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My Brother turned to My Lover

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After my brother had raped me I found myself yearning for a deeper relationship with him since I enjoyed it more than anything

So to those who don’t know i previously posted a story on here a little bit ago about how my brother forced himself on me taking my virginity but i enjoyed it a lot more than i I thought i would. I asked everyone for advice on whether i should continue this relationship with my brother and as expected from a site dedicated to incest stories it was a resounding yes! I still found it very comforting and encouraging to know that others have been through similar situations so this story is an update about how my confession to my brother turned out yesterday.

I was debating on whether I would tell him on a day he would pick me up from school but with the past sleepless nights from sheer horniness I’ve had from thinking about my brother and reading some incest stories on here I really didn’t want to wait any longer. So when we got home I said hi and waited for my mom to go back to her room before I went to go talk with my brother. He was lying down in his bed but he sat up and gave me his undivided attention while I sat on the edge of his bed and confessed. I told him how ever since he forced himself on me I’ve thought a lot about how I wanted him to do so again and I know he still felt somewhat similar because I catch him staring, I also told him how looking back at how he’s treated me my whole life helping me with all my problems, taking care of me and being a great big brother all around that now I feel that I want to be more than just siblings. He responded with how he always wanted to be more than siblings and that the time he forced himself on me was a lapse in judgement because he had been rejected by a different girl and that when he saw me crying he wanted to show me how I should really be treated but felt guilty after and thought I would hate him now. I told him that he’s the only one I know who’d treat me right and the night he forced himself on me was when I realized it so I want to be with him.

We were both happy that we shared a mutual love for each other and so he asked if we could go out right here and now to redo that night and make love like a real couple which I happily said yes too. We told our mom we were going out for fun and took his car where he stopped at a convenience store for condoms and then went straight to a hotel. On our way there we talked about when he first had started getting feelings and he said it was when I was going through puberty and I started wearing bras that he started to see me as more of a women, sometimes even sneaking peeks of when I got dressed. I told him from now on the days he drops me off at school he can watch me get dressed. It didn’t take long for us to get to the motel and I stayed in the car while he got it sorted out and then he came back and we walked to our room.

He asked me to get undressed in front of him so I took off my long sleeve top and my pants while leaving my panties and bra on. I didn’t even realize he already pulled his dick out of his pants which let me get my first good look at it. He was really big and guessing off of memory it’s about 8-9 inches which I’m surprised fit in me the first time he raped me. I must of been staring a while because he swayed his dick a bit and asked if I wanted to suck on it which I just nodded my head yes too since I was still nervous. For reference my brother is 6’2” while I’m a little short for my age at 4’10” so getting on my knees leaves me at the perfect height to see eye to eye with his dick and suck him off. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue as i tried my best to suck on his cock but was quite inexperienced since it was my first time. He put a hand on my head and pushed me down further till I started choking then pulled me back and forth on his length keeping me in a rhythm. He started to use his other hand to go down my back and undo my bra revealing my c cup breasts while looking down at me saying how much he loved seeing me suck his cock. I loved being praised and I loved treating my brother, I no longer cared about the taboo nature of our situation instead I enjoyed it, I enjoyed the fact he was older than me and that he was with me since we were born. I never liked the boys in my middle school so who better to pick than my big brother.

After a bit of sucking I felt his dick twitch and soon after felt his cum spew into my mouth which I was forced to swallow since he held my head, and as of now I don’t really like the taste but hope to try more. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and a combination of his cum and my saliva dribbled down my chin but we were both ready to do more. He picked me up and sat me on the edge of the bed, leaning in to lick and suck on my chest while his hands worked on pulling off my panties to get me fully naked. He grabbed the box of condoms and began putting one on and meanwhile I cleaned my face before laying down on my back, spreading my legs and presenting myself for him. He loved having me give myself up to him, he went between my legs and pulled me closer so his dick was rubbing against my soaking wet pussy that was yearning for his dick. His hands continued to explore my body squeezing at what he wanted leaving me stirring in excitement waiting for his length to enter me teasing my pussy with how it continued to rub against me.

Finally he gripped my small hips and angled himself to pry my lips apart and make way for his long hard dick to go deep inside me. I was a moaning mess but he silenced me with a long kiss, sticking his tongue into my mouth while thrusting his hips against mine. My brother was taking so many of my firsts and I wanted him to take more. He was being a little reckless probably not considering this was only the second time I’ve had sex but I was enjoying it nonetheless feeling my body squeeze around him both of us sharing heavy breathing from enjoying the moment. He sent me into another orgasmic pleasure I was becoming addicted to and he too grunted and gave a few more hard thrusts as he emptied himself inside me already cumming with me. It’s really scary and equally hot to think that just some flexible rubber was the only thing keeping my brother from filling me up and giving me a child in that moment.

I told him that I wanted to stop for a little since he had just about drained the energy I had left from a school day so we settled on just cuddling naked and hanging for a bit although he did sneak in a few make out session and lots of groping along with starting to teach me how I should stroke his dick. My brother is a very horny person as it turns out but I don’t mind it one bit and even kind of like being erotic with him. Still I worry that if we’re caught he’ll be in lots of trouble but overall I’m excited for our future together and want to do lots for my new lover. If anyone has any ideas for what I should do with my brother I would love to take any advice! I’ve already ordered some more skimpy clothing just for him and have tried looking for some lingerie but that’s a bit trickier for me to get so I might ask my brother to help pick something out for me. Thank you for reading and perhaps I’ll post some more soon but I’m going to be a lot more busy tending to my brother’s sexual needs!

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  • Reply Guest ID:4mxdsmkqi

    Do anal

  • Reply Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

    Wear skirts with nothing under and tell your brother you’re his easy access rape slave. Condoms and birth control are completely unnecessary. And wear very revealing clothes.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    My pervert of a brother nailed me years ago, when I had my ballerina outfit on getting ready to go to ballet classes when I was 14 years old .

  • Reply Dogg ID:1eimgwt0j

    Hot love the stories should have him cum inside your pussy it’s amazing feeling and you should let your bro lick and play with you till you cum so much and try to get you to squirt and should try double penatration by using a booty plug in and have if fuck you good get a vibrating plug got to try it you both will love it

  • Reply Sunny ID:1ehzw6fh5ks2

    Save anal for that special day when you are ready to give him that gift

  • Reply A. ID:1d05rigdwlif

    Tell him to forget the condoms and breed you by putting his baby into you and that means no birth control pills for you either. Remember a girls role in life is to allow a an to breeed you with his babies

  • Reply Joe ID:2m8127yb0a

    Loved the stories Beebee. Would.love to know about you on session. Please message me

  • Reply AlabamaSlamma ID:d7yn16s44

    Lucky brother

  • Reply Oho ID:5rhtebgb0k

    Woow congratulations 🎉🎉, now you can have him fuck you everytime, and it’s time for you to feel good