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Farming is nice naked

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I am 40 years of age, I am very fit and swim to keep up fitness, also a little jogging, not a fitness nut, just enjoyment. I am an ardent nudist and really do get a buzz from exhibiting myself, I have two daughters who are the same aged eight and ten. So I guess I am basically a 40 year old lesbian who occasionally loves fucking a male with two young daughters, all of us have no inhibitions at all. Our lives are, the farm, each other and enjoyment, I would not swap what we have for anything else. I am totally determined to live my life free from any of societies ridiculous restrictions and want the same for my daughters.

I have enjoyed every bit of my life, despite the fact that many may think that I have been “used”. I am just me, when the old guy next door asked me to be the nude model for his group, I was over the moon chuffed and excited. The idea of people looking at me striking wild poses nude when I was 10, mesmerised me, those days and nights were the best ever. Having my body stroked and pampered by 7 people at once including 3 ladies was sheer magic. My bald little pussy was always wet, even when I just thought about it.

Sessions when others in the Club came with friends of their own were so special. performing with other naked girls and boys, while cameras clicked away madly was just wow.

My daughters know everything about all my days, all my fucks, all my everything’s, including my special request shoots with doggies or older people. I want them to experience what ever they wish without feeling they’ll be judged or to feel any kind of guilt, I wish for the fun and laughter and hot sweet sex. Looking for suggestions regarding activities we may not have thought of and emails that you think we may enjoy, you will be correct, we will and we cannot be shocked or offended.
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  • Reply Oldmancock ID:1ek3y01j8k

    I love your story very much am 65 and I love being nude allthe time I just glade there some people out the still love being nude still

    • [email protected] ID:6fji2i17qm

      would love to hear from both myself and the girls adore older men, think that they miss having a grandpa to play with. Please do, they use my PC as well and love a chat.

      [email protected]

  • Reply Joe ID:e8g2kr2nh

    Would love to read about some of your adventures and anything your girls get up to on the farm . Must be loads of opportunities to play with the animals .

    • [email protected] ID:6fji2i17qm

      Please reply, i am sure you can make them happy chatting

  • Reply Ray69 ID:5u0x7ka5qj

    Do you have another way for to get hold of you

  • Reply Kap kid ID:1elgisdg5lwg

    I’m an old farmer and a nudist I don’t do much any more . I think that you got it all together Cool .

    • [email protected] ID:6fji2i17qm

      hello kap kid, I was really happy yo get your reply, I really like older men, the young ones are full of it. They cannot carry on a conversation and are all wham bam. I would love to chat with you. Something you may like is that I am also a photographer and have literally heaps of photo’s of female and males, all are legal and I send freely, it is kind of a hobby, sometimes me girls are involved. As much as I think we should be able to, I wont send anything illegal. Anyway, we really hope you contact and you have the green light to chat one on one with either of the girls when I am not here . My email is [email protected]
      I also have a proton account

    • [email protected] ID:6fji2i17qm

      love a reply

  • Reply Kevin ID:1daaidnzhyyx


    • Older or dog ID:85e7tpm3

      Lay more plz

  • Reply admirer ID:3yw3cf2hj

    your email address is not accepting ,,,,,,,,,,[email protected]

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:9k0oovsz

    Love to watch your daughters being raped on your tractor, possibly by the same pedos you modelled for.

  • Reply loveallofit ID:8kqsf5nyqk

    Great read, tried to mail suggestions and thoughts, bounced mail (unknown address) :-/

    • farmer123456789 Tracy ID:6fji2i17qm

      bugger Please try this [email protected]

      sorry again bloody hot day here

    • farmer123456789 Tracy ID:6fji2i17qm

      no idea why
      [email protected]

    • farmer123456789 Tracy ID:6fji2i17qm

      [email protected] new account should work XXX

  • Reply Lonelyguy ID:2px1ogoj7dh

    Sounds like heaven