • Reply Carrie ID:ioubbm3

    Every step I took was well thought out. I was grateful that he didn’t decline my advances, he could have retreated.

    • Hank ID:1dvi51rulbff

      Most people haven’t had the opportunity to read all of the good stories you’ve written . You are one real true sexy lady.

  • Reply Zack ID:16may10z139j

    Omg cannot wait for the next part!!! This story is so heartbreaking t!!

    • Carrie ID:ioubbm3

      Thank you Zack / Smiles*

  • Reply Alwaysreadymn ID:5wwod7bwxid

    Oh Carrie! We’ve been here before and my response right now is exactly the same. I want to be with you so badly right now! My oh my you have me so aroused!

  • Reply Annoying ID:1cs9qk4lyus4

    Fuck I’m so hard

  • Reply 1farm ID:1cpdbltwopku

    Beautiful !

  • Reply J ID:h3e966nlzzu


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  • Reply Russ ID:4f912r40

    I’m loving your story. I wish my mom had done that with me

    • J ID:h3e966nlzzu


  • Reply DaddyChaos ID:1cz2bhq0dggw

    Wish you were my mom

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    • Carrie ID:ioubbm3

      KISS* thank you!

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