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Watching girlfriend

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I Had been seeing my new girlfriend for about 2 years and our sex life was great
We decided to take a break and went to the Gold Coast for a long weekend. The 1st day we looked around and swam in the pool at the resort. Jenny had bought a new 2 piece swim suit and it was brief, turned me on and all the other guys at the pool. When we went back to our room Jen was horny and she stripped off and we had sex on the floor in the lounge room next to the door to the balcony. She was so wet.
After we had dinner we went back to our room for an early nite, We were having a drink and Jenny was looking threw the broachers when she said, have a look at this. It was a day out at somebody’s house for a day and being naked with them and other people that may be there. She asked if I would be interested. I had not done anything like this so I asked if she had done anything like this and she said no but was willing to have a go if I was ok. We talked for a while and we agreed to go. Jen made the phone call and spoke to a lady Tegan and was told about the rules and what time and address. When Jen got off the phone she told me what she said. We had to bring a towel and what we wanted to drink and eat. We could use any rooms in the back of the house and the pool. She said there was another couple coming the same day as us but a bit older and her. Jen was excited and when we went to bed we fucked again, I had never seen her like this.
The next morning we got up early, had breakfast and went shopping for the day. After packing a bag we called a taxi and off we went to Tegan’s house. ‘When we arrived Tegan answered the door and she was naked. She was about 40 but looked great. She told us her husband had gone to work and would be home about 4 o’clock .She showed us around the house and told us what the rules were. We were given a room and told if we wanted to use it for anything we could close the door or leave it open if we were ok with other people watching. She then left.
Jen then stripped off naked and told me to hurry. I stripped and we went out into the lounge and chatted to Tegan. It felt strange for a bit but did not take long before settling down. Tegan told us the other couple would be there about 1 hr. We went outside and decided to have a swim. Tegan joined us as she said she was getting hot. It felt great to swim naked. Jen came over to me and put her legs around me and cuddled me, it felt great.
After a while the door bell rang and Tegan got out of the pool and went inside. A while later another couple came out the back door naked. It felt different as we had not done anything like this. The lady, Kerry had small tits and a shaved pussy and Ron was average build and looked like about 4inch cock on the slack. When we were introduced we had a chat and they joined us in the pool. A while later Tegan came out and asked us if another guy could join us for a while and we all said it was ok.
It was an hour or so later we heard the door bell ring and the guy turned up. When he came out he was naked as well. He introduced himself , Ray and he was 20 yr. old. He was fit and had a cock about 7inches on the slack. Jen put her hand on my cock and squeezed it. We swam and chatted for a while when Jen said she was getting out and was going to our room. I followed and she closed the door when we got there. She looked at me and then said , did I see the cock on Ray. I said I did. Jen then said she had never had a cock that big, hesitated and then asked if she could have him, I told her only if I could watch. She said she was ok with that. Jen then told me to stay in the room so she could go and talk to him. She left and left the door open. I went to the bathroom and returned to our room and sat on the chair.
Kerry and Ron walked past our room and as the door was open they stopped and chatted. Kerry asked where Jen was and I told them what was going to happen. They then asked if they could stay and watch as well. Kerry then told me they had talked about this sort of thing and had always wanted to watch another couple. I then told them it was my 1st time as well. Where Kerry was sitting I was looking straight up between her legs straight at her pussy, it looked wet. I felt my cock starting to get hard.
A little time later Jen and Ray came into the room. Ray was taken back a bit and Jen told him what was happening. He was a bit taken back but then said he was ok with it. Jen took hold of his cock and started to play with it and it was not long before it started to grow. Kerry asked Ron to get her tape from her bag so Ron got up and left the room. Jen got Ray to lay on the bed and she was beside him. She lowered her head and started to suck his cock and jerk him off. When Ron returned he had her take measure and Kerry told him to measure his cock. Ron went over to the bed and sat opposite Jen. He took the tape and put it on the base of his cock and then held his cock so as to measure the length. It was 9inches long. Ron kept hold of his cock and jerked it a couple of times before letting Jen take over. I looked at Kerry and I saw she had a hand on her pussy rubbing it. Jen kept jerking and sucking Ray. I could not help myself and I took hold of my cock and started jerking it. I saw Kerry watching me. Jen stopped jerking Ray off and moved to where he had his cock near her pussy. Jen then looked around and said to everyone to come close and watch his cock go in. Where I was sitting I was looking straight at his cock and her pussy. Kerry and Ron moved over closer and Kerry knelt on the floor next to me and Ron was behind her. I noticed Ron had a hard on and was about 7 inches. As I looked around I saw Tegan at the door. She came into the room when everyone moved closer. Jen lowered herself down onto Ray’s cock. It took a bit of time before she could take all of it. She stopped for a bit when she had all of it inside her and then slowly started to move so it would come just about all the way out and then back in. I looked at Kerry and Ron and I saw Tegan had hold of Ron’s cock and was jerking it and Ron was playing with Tegan’s pussy. Kerry had her hand between her legs and playing with her pussy. I put my hand on Kerry’s leg and moved it up until I felt her hand playing with her pussy. She moved it out of the way and opened her legs so I could finger her clit. I was so turned on as I watched Ray fucking my girlfriend. As I was watching I felt something on my cock and as I looked down it was Kerry sucking it. I looked at Ron and Tegan was sucking his cock so I stood up and gave Kerry room to suck it. It was not long and I sat down and moved Kerry onto my lap and stuck my cock into her. Ron had bent Tegan over and he was fucking her doggie. It was not long before we all had cum and was settling down. Jen had cum twice and was know laying next to Ray. Kerry was still on my lap and Ron was just finishing fucking Tegan. We were all silent for a while until Jen asked if everyone watched. Ron said we did until we got distracted but it was great. As Kerry was sitting on my lap I was playing with her nipples just gently playing with them. Then all of a sudden she started to move and we started to fuck. Jen got off the bed and got onto the floor in front of us. She watched as my cock went in and out of Kerry’s pussy. It was not long before we both cum again.
After it was over we all took showers but not with our partners. After our showers we sat and talked of a bit and we found out Ray was Tegan’s sister’s son and Ray was Tegan’s uncle which Kerry did not know.
Ron and Kerry came back to our resort and stayed the nite. That is another story.

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