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Little Rascals

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My sister and her friend thought they were getting away with playing with my cock while I was asleep. So I forced them to swallow my spunk.

I’m 15 and my 10 year old sister had her friend sleeping over again, every time she slept over they’d get up to mischief and they’d always sneak in to my bedroom early in the morning and throw a cup of water over me for a laugh.

It was annoying but I didn’t mind so much, they were just having fun and I like a good prank like everyone else.

However, on this specific morning, I’d been out having a few drinks with my mates in the park the night before and in the morning I wasn’t as alert and ready for them as I usually was, I didn’t hear them come in to my bedroom that morning.

I woke up, but not because they threw water over me, but because I felt movement between my legs, I opened my eyes and just before they noticed I was awake and ran out of my bedroom, I saw my sisters friend holding my cock, it must have slipped out of my boxer shorts while I was asleep.

I was shocked she had the nerve to touch my cock, but at the same time I was a little curious and wondered just how far they would have gone if I hadn’t have woken up when I did.

So the following morning I made sure I was awake extra early, I kicked my bed sheets down to the bottom of the bed and laid down wearing only my boxers, I waited to hear them both giggling as they tried to sneak down the hall to my room, then I pulled my cock out of the flap of my boxers and left it hanging out, then I pretended to be asleep.

I heard them come in to my bedroom, they went very quiet and after a while I thought they’d left and I was about to open my eyes and check when I felt one of them take hold of my cock and lift it up off my shorts, they were both giggling lightly and quietly.

I felt my cock getting rubbed up and down, and I allowed it to get hard, I just let it happen, I heard them whispering.

“Look its growing.”

“Do you think it hurts him?”

“I don’t know. Should I keep rubbing it?”

“Yeah. Let me try it.”

I felt two hands gripping my cock top and bottom and they were rubbing it gently and nicely.

“It looks like a lolly-pop.”

“Its not a lolly-pop, silly.”

“No but it looks like one. Should I lick it?”

“Eerrr. – I’m not licking it. You can.”

Then one of them licked my tip, it was a soft warm lick, little girls have such nice soft tongues.

“It makes my tongue tingle. Try it.”


“Go on. I did it.”


And then I had two tongue licking my tip, one of them was licking perfectly on my most sensitive spot, and they were both giggling, presumably because the taste of my cock made their tongues tingle.

“We should stop.”


“He may wake up.”

That’s when I decided to put an end to my deception, I sprung up, they both screamed in surprise, I grabbed them both and pulled them on to my bed, “You two naughty girls. I know what you’ve been doing.”

“We’re sorry. We didn’t mean to do it.”

“Yes you did. You need to finish what you started though.” I said, I looked at my sister, “Open your mouth.” I ordered.

She opened it without question because she knew she was in trouble, I slid my cock between her lips, “Suck my lolly-pop.” I said, and she did, her luscious little lips felt so good sliding along my shaft.

I then made her friend suck my cock until I was ready to come, “Heads together, open your mouths nice and wide for me.” I said, giving my cock a few more encouraging tugs, then I aimed it at them and I ejaculated in to both their mouths, right on their little red tongues, “Now, swallow that.” I ordered.

They both closed their mouths and then knocked it all back and gulped it down, their little faces changed looking like they’d just sucked on a lemon, “Yack.” They uttered.

“Yeah, remember that taste. Next time you think about coming in to my bedroom I’ll make you both eat it again. Now get out, you little rascals.” I said.

They jumped off my bed, apologised to me, then they left, and they giggled as they closed my door, I don’t think that’s the last time I’ll be seeing them too early in a morning.

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  • Reply John ID:n3e8eoyhl

    I made my little sister suck my small cock when she was 8 and I was 14. Not the best BJ I ever got, but she got better each time.

    • Howie ID:3uv9pkujhr9

      Mmm fuck ya

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfyd3

    This is a really sweet rite of passage story. Brothers forcing sisters to suck cock. Very nice.

    • Howie ID:3uv9pkujhr9

      So hot

  • Reply skimofkr ID:1zftvgx7hk

    I hope it continued on to full on sex over time.

  • Reply Donald Nickell ID:h6r7br4nq

    Why stop at the blowjob. You should have fuck them to. Anybody like to chat my wickr me username is buddythecat248

  • Reply Fb @Daniel Riddle Reagan ID:mzgdgcd0


  • Reply Bkner ID:40kbwbtwxij

    I remember laying on top of my bed covers with my cock hanging out my boxers in the morning
    On school holidays, I’d hear my little sister get up and walking around, I’d wank until she was about to walk past my open bedroom door.
    I was 13 she 11
    She didn’t notice the first time, but the next day, she did, she stopped in my doorway and looked for ages, I could feel my cock throbbing with excitement.
    I did it loads of times, and she always had a good old look
    One morning I felt so horny I took off my boxers, I wanked until I heard her footsteps stop at my door, thinking it was my sister again I showed off my erect cock,
    I heard her walk in, I froze hoping she might actually touch it

    She stood next to my bed looking down, my legs were open and I was holding my hard cock at the base
    I heard her move away slowly and quietly

    I opened my eyes slightly, and was horrified to see my mum leaving my bedroom.
    I was so embarrassed, she never said anything about it. So I decided she must’ve enjoyed it

  • Reply A.e ID:vuf1mnqk