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I grew up getting buttfucked by my brother

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As little kids we always found time to get naked and play with each other. I was fascinated by his little cock and he by my slit. Then we grew!

I think my brother and I (twins) were always fascinated with each others bodies. He had a cock and balls and I had a gash between my legs. Touching in secret, sharing the bed at nights when really young and our parents didn’t care we were still about 9 or 10. Or normal play was rubbing each other, even licking and me sucking on him. I loved being licked, it made me feel so tingly. At 11 I started getting taller than him, my breasts started hurting, nipples puffing out from my chest, got my period and got the talk about babies from my mom. Soon after I got hair. I stopped letting my brother see me for a while, but it didn’t last long. He would just pull down his jammies and show me his cock. By 12 it was getting some hair, and his sack bigger, his cock a little thicker too. I wanted to see it and had to show him my pussy and tits to see him. I was embarrassed for some reason with hair on my crotch, it was grown in pretty good then. He was starting to get hairy too, but not much. I wanted to suck on it, we’d seen pictures and we’d even seen videos and I wanted to do it. To be honest at that age most videos were showing the woman getting a facial. I wanted a facial. He pulled me off his cock and had me use my hand for a bit, he was getting too sensitive, he literally thought he was about to pee, but I told him it was his “baby juice” as my mom called it. That is the stuff that if he ever put it in me would get me pregnant.

He would shoot wildly, it went everywhere and with such force I was amazed. I kept wanting to see it more and more. My husband today tells me I’m fixated on cum, he’d never come across a woman wanting to see men cum more than me. I do like it. But back to my twin brother. By 13 he’d seen me in pads, he even changed the for me sometimes, cleaning me up really gently. I’d reward him by now swallowing his cum, sometimes though I still wanted it on my face, later he wanted some on my boobs too. I was now a B cup, still puffy nips, those I have even now with my 34 C boobs. Eventually I wanted his cock inside me, I wanted to be fucked. We’d see it enough, heard enough about it and I wanted it. He refrained so afraid of pregnancy. I was too but I need to get it. When not on my period he would lick me into delirium. So this one girlfriend of mine talked about she and her boyfriend doing it in her butt. That was all I needed. I knew mom and dad would be gone for several hours that night, and it was then that naked with my brother, I laid down and as the girl warned me, I put vaseline on my butt and rubbed it all over his now 5 inch long, pretty thick cock. He pushed it in all the way in one stroke and I screamed, he pulled it out. I reached back to hold my abused hole. He was ready to quit but I told him no, he had to take it nice and easy. I found that first time it was easier for me to sit on top of him and control the speed with which I got my butt impaled on it’s first cock. I was in glory, it fully inside my butt, I was rubbing my clit, my brother was pushing up into me and pulling back, I was rocking on his cock, he was playing with my boobs and I’d lean over to let him suck on them. Strange though, I guess being brother and sister, we never kissed. I’d kiss his forehead, we kissed each others necks and ears, nipples, but never a mouth to mouth kiss. Then we did it. He was cumming up inside my ass, pushing and pushing to get it deeper, I saw his mouth pucker and I leaned in and kissed him.

That was the last time we kissed but it became our everyday sexual treat, sucking, licking and buttfucking. I wanted it in my pussy but we were both afraid. At 16 I decided I wanted properly fucked in my pussy. I went on a date with this guy, he was cute, and when I saw how small his cock was I sucked him off and had him drop me home. By now my brother was 8 inches and nicely thick not too much to make things hurt though. I told him what I wanted and he agreed but only the first time. So I did lose it to my brother, he was still buttfucking me but had fucked two other girls in their pussies and mouth, but no one else in their butt.

My brother and I continued to have anal sex, and oral sex, and manual sex through college. We shared an apartment in our college town. Some friends actually thought we were married as we had the same last name, and to them, obviously, we having sex. I never told! I was on birthcontrol by that time, we did occasionally fuck but mostly we enjoyed our anal and oral activities. I can cum from getting it up my butt, something my husband loves about me. We moved apart for early work years and saw each other when we could, but he had a girl he lived with and I moved in with a guy too. Eventually I got married to a different guy that the one I moved in with, my husband had never had buttsex until I insisted, he loves it now.

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