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How I lost my virginity

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I had my shower and was getting ready to go out partying for the night. My Mom and Dad had gone to a friends of theirs and wouldn’t be home until tomorrow afternoon. I was supposed to stay home, not let anyone in and take care of the dog Nero. Huh I was gonna have some fun instead. There was a party at a girls house that was in my class and most of the kids would be there, even that cute boy Kyle. I got all hot just thinking about kissing him and letting him touch my boobs through my blouse.
I was had just turned into a teenager not long a go and was still a virgin, I hadn’t even let Kyle touch my bare breasts what little breasts I had 32A if I was lucky but tonight I thought I just might change that. I picked a top that would be easy for him to get his hand up under and was looking through my dresser for a nice pair of panties to wear. I only had on my bra and was bent over the panty drawer when Nero stuck his nose into my ass cheeks and gave me a big lick with his course tongue. I screamed and shot upright, unfortunately another drawer was still open and was right above my head, I slammed into it, splitting my head open and I stumbled sideways falling over my bean bag chair and passing out.
I was aware of a searing pain both in my head and in my crotch , a huge weight on me and a dizziness that stopped me from thinking normally. Something was shaking me, moving me forward and backwards digging into the sides of my breasts. I felt a pain in my pussy growing greater as the weight quit moving and my pussy felt like it was being stretched apart. I felt heat inside of it flowing in me and then I passed out again. I woke up to a lapping sound and a strange feeling between my legs, it took me a few minutes of actual pleasure before I knew what was happening. Someone was licking my pussy!! I tried to scream but my mouth was to dry and just a croak came out, so I tried to stand but was knocked back down onto the bean bag chair and then I felt a weight on my and smelled dog breath in my face. Nero is trying to help me I thought but then I felt his cock poking looking for a hole and as I realized what was happening his cock found my now not so virgin cunt and pushed in hard.
I tried to scream again and get away but I was stuck on the chair with him on top of me his dog cock pumping deep inside of me hurting me. I begged my dog to stop, to get off but he wasn’t listening his cock pumped into me like a piston and it started to feel good even through my horror over what was happening. How could I be losing my virginity to a dog and liking it I screamed in my head but my body didn’t listen, my hips were pumping backwards on Nero’s doggie cock it felt so fucking huge inside of me and was squirting hot dog cumm into me. Oh Fuck I screamed as I came in a huge orgasm and I pushed back hard which I shouldn’t have because his knot popped inside of me and began to grow and grow. I was scared shitless I thought he was going to split me in half but finally it stopped growing. I was breathing heavy and tried to relax as Nero just stayed still and I could feel him squirting dog cum in me. It was disgusting and so fucking hot I couldn’t help myself his knot was pressed right against my gee spot and I started to hump his knot moving it around rubbing inside of me. I was cumming again and again, I fucking loved it. For the next 15 minutes I ground on his knot and came 6 times before he slipped out of me with a big gush of dog cumm and my own pussy juices.
I laid there on the bean bag chair exhausted, disgusted and satisfied as Nero did a walk around the chair and then began to lick the mess from my pussy and I lay there enjoying it until he was done.
i got up a little dizzy and went into the shower, dog cum was running down my legs and dripping from my abused pussy leaving drops all over the floor. I showered and thought about what had happened and wondered if Nero had only fucked me once or had he done me numerous times while I was passed out, I was shocked how I felt about it. I had a smile on my face, I had liked it, really liked it.
I got out of the shower and walked over to the dog and petted his head, he sniffed between my legs and I opened them wider for him as his tongue flicked out and began to lap at my cute little pussy lips. I stood there with my hands on his head as I let Nero eat my pussy until I came all over his tongue. He was standing now and I looked under him to see about 4 inches of red cock sticking out of his sheath.
I went over and laid down across the bean bag chair like I had been and called Nero slapping my ass and wiggling it in the air. Nero didn’t need any more encouragement, he jumped up on my back and I guided his red cock into my little pussy. His paws gripped me around my breasts and dug into my flesh as his doggy cock drove deep into my young pussy in one quick hard shove and then he was fucking me like I was his bitch. Yes Yes I screamed fuck me Nero fuck me and he did. I loved it I was cumming as he pumped his cock in and out of me. Then I felt the knot and I tried to relax as it popped in and out a couple times before becoming lodged inside me. For the next 15 or 20 minutes I was in dog bitch heaven. When he pulled out a huge amount of dog cum and pussy juices drained out of me onto the floor. I went onto the bathroom and got some antibiotic cream to put on the scratches from Nero’s paws and thought next time I would be better prepared.
Next time?? I thought. Fucking right I was Nero’s bitch and I loved it

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  • Reply patheticniecerapist ID:1clvx4ilmg2j

    i watched my niece lose her virginity to a horse

    • Hornyiguess ID:8ojkebapv2

      Fuck you have to write about this

  • Reply Lina ID:58g1hxym2

    Wish i had a dog to do this to me

  • Reply Jeffrey ID:bug4sxzb0b

    What the dog doin’

  • Reply Young Bitch ID:3yvoa2tqj

    This is a true account of what happened to me. I know it is wrong and maybe I am perverted but I love letting Nero fuck me. It seems I can’t get enough but it is hard finding time alone with him. I am only young and Nero is the only cock I have seen, touched or fucked

    • u/bekhc ID:1ehkx4u41

      Nice to read about it.
      When did this happen?

      Would love to read more about it in future.

    • Badmadxan ID:2px1mem92dh

      Post more please, hard to come by original authentic stuff these days

    • admirer ID:5vaxgby20k

      thank you for your wonderful story [email protected]

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    • John. G ID:1y6elyh6id

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  • Reply PUSSIES FROM HEAVEN ID:1ardf5p08m

    Now that’s what I call a good dog’s life

  • Reply Sherry Wine ID:3yvoa2tqj

    I love being bred by my Nero my dog …. I wanna feel what a human cock is like too now that I am no longer a virgin

    • Matt ID:3kfdj3yev9d


  • Reply Daddy ID:1dp3l1erpuk0

    Damn girl I would have loved to have seen that!! Too bad your dad didn’t come home while you were knotted and stuck his hard cock into your mouth!!

    • Matt ID:3kfdj3yev9d

      Is this true?