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My doggies know who their master is now – Breeding my wife and daughter

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My wife and daughter were going to leave me, so I locked them in a dog cage in the basement and trained them to obey me.

I found out my wife was a filthy cheating whore and she was about to leave me to move to a different state with her new feller and take my 10 year old daughter with her, my daughter was going along with it because apparently she liked this new feller better than me, her own father, but I soon put a stop to that.

When I found out what she was up to I drove straight home and found them with their bags packed and ready to leave, I wasn’t about to them disrespect me, humiliate me, so I locked the door and then dragged them both kicking and screaming down to the basement.

I then stripped them both naked, tied them up and gagged them, and locked them both in a dog cage.

For the next year I beat, abused, raped and broke both of them, made them see that leaving me was a bad idea, and they became my loyal pets to do with as I please.

I took them down their daily food and water bowls and put them in the cage, “Good doggies.”, they weren’t allowed to use their hands and utensils, they had to eat and drink out of the bowls like the dogs they were.

At night time I’d go down to the basement, lay down the large filthy dog bed out on the floor, and open the cage, “Here puppy…” I’d to my daughter and she’d come crawling out of the cage on all fours, “…You SIT!” I’d shout to her bitch mother when she tried to come out without permission.

My daughter would crawl over to me and I’d open my robe, I was naked underneath, “I’ve got a nice juicy bone for you.” I’d say, waving my erect cock in her face, she’s shake her little butt like she was wagging her tail and then start licking my cock and balls, my doggies have been trained to love my cock.

I’d then get her to roll over on to her back and I’d give her a chest and belly rub while I push my cock in to her mouth and down her throat, “You’re a good puppy, yes you are.” And I’d finish off by ejaculating straight down her throat.

“Okay, puppy, go finish your food. You, Bitch, come here.” I’d say, calling for my bitch wife to come out, she’s 6 months pregnant with my litter.

She’d crawl over and lick my dripping cock, but I didn’t give her permission, so I give her a slap, “Bad dog!” I’d shout.

She’d whimper then I’d force her to turn around, and I’d kneel up behind her and rub my cock until it was erect again, then I’d stuff it up her whore pussy and fuck her doggy-style from behind, “You bad dog – You need to obey your master.” I’d growl at her while pounding her hole as hard as I could.

I ejaculated inside of her then pushed her away, “Back to your cage, Bitch!” I yelled.

I locked the cage and then went upstairs to enjoy a nice beer and watch some football.

Later I’d hear the puppy howling, so I’d go back down and find her holding on to the inside of the cage, looking at me with her big puppy eyes, “Oh, does puppy want to come out and play?” I’d ask, she’d smile and bounce up and down excitedly.

I’d open the cage and let her out, she’d jump on me and lick me all over my face, “Alright – Alright, east, Puppy…” then I’d take my robe off again and show her my cock, “..Is this what you want?” I’d ask, and she’d immediately start licking my cock and balls again, she’s a horny little puppy.

I’d push her down on to her back and tickle her tummy, then I’d go down on her and lick her little pussy, then I lift her legs up and bend them all the way back to her shoulders, then I’d get on top of her, and push my cock up her tight pussy and fuck her like the little dog she is, I’d be on top of her and she’d be clawing at my back with her finger nails, my puppy likes it rough.

Her legs bent back, her ass raised up off the floor, my cock pumping her juicy pussy very nicely, then I’d fill her up with my semen, “Ooooaah – You good puppy – Oooah.” I’d groan.

Later that night when it was dark, late, and the neighbours are asleep, I put their collars, leash and mouth gags on and take them out in to the back garden for some exercise and to do their business.

My bitch wife recently gave birth to a baby girl, and I just found out that my daughter, my beautiful puppy, is 2-months pregnant with my next litter.

I’m going to breed them both for as long for as long and as many times as I can.

They know who their master is now.

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  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Great story, I love K9s been at it since I was 12 at my Grandparents home after school, love you all Emma.H from Australia.

  • Reply Michael K. ID:2wcg8yx6id

    True story, my girlfriend’s sister let us watch her one time while she let their dog fuck her. She was laughing like it was all fun and jokes and at first it was. The dog was humping her leg then she got on the floor doggy style and it mounted her still humping. We were laughing hilariously. Then she said “Y’all want to see something funny? He’ll really do it if you let him.” She pulled her shorts and panties down and got back down, still laughing. The dog mounted her again but this time was humping her harder than before, like he was serious. I thought to myself there was no possible way the dog’s cock was actually in her. I got closer and looked and it was in fact in her pussy and not only that, this stupid dog’s cock was at least twice the size of mine. He was slamming for all he was worth, too. I went along with them, laughing and saying how funny it was but I jerked off at least twice later thinking about it. I asked my girlfriend if her sister had done that before and she said a couple of times that she knew of. She acted like it was no big deal.

    • Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

      Yes I have seen that happen myself a number of times it is so exciting to watch is unbelievable to see, especially the cock going inside the pussy or arse and especially the expressions on the face of the girl. It is enjoyable I know what you mean

  • Reply Inbreeding lover ID:1colq41xgube

    That’s how look good family. Start teaching your younger puppy before she been 10. And also impregnate her.