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Daddy’s New Toy Part 4

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Sabrina gives Daddy a special gift for his birthday!

Carl and Sabrina’s relationship flourished as she submitted herself to him on a daily basis. She never complained about having to be naked all the time nor being woken up by Carl for her to service his cock. She happily and willingly made herself available to all of his passions and fantasies. Carl was in absolute heaven and he bought her most anything that she wanted.

Six months after their first sexual encounter Carl’s birthday was just around the corner and Sabrina had asked him about a gift. Carl told her that she was the only gift that he wanted. She giggled and said “But Daddy if you could have anything that you wanted what would it be?”

Carl, not really thinking about what he was saying or how she might take it replied “Well baby girl in that case I wouldn’t mind having two of you for a night!”

Sabrina giggled and slapped his arm and said “Naughty Daddy!”

“Well you asked silly girl!” He responded with a smile.

Carl didn’t think much of it again and figured that was that. Little did he know that Sabrina’s mind went into overdrive. She loved him so much that she had to figure out a way to make his wish come true. She knew that she couldn’t duplicate herself however she knew someone her age that she was friends with that was absolutely ready to be fucked. This friend had already made comments about Carl and how handsome she thought he was.

Sabrina talked with Sarah her friend to find out if she would be interested in sex with Carl. They had talked about sex many times before and she had confided in Sarah about her relationship with her Daddy. She knew that their secret was safe with Sarah although Carl was unaware that Sarah knew. Carl had met Sarah before as she had come over several times and spent time with Sabrina.

Sarah was not only willing but she was definitely excited about the possibility of being fucked by Carl. Her pussy was drenched just talking about it with Sabrina. Now Sarah wasn’t a virgin but she hadn’t had much experience either. She had sucked a cock and been fucked in her pussy but never had anal. She was willing to give Carl her anal virginity.

So Sabrina and Sarah decided to give Carl a birthday gift that he would not soon forget. Sabrina didn’t tell Carl about Sarah coming over on his birthday. She just told him that she had a surprise for him.

On the day of his birthday Sabrina told Carl that she was off limits until tonight when she would give him his gift. Carl played along with her and didn’t try to take advantage of her as his toy. Sabrina prepared herself for the surprise and Sarah did the same thing making sure that she shaved her pussy and that she cleaned her asshole well.

Sarah and Sabrina were very similar in body types and could almost pass for sisters. While Carl was in the shower getting ready for their night together Sarah showed up and Sabrina snuck her into her bedroom. They both put on matching teddies and had fixed their hair in the same manner. They stood next to each other and looked into the mirror and giggled.

By this time Carl had went to the living room and was watching TV waiting on Sabrina to come down. She had told him what she wanted him to do. Sabrina opened her door and yelled out to Carl “Daddy are you ready for your special surprise?”

“Yes baby girl I am definitely ready!” Carl yelled back.

“OK Daddy I want you to close your eyes and don’t open them until I say so. You better not peek either!” She replied.

“I promise I won’t peek!” He exclaimed.

Sabrina and Sarah walked into the living room and stood side by side in front of Carl. They were basically naked except for the transparent teddies they were wearing. They wore no panties and had placed bows on their heads.

“OK Daddy you can open your eyes now!” Sabrina giggled.

Carl opened his eyes and immediately gasped loudly. Before him were two of the most beautiful girls that he had ever seen. They were absolutely stunning and they both stood there with wicked little smiles on their faces.

“How do you like your gift Daddy?” Sabrina giggled.

Sarah spun around slowly and let Carl drink in her almost naked body.

“Sabrina and Sarah what are you doing? What is going on here? Why are you wearing those teddies?” Carl stammered.

He couldn’t help but stare at them both as he drank in the vision of beauty standing before him.

“Well Daddy you said that you wanted two of me for your birthday and I can’t duplicate myself so I brought you the closest thing possible. Sarah has been wanting to fuck you for a long time now and she knows all about us and wants to join us for tonight.” Sabrina explained.

“You don’t have to worry about me saying anything about your relationship with Sabrina. I would never dream of hurting her or you. I hope that you are not upset with her or me. I have been wanting to get your cock inside of me for a long time and when Sabrina told me her plans I knew right away that I was up for it.” Sarah replied with a worried look on her face.

Carl continued to sit there with his mouth open trying to make sense of his situation. Never in a million years would he thought that he would be able to have two teen girls at the same time. This was the ultimate dream of most every hot blooded male in the world.

“What’s wrong Daddy? Pussy got your tongue?” Sabrina giggled.

Carl just smiled and nodded yes. That was enough for Sabrina and Sarah as they both squealed and jumped onto Carl. They both kissed his face as they rubbed their bodies all over his. Carl grabbed a double handful of teenage ass and the girls moaned together as Carl slipped his hands between each of their legs and cupped their bald wet pussies.

Sabrina dropped to her knees between his legs and pulled his cock out of the robe as Sarah stood up and straddled him as she pushed her wet pussy against his face. Carl groaned as Sarah’s aroma filled his nostrils and Sabrina swallowed his cock down to his balls.

Sarah screamed out in pleasure as Carl drove his tongue deep into her tight little pussy. She grabbed the back of Carl’s head and ground her pussy on his face as he kissed, licked, nibbled and sucked on her clit while sliding his fingers into her soaking wet tight hole. He slowly pushed a wet finger into her tight little asshole and she immediately gasped loudly as she felt it invading her virgin hole.

Sabrina pulled off of his hard throbbing cock with a pop and said “By the way Daddy Sarah is going to give you her anal virginity tonight!”

Sarah screamed out in pleasure as her first orgasm slammed her body. She flooded Carl’s mouth with her juices and Carl swallowed everything as Sarah trembled on his face.

Sabrina stood up and spun around as she sat down on his cock driving it into her hot wet tight little pussy. Moaning and whimpering as she began to bounce up and down as she pulled and twisted her nipples. Sarah had pulled her pussy from his face and leaned down and kissed Carl deeply and passionately tasting herself as she drove her tongue into his mouth.

Carl ran his hands all over Sarah’s body as they kissed like long lost lovers. Carl took a nipple into his mouth as he sucked on them and flicked his tongue across the tips. Sarah moaned as she felt his mouth devour her tits.

“Sabrina I need that cock inside my pussy right now please!” Sarah groaned.

Sabrina immediately stood up and Sarah immediately sat down on his cock driving it up against her cervix. She screamed out in pleasure as another orgasm slammed her body. She was almost as tight as Sabrina was as a virgin as she had only been fucked by a small cock. She began to ride his cock with vigor as Sabrina shoved her pussy against Carl’s face.

Carl devoured Sabrina’s pussy as Sarah drove herself down onto his cock. Soon Carl felt the tingle in his balls as he groaned deeply. Sarah knew that he was about to cum and said “You can cum in me as I am on the pill!”

Carl grunted into Sabrina’s pussy as his cock exploded inside Sarah’s milking little pussy. She again orgasmed as she felt his warm cum splashing her insides. Sabrina climbed off the couch and waited until Sarah stood up. She immediately buried her face in Sarah’s cum filled pussy and sucked for all she was worth. Carl watched his daughter eating his cum out of the pussy of her best friend.

After Sarah came once more as Sabrina ate her pussy they both stood there and kissed each other deeply and passionately sharing Carl’s cum. Carl wondered if they ever had played before.

When they were finished they both stripped off their teddies and grabbed Carl’s hands and pulled him towards the bedroom. They had him lay down on the bed as Sarah climbed between his legs and wrapped her mouth around his flaccid cock as she began to suck it back to life. Sabrina stood behind her and began to shove her tongue into Sarah’s tight little asshole. Sarah moaned as she felt Sabrina’s tongue probing her virgin asshole.

Carl’s cock quickly began to harden again as he watched Sabrina tongue fuck her best friend’s asshole and felt Sarah’s tongue lap at his balls as she swallowed his cock down her throat.

“Carl it’s time for you to put this gorgeous cock in my tight little asshole and let me give you your birthday gift!” Sarah groaned as she pulled off his cock.

She laid her head down onto the bed and kept her ass in the air at the edge of the bed. Carl stood up and walked around behind her taking his slobber coated cock and placed the fat head against her tight little asshole.

Sarah reached back with both hands and gripped her cheeks and spread them open wide giving him complete access. Carl groaned as Sarah pushed her ass back onto his cock until he popped in. She grunted as she pushed herself back until his balls were resting against her pussy.

“Daddy please fuck my asshole like you did Sabrina’s!” Sarah groaned.

Hearing her call him Daddy was the last straw. Carl gripped her hips and began to jackhammer her asshole without mercy. She screamed out in pleasure and pain as he continued to assault her asshole. He spanked her gorgeous ass red as her ass cheeks rippled from the intense pounding.

He felt Sabrina reaching between his legs as she massaged his balls. Sarah was clawing at the sheets as she chanted “FUCK YES DADDY FUCK ME!”

“THAT’S RIGHT DADDY FUCK HER LIKE A WHORE!” Sabrina commanded. Carl’s ass was a blur as he was urged on by them both. It wasn’t long before he felt the familiar tingle of his impending orgasm. Sarah was driving her ass back onto Carl’s cock as hard as he was pounding her ass.

Their bodies slapping together loudly sounding like gunshots. She was in a constant orgasmic state and was screaming out as Carl slammed her asshole with the whole weight of his body.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE I AM CUMMING!” Carl screamed out as his cum boiled up through the shaft and exploded deep inside of Sarah’s bowls.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS DADDY I LOVE YOUR COCK INSIDE OF MY ASS!” Sarah screamed out as she felt every spurt spash her insides.

After they finished cumming Carl pulled out of Sarah’s ass and collapsed onto the bed. Sabrina and Sarah immediately started cleaning his cock with their mouths. Carl enjoyed both of them all night long and Sabrina promised him that Sarah would be joining them again soon.

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