Brother and sister moment

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At last I fucked my sister as she is in her mid forties and we having a great relationship now

I didn’t see that one coming
My sister is older than me by 8 years, when we were younger she once spread her pussy for me and at that time I didn’t see anything wrong with it but I like looking at it even though I didn’t understand what I was looking at..
We grew up and she moved to another city because of the job and she has kids and her own home.
We have a decent relationship from time to time we chat, video call and recently we have been video calling a lot and I asked her if it can come to her place for a day or so as I was called for an interview in her city and without any hesitation she agreed.
I then went to her for a few days and it was a good visit being able to see my niece and nephew and of course my sister too, however, everything changed a day before the morning of the interview.
On that day the children slept very early and we remained behind with my sister watching TV until she also called it a night just after 11pm. As I was alone in that TV room I got little hard I then started to play with my dick for few minutes I then decided to go to bed so that I can get proper privacy as I needed to cum.
I then went to bed and when I got there I took off my clothes but i forgot to lock the door so I then started to play with my dick after a few minutes my sister came to my room to check if I need any extra blankets unfortunately she found me naked playing with my dick.
She quickly got out of the door and apologized for walking in without knocking and I stopped playing with my dick as I was embarrassed of be caught.
Before I slept I wrote a message to her apologizing of what just happened and I promised to leave early in morning as I was feeling bad. She didn’t respond to that SMS. But what happened next was shocking because I didn’t expect it.
After a few hours as I was sleeping I was woken up by someone joining me in bed, I got frighten, as I realized it was my sister joining me and she was whispering in my ear that she is sorry for walking in, while I was playing but after seeing my dick she cannot stopped thinking about it and she can’t sleep.
My sister stays with her kids and she doesn’t have a solid man so she can be very lonely from time to time but that is my imagination.
Without being able to say anything to her, she was already rubbish my hard dick and it got hard in second. I couldn’t resist her as she was wearing a silk night dress and no panties.
We started to kiss as she was rubbing my dick and I also started to direct my finger towards her pussy, it was nicely shaved and had those nice lips hanging, as I was fingering her I could hear her moaning as she was getting wet; I then went down no her pussy started to suck her and tongue fuck her.
her moaning of pleasure was what motivated me to please her even more as I was eating her pussy, I then started to finger her anal as well and that when I felt her shaking nicely for few minutes I was enjoying my sister pussy with my mouth.
I could hear her asking me to fuck hard, as she has been a bad girl that need to be punished, and hearing those words just got me to another level of fun…I then took my hard dick to her pussy as I was entering her I could feel her pussy is tight and extremely wet, as j was fucking her in circle she got closer to her and started to bite me in my neck and I couldn’t stop fucking her.
We fucked for hours and I was cumming in her pussy she couldn’t allow me to take it out that how much she was enjoying .
The next morning as I was supposed to go for an interview I didn’t go and she also didn’t go to work as soon as kids when to school we continued with fucking now we were fucking all over the house as we were alone
Our relationship has changed drastically after that visit now she ask me to visit her every month and I must stay a few days

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    Always wanted my sister

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    Very nice

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    Very interesting story…a matured relationship I wish I could also fuck my sister they are so sexy