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Nan’s birthday treat

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I got milked by my nan for hours on my 13th birthday, she taught me what my cock was meant for and how to use it for maximum pleasure.

I was 13 and I went to visit my Nan because she called me and said she had a special treat for me for my birthday.

I went round to her house and she gave me a big piece of chocolate cake and a light beer, it was my first every beer, my Nan was always a cool Nan, after eating the cake I started to feel dizzy and then I passed out.

When I woke up I laying on her bed, I was naked and my arms and legs were spread out with my wrists and ankles tied to the 4 corners of the bed, there was something in my mouth, like a piece of wood and it was tied so I couldn’t spit it out and I couldn’t speak, I got a bit scared and tried to scream for my Nan.

A few minutes later the door opened and she walked in to the room dressed in red lingerie, you’re probably thinking she looked horrible old and wrinkly, but she wasn’t my Nan was still quite young, not even in her 50’s yet, she was slim and looked….incredible.

Almost as soon as I saw her in her revealing lingerie, my cock started to throb and chub-up, she closed the door and then sat on the edge of the bed beside me, “Time for your birthday treat, my little love.” She said, then she started to rub her soft hands all over my naked body and rubbing my cock and balls playfully.

I had never been touched by a woman before and it felt great, my cock like it because it got fully erect within about 4 seconds, as you can imagine, being only 13 years old, full of hormones and easily aroused, I didn’t last very long, probably about 10 seconds and that was it, I ejaculated all over her hand.

“Oh, that’s a very healthy thick load.” She said.

She didn’t stop, she continued to play with and stimulate my cock, keeping it erect, she leaned across and licked her tongue over my balls and slowly up my long hard shaft, lapping up my sperm on the way up, and then she popped my cock in to her mouth and started to suck me off.

I was in heaven for about 5 minutes before I ejaculated again, straight in to her warm, soft and loving mouth, she swallowed my load and then kissed the tip of my cock like she was thanking it for my spunk.

“Don’t you worry, I’ve called your mom and told her you’re staying here tonight. We’re going to have so much fun you and I.” she said.

She let me rest for about 15 minutes and then she started again, this time she took her bra off, her breasts were still quite firm and nicely rounded, and they were huge, she squashed my cock between them and then bounced them up and down, giving me a titty wank, and I ejaculated all over her breasts.

She continued to stimulate my cock, again keeping it rock hard, then she took her red lace panties off, she had clearly shaved her pussy, I could see it very clearly, then she straddled herself over me before pressing the tip of my pulsating cock between her pussy lips and then guiding it to her hole as she very tenderly lowered herself down on to it.

It was my first time feeling pussy, and she was pretty tight for old girl, I could feel the lumps and bumps of her insides pressing against my shaft, all around it, my foreskin had been pulled all the way back by the tightness of her pussy as she continued to lower herself down until my cock pretty much disappeared completely inside her dripping wet pussy.

I laid there having the best time of my life as she rode me wildly, simultaneously bouncing up and down while swinging her hips around, my cock had never felt so much pleasure before, my Nan had skills.

I don’t know if she had realised or not, but I’d ejaculated about 30 seconds after she started, but she just kept going, riding me and riding me, my cock wouldn’t go soft, though it was starting to feel a bit sore, she took the gag out of my mouth and let me groan out pleasurably.

Then she placed her hand behind her back then I felt her squeezing my balls, “You’re a young healthy boy and I can feel you’ve got loads more in there. Come on, give it to Nanna.” She said.

I didn’t know how long it took, but it felt like forever before I ejaculated again, this time she seemed satisfied with my load because she finally slowed down and then got off my cock.

She spent the next 2 or 3 hours just milking my cock to within an inch of its life, I was knackered, exhausted, sore and my balls were bone dry inside, but that didn’t stop her from riding my cock one final time before she untied me and let me sleep.

I was so drained I slept for about 15 hours straight, I woke up and my Nan was sitting on the bed beside me watching TV.

“Don’t worry, I put some of Nan’s special ointment on it.” She said, noticing I was examining my sore cock, “Did you like your birthday treat?” she asked.

Let me see, a 13 year old boy getting tied up, jerked off, sucked off and fucked for 8 hours, yep, of course I fucking enjoyed it, “Yea, Nan.” I replied.

Some of you may think it was horrible or nasty what my Nan did to me, but actually it was a lot of fun, I definitely learnt a lot about sex that night, lost my virginity, and it made me very happy, what more can a boy ask for.

I did ask her why she did that to me and she told me she had been waiting years for me to become a teenager so she could teach me about my cock and how much fun I can have with it, she taught me to read, she taught me to tie my shoelaces, she taught me to be polite, this was just another thing she taught me, she’s a very good teacher my Nan.

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