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father in law

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I am married for three years .it was my late marriage because of studies .I got married at the age of 38 years..my husband is 42 years .e
We had sex daily .for three years .now i am addicted to it . but my husband lost interest .he fucks me once a months.but I need daily…my husband works in MNC.and he was posted in Iran for three months. So my husband called my father in law from village to stay with me af.he is 65 but looks younger.because he does exercise daily .he stays in village . after one week one day I was in nighty and I went to his room with morning tea .he was sleeping in lungi.and lungi was up on to his chest .and his cock wes erect it was a massive .about 10 inches long I got shocked to see his cock.. I never saw this big cock..my heart was throbbing and my cunt got wet. I immediately left his room. And started
Playing with my clit . I made up my mind I will try his cock .because I was adiicted to sex. In day time I went to markt and purchased sleeping tablets .in the evening I gave him tea and snacks .I was waiting for the night .after dinner .I planned i will give him sleeping pill with the milk. I crushed the ,four tabs and mixed them with milk .at 9 30 pm I gave him milk to drink .he drank whole milk and said taste is different to day.isaid .it may be different ..due to heat ..after that I waited two hour to let him sleep deeply by sleeping pills.after two hour .I was ready to action I was wearing only nighty no bra no panty..I was hot and my cunt was all wet thinking of his monster cock.. I went to his room and called him twice papa.papa but no respnce .noe I getthred courage and lifted his lungi .his cock was 10 inches long even in resting phase. I sat on hi side and started playing with his cock cock immediately redpnded and started growing bigger and thicker now it was 12 inches long and ,4 inches in diameter it was like donkeys cock .I could not control myself any more .and started stroking .my cunt was wet .so I planned to sit on his cock and try to take his cock in me so I removed my nighty and sat on his cock but it was not going in .suddenly my father in law woke up and hold me tight and said you want this he got up and stared playing with my boobs and he put his head of cock on my cont . and started pressing his head was pressing my clit also which gave me more pleasure. NNow he put some saliva on cock and put pressure I Alsodo opened my legs wide . he stroke hard and his head entered and I cried .he put his mouth on my mouth and started kissing .and said you will enjoy and always be willing for this .after sometime he gave another push and this time 5 inches went in .with lot of stretching and pain .he again waited for five minute sucking my nipples .they were also very hard and erect.now he gave another puss his ,8 inches were in and knocking my uterus..which I was feeling . I never felt like this before as my husband cock was only 5 inches.now he started stroking in and out with slow speed .and increased his speed gradually i was moaning loudly with pleasure .he kept on stroking and his 12 inches cock was in me tearing me beating my cervix and uterus .. Just like a hammer I was in heaven .I never had such pleasure which my father in law was giving me. He was sweating heavily as I was .because he was fucking me for 40 minutes. HHe was surprised said you are very good in fucking .I don’t know why my stamina had increase .so much generally I last for ten minute but to day i am still fucking and no mood to stop.I thaught it may be the effect of pills.which I gave him with milk..any way I did not discloses it and kept on enjoying. .I discharged five times .cut he was Still going tough.. I exhastrd and said please stop now but he said how can I it is not ready ..to ejaculate.he .he wes now tired so I asked him to relax .some times like this only .he agreed and l
Relaxed his cock was still inside me rock hard .he went to sleep on me and his cock inside me..I also slept as I was also tiers now .I woke up after two hour he was still sleeping .but I was again ready so statrted pushing from below . after 15 minute he Al’s woke up and stated stroking .we both were pushing . hard after 15 minutes of fucking he ejaculed.lot of cum in me .and said your cunt is fantastic.and I never fuckrd this much in my whole life… We both went to sleep .my cunt was swollen ..we used to have daily fuck for three months by pills. Till my husband came back.

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    Fully erect

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    Very hot story. Made my pusssy wet

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    My husband had a problem and couldnt father kids. He didnt like the idea of us using sperm banks so suggested we use father in law or his younger brothers. I thought he meant use their sperm. But he actually convinced me to seduce them.
    Turns out it excites him to watch on cctv how they use me

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      That would be hot as hell having father-in-law, he would be there fucking you more than once

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    I also did this once

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    Nice, I’m happy you got so horny you went to him and enjoyed good family sex.

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