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Step Bro Needs My Help in the Bath: Part 1

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Hey guys, long time reader first time writer here. I’ve been reading stories for a while now and ended up talking and becoming friends with another writer…you know who you are. Because of this, I’ve been inspired to write something of my own. I’m not sure how long it is gonna be or how many parts there will be (if any) but it is completely fictional and not inspired by any real-life events.
Feel free to comment any advice or complaints, anything is helpful.
Anyways, here goes…

Let me introduce myself, my name is Sarah and I am 16 years old. I live in the UK, go to high school and am not that popular. I have been told that I’m hot but I don’t feel like I am. My friends all have boyfriends and some have even lost their virginity, leaving me one of the only virgins in our friend group.

My story starts during the second week of summer break. It was a Friday, my parents “date night”, and they were leaving me to babysit my 10-year-old step brother Chris. My mom married his dad last year and we have been living together ever since. He is autistic, has a stutter, and needs to be helped with some things. My parents had “date night” and left me in charge of Chris, I was to help him bathe and have him in bed for 9 o’clock; they would be back around 11. I had never helped him in the bath before but it seemed pretty straightforward…it was anything but. I’ll be adding in our conversation to help you better understand the story.

Mum: “Sarah, are you okay with helping your brother or do you want me to do it before we leave?”
Me: “No mom, it’s fine. Go, enjoy yourselves, I’ve got it.”
Mum: “Thank you Sarah, we will. See you around 11. Bye!”
Me: “Goodbye mum, goodbye dad.”
Dad: “Bye Sarah”.

Mum and dad leave the house and drive away leaving me and Chris alone. I walked into the living room and sat down beside Chris, he was watching SpongeBob and laughing away. I checked the time and saw that it was around 7:30.

Chris: *Laughing away* “Hey..y…sis”
Me: “Hey Chris, it’s almost time for your bath. Are you okay with going after that episode?”
Chris: “Yeah…that’s f..fine.”
Me: “Good. I was told to help if needed, so just shout if needs be.”
Chris: “Okay sis…will..do”

I get up and go to the bathroom to fill the tub. I turn on the hot and cold taps and add in some bubble bath, and wait till it is just over half full. I dip my hand in the water and it’s nice and hot, just like Chris likes it. I hear the outro of the show and shout for him.

Me: “Chris! Bath time!”
Chris: “C..coming!”

I wait a few seconds and Chris walks into the bathroom and begins to undress in front of me.

Me: “Woah, bro! Do you not want some privacy?
Chris: “I don’t m..mind being naked in fron..nt of you, it’s just…a body.”
Me: “Whatever you say. If you need me, I’ll be in the living room just shout for me.”
Chris: “Okay..will do.”

I walk of the bathroom, leaving the door open so I can hear him, and go into the living room. The TV is still playing SpongeBob, I secretly still enjoy the show, even though I’m 16, so I leave it on. 10 minutes go by and I hear Chris shouting my name.

Chris: “S..sarah!”
Me: “Coming!”

I walked out of the living room, down the hall and into the bathroom. Chris was sitting in the bath, smiling and covered in bubbles.

Chris: Can…you…grab me…a t..towel please?”
Me: Of course.

I opened the hot-press door which blocked my sight of Chris, and grab a towel. I close it over, turn around and look at Chris. He is now standing up, arms out and showing everything. His hairless cock is on view and is looks to be semi-hard. I feel myself go red in the face and immediately unfold and hold the towel out for him.

Me: “Step out Chris, I’ll wrap the towel around you.”
Chris: “Okay”.

Chris stepped out of the bath, making his cock bounce up and down, and puts himself up against the towel. I wrap it around him and walk him into his room.

Me: “Okay Chris, if you need any help shout for me. I’m going to drain the bath and go the toilet.”
Chris: “Okay”.

I leave his room, walk into the bathroom and pull down my shorts and panties and go to the toilet. I finish up, drain the bath and that’s when I hear Chris shouting my name.

Me: “Coming!”

I walk into his room and see him half-dressed but still dripping wet.

Me: “Chris! *Sigh* You’re still wet; why didn’t you dry yourself first before getting changed?
Chris: “Sorry S..sarah. I was so cold…and just wanted…to get changed.”
Me: “No need to apologise, here let me help.”

I bent down to him and removed his shirt and boxers, causing his still semi-hard cock to bounce out.

Me: “Woah, sorry Chris”.
Chris: “It’s…okay.”

I grabbed his towel and started to dry him, starting with his hair and making my way down. I got to his cock and stopped. I thought to myself, should I dry it or leave it? It didn’t look wet.

Chris: “Why did you stop?”
Me: “I..um…do you need me to dry your…uh…willy?”
Chris: “It’s part…of my body…so I guess so.”
Me: *Gulp* “Okay then”.

I positioned my hands under the towel and told hold of his shaft, wiping it down and drying it. I then moved down to his balls and dried those too. It was then I realised his shaft had grown an extra inch…he was hard and around 5 inches. I wipe it down again and hear Chris moan slightly.

Me: “Are you okay Chris?”
Chris: “Yeah…its.j..just you touching my willy…it…it felt…nice.”
Me: “Oh, umm, okay.”
Chris: “Could…you…do…it again?
Me: “What?”

It was at this point that I realised he doesn’t know that it’s not right for me to do this. He just sees it as me drying him.

Chris: “It felt good…tickly…could…you do it…again sssis?”
Me: “I guess so but I really shouldn’t be doing this, mum and dad wouldn’t be happy if they knew about this.”
Chris: “W….w..why?”
Me: “It’s not normal for sisters to touch their brother’s willies. They’re normally something we don’t even let each other see.”
Chris: “I…don’t see…anything wr..wrong with it.”

I realised the opportunity I had here. I had the chance to touch a boy’s cock, a real one. I couldn’t help myself but to take it.

Me: “I know. Tell you what, I’ll do it again but you can’t tell anyone, okay?”
Chris: “O..okay”.

I dropped the towel and hesitantly took hold of his shaft. It felt hot to the touch, soft yet hard at the same time. It felt good. I began to stroke it slowly, revealing his bright pink head. I moan in awe and keep stroking him.

Chris: “Mmm…uh…that…that feels nice.”
Me: “I bet it does”.

After two minutes of playing with his cock and stroking it, I heard him start to breath heavily and saw his legs begin to shake…I realised what was happening.

Chris: “Sis…uh…something’s…happening…it…feels…diff…different now. Better.”
Me: “That’s normal Chris, don’t worry. Just let the feeling and whatever else happen. I’ve got you.”

I felt myself get slightly wet, why was I getting turned on by this? I was giving my little step bro his first hand job and he didn’t even know it. How did this even happen?

Chris: *now breathing even heavier* “it…it…it…”

He couldn’t even get the words out before he came. His cock erupted, shooting clear but slightly white cum all over my hand. Another rope came out and that was it. I stroked him some more and then let go.

Me: “Woah, Chris, I didn’t know you could do that yet.”
Chris: “What…what…what happened?…what is…that stuff…that came…out?
Me: *Thinking on the spot I say “it’s something that comes out of your willy when it feels really good. It’s kinda like milk.
Chris: “Oh…woah….and that can happen at any time?”
Me: “No, it only happens when your willy is being touched like I touched it. Now, you can’t tell mum or dad or anyone that we did this, okay? We will get in lots of trouble if you do.”
Chris: “Woah…okay…sss…sis. I won’t tell anyone…thank…thank you.”
Me: “Your very welcome, now it’s bed time. Let’s get you dressed.”

I picked up the towel and wiped my hands with it, threw it into the pile of dirty clothes at his door and then took out a fresh pair of boxers and a fresh set of pyjamas since he got his last ones wet. I turned around and looked back at his cock, it was soft and around two inches.

Me: “Here we go Chris, lift one foot for me.”

Chris lifted his left foot and then his right foot, allowing me to slip his boxers on for him. I saw his little bulge and smiled to myself, I had made him feel good and he didn’t even see the wrong in it. I put on his t-shirt of him and his trousers.

Me: “There we go, all cosy and warm.”

I say as I pat his crotch, slightly grabbing it with each pat.

Chris: “Thanks…S…Sarah.”

Chris walked over to bed, got in, laid on his back and turned his head to look at me. I walked over to him, stroked his slightly damp hair and gave him a kiss on the forehead. He smiled and brought me into a hug, I hugged him back and smiled. I let go, walked to the door, picked up the laundry and turned off his light.

Me: “Goodnight Chris.”
Chris: “Night…night Sarah.”

I closed the door, walked into the kitchen, put the laundry in the basket and sat down at the table and smiled.

The End.

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    [email protected] Good start to your story. You are a good sister as well. You helped your brother out with any questions. Thank you

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    I hope there’s a PT 2

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