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Blackmailed my little cousins into letting me watch them have sex part 2

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After gathering tons of evidence that my two little cousins are having sex with each other I make my move.

I found out last Friday that my two young cousins Wyatt and Skyler, who are brother and sister, actually fuck like rabbits. Not only are they fucking but they’re doing it without a condom and Wyatt is straight up cumming inside his 12 year old sisters pussy everytime like she’s his personal cum receptacle. I’m not gonna lie tho, it was so hot watching all the videos I took of them over the week. I made sure to have tons of proof that they are undoubtedly fucking each other. I plan to make my move Friday night before the weekend to let them know I know what they’re doing. I’m gonna guilt them up so bad at first and then present them with a way out. They need to listen to everything I say over the next month and I mean everything or I’ll show their mom, who I’m sure they don’t want finding out.

So as I said I bid my time and waited all week recording more videos of them fucking with all sorts of angles and distances. I got some really good close up shots of them that show who they are unmistakably. It was real important that I got sufficient video evidence that it’s them without a doubt. Believe it or not it was a tough week to get through, knowing that Wyatt is getting this crazy fine pussy every night and cumming inside her no less and I haven’t is bothering me, I can’t believe it but I’m super jealous of Wyatt, I bet he has no idea how lucky he is he has a sexy younger sister who lets him fuck her and cum inside her. The only thing that got me by all week were the countless videos I took of them, over a Monday to -Thursday period they had sex 17 times, the only thing is Wyatt last like 2-3 minutes usually and sometimes last under 1, I laugh when that happens, but Skyler doesn’t seem to care, she’s down for it everytime. I know if I was able to fuck her she’d love it and probly never want Wyatt again. Wyatt has a bit of a small dick, it’s like 4 inches hard and quite small around. I bet he’s fucking Skyler cuz she’s much younger and doesn’t know dick size like girls his age might.

Anyways it’s Friday and later on I’m gonna tell them I know and what’s gonna happen now. The kids will be home in about an hour, I’m gonna let them wind down in the house and make my move finally. Around 6pm I called them to the living room where I had my laptop plugged into the tv so I can stream my videos to it so it’s nice and big. I didn’t sugarcoat it or ease them into it I came right out and told them I know what they’re doing. They asked what am I talking about. I said I know what you’re doing at night in Skyler’s room. Then I played one of the videos for them to see. Wyatt’s face went white and Skyler didn’t really react at all. Wyatt started fumbling words but I told him to stop. I told them they need to listen to every word I say or command i give them and if they obey my every word nobody will ever have to know, but if they defy my I’ll show the videos I had to their mom. I came to find out later on that Christa has caught them playing before and had to keep telling them to stop. I was told next time they got caught Wyatt would be sent to a military school across the country.
They both agreed that they will listen to my every word. We all pinky sweared together.

After that was taken care of I told them I have no intention of having them stop, in fact I encouraged them to fuck, and that I’ll be watching them in person. They both looked at each other and back to me and said ok. I cooked dinner and then later on I called them out to the living room again and told them it was time for their “free time” that’s the word wyatt used with his sister when they would fuck. They came waddling out and got on the couch. They were really nervous and I reminded them they need to do as I say or else. Skyler laid on her back and Wyatt got on top and they started kissing. They were kissing for a few minutes and I told them to stop kissing and get on with it. They removed their clothes and Wyatt with his 4 inch boner got in between Skyler’s legs and started to fuck her. It was so fucking hot watching these two small teens wrapped up in each other fucking completely naked. Skyler’s body is even better in person. She doesn’t have any tits but her ass and legs are phenomenal. She’s got her little legs bent out the sides dangling back and forth as Wyatt thrusts into her. Wyatt only lasted a minute and a half and came inside her when he was done. When he pulled out and laid beside her I paid close attention to Skyler’s pussy to try to see Wyatt’s cum leak out, just a drip came out, I was kinda disappointed I wanted to see it gush out but he must not cum a whole lot with his baby dick and balls.

Skyler just laid there looking at me while Wyatt went to go get a water bottle. I went to go sit down on the chair across them and waited for round 2. Wyatt eventually went back over to Skyler and stuck his dick inside her cum filled pussy. This time I pulled my
Pants down and started to jerk off watching them fuck. Skyler looked over at me and saw my dick and her jaw dropped while Wyatt was still fucking her, I’m not huge but compared to Wyatt I’m a mandingo. For the next two minutes Skylers eyes were locked on me jerking my much bigger dick off, she was giving me some eyes saying “I wonder what that one would be like”. Normally Skyler’s eyes are closed the whole time when she has sex but the entire time they had sex she was looking at me right up until Wyatt came again and then I came right after, so much cum was coming out of me going up in the air and Skyler’s eyes opened into her skull, I don’t think she could believe a dick like mine existed.

Wyatt and Skyler only have sex one way, missionary, as hot as it is to see them have sex I wanted them to mix it up. For their next time I instructed Skyler to get on the couch on her hands and knees and lift her ass up a bit where Wyatt would fuck her from behind. I moved over where I was 45 degrees away from them so I got a front sideways view. Her little legs, ass and hips look so fuckin sexy bent over like that it’s not even funny. I told Wyatt to get behind her on his knees and push in and grab onto her waist. He was a little awkward at first thrusting into her slowly as he couldn’t get a groove going. After 40 seconds of slow penetration he started to fuck super fast for a few seconds and then stopped, Wyatt came again this time really fast, I guess Skyler’s ass and pussy was too much for him in this position.

Wyatt must have been embarrassed cuz he left right after and went to go shower. Skyler stayed on the couch naked and full of cum and laid down facing me, my pants were still off and my dick was still showing. She was looking directly at it again. I used this time to ask her some questions I was curious about. I asked her if she knew what she was doing with Wyatt. She said she was having her free time. I asked her if she knows what sex is. She didn’t know that term. I mean she has went to a catholic private school her whole life so it makes a little sense that nobody going there would have talked about sex. I asked her if she likes her free time and she said she loves it. I asked her how long has she been doing this and she said she’s been doing it for about a year when she was still 11. Dam Wyatt you were 14 fucking an 11 year old girl and probly have been cumming inside her the whole time. Lucky bastard.

I sat there and talked with Skyler, her completely naked still and me half naked from the waist down for about 10 minutes, my goal was to get her to get used to me naked around her naked so I can inevitably fuck her too. She’s already mesmerized by my dick it’s just a matter of using the right words. Wyatt got out of the shower and saw us talking and must have got jealous himself cuz he came right over to Skyler and started to dry hump her ass with his baby soft dick until he got hard and then slid his dick right into her cummy pussy, the whole time he fucked her he was looking at me as if he was saying “this is mine”. He ended up lasting a couple minutes and came in her again and then told Skyler it was time she showered and went to bed. Dam Wyatt why you gotta do me dirty like that, I legit felt attacked by a 15 year old. He’s gonna wish he didn’t do that cuz he’s forcing me to move up my plans. I was gonna wait a little while before I tried to fuck Skyler but now it’s gonna happen tomorrow night.

I decided I’m gonna drug Wyatt so he passes out early before he can have sex with Skyler and then I’m gonna convince her to have her free time with me, and she’ll love it. At night I was jerking off to their videos fantasizing it was me fucking Skyler in the videos. I came so hard each time to the thought of my big dick in her small pussy and cumming inside it myself. I bet it feels so fucking good omg. Yes it’s decided, tomororw on Saturday Wyatt is getting something so he falls and stays asleep while I have Skyler all to myself. Stay tuned.

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    Looking forward to it

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    My cousin and her husband had to go abroad on a two year expat assignment and didn’t want to disturb the kids schooling. So my husband and i took the kids in for those years. We were newly weds then. We had an elaborate cctv security unit and one night i heard sounds coming from the little girls room. We watched on our room tv on cctv how the 12 year old boy sucked and fucked the little one. Was shocking but intriguing at the same time.

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      Did you do anything with them?

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      Do you have kik

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    God, I hope she becomes his sex slave and Wyatt gets cucked

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    Mmm I’m invested!💜