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Blackmailed my little cousins into letting me watch them have sex

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I just knew something was up, it’s way crazier than I could have imagined.

My older cousin Christa just got married and is going on a month long world cruise with her new husband. Christa has 2 younger children from her deceased husband, Wyatt who’s 15 and Skyler who’s almost 13. Wyatt normally watches his younger sister Skyler for a night or so if his moms out but she doesn’t want them by themselves for a month so she asked me if I could housesit for her while she’s away and keep an eye on the kids. Her new husband is loaded so she was gonna give me two thousand dollars for myself to keep and then another 2 thousand for food or anything that comes up and needs money to fix. It’s a beautiful house so I said I’d do it, it’d be fun to live in a mansion for a month, eat whatever I want everyday and maybe I’ll even get to get a girl to come over and get laid. Besides I haven’t seen my cousins in a couple years think it’d be cool to have this time to bond.

For the next week I packed a bunch of stuff and bought some things and on Friday I moved in. When I got there Christa was already gone and the kids were on their way home from school and I had the house to myself. I unpacked my bags and settled in. My room was right next to Skyler’s. The kids got home and I greeted them. Holy shit they changed since the last time I saw them. Wyatt is only 15 but he’s almost as tall as me, I’m 6’3 and Wyatt is just over 6 feet tall but super skinny. And last I saw Skyler she was some tiny 10 year old girl who had no good features about her at all, no chest, no legs or ass and her face wasnt pretty at all. But now omg, she’s almost 13 and is super sexy I’m not gonna lie, she’s still super short probly around 4’11 but she has a crazy bubble butt and some sexy legs, she was wearing a skirt from her school uniform and I could see how nice her legs are. And her face is completely different than it was. She’s dead gorgeous now. Brown hair with blonde highlights, green eyes and button nose. Her skin is flawless too, no imperfections anywhere.

I tried not to stare at Skyler too long and let them be on their way. They went to their rooms and started their homework. An hour later they came out to
The living room to watch tv, I was in my room at the time. I kept hearing some loud noises like furniture moving so I went out to see what it was and I saw Wyatt and Skyler wrestling on the couch. At first I just thought it’s brother and sister being brother and sister and I thought it was amusing so I watched, they couldn’t see me where I was so they kept at it. Wyatt has Skyler in a headlock and she was kicking, then she’d get out and they’d change positions or move to the chair and she’d have her arms around him squeezing him, then he picked her back up and lifted her back over to the couch and she had her legs wrapped around his waist and he was squeezing her body and then things started to look different. They were interlocked with one another on the couch what looked like the missionary position. Then I looked at what they were wearing, Wyatt was wearing a tank top and shorts and Skyler had on some booty shorts and training bra.

Then I started to see Wyatt feeling up Skyler’s short smooth legs up and down for a few and then he got up and turned her around so she was laying flat on her belly on the couch with her ass up and he got on top of her and put her in a head lock and got ontop of her so his waist was over her ass and while he had her in a headlock he was grinding his dick against her ass and was dry humping her. The moment I saw that I darted back to my room and closed the door. My heart was racing, I couldn’t believe what I just saw. I just saw a brother and sister fooling around sexually. If you’ve read my other stories you’d know I’m a huge perv, I’ve done far worse things than what I just saw but I hardly ever got to see it happen in person really cuz that was fucking hot what I saw. I wanted to keep watching but I didn’t want them to see me and get freaked out. I started thinking of a way I can use this to my advantage. At night around 1030pm I was in my bed and I heard some knocking sounds and muffles of voices. I put my ear to the wall and stayed silent as I could to listen and I heard what sounded like a bed bouncing and shaking and what sounded like moans. I slowly crept out of my room and tiptoed to Wyatt’s room and peered inside and he wasn’t there. Everything added up to that they were in Skylers room fucking. Omfg that’s crazy tho. I went back to my room with my ear against the wall and started jerking off to the thought of them fucking. I came in 15 seconds. I nutted so much. Skyler’s so sexy I don’t blame Wyatt for fucking her. I know I sure fucking do.

I tried to keep my cool and not tip them off that I know. I needed to figure out a way to blackmail them into doing stuff or let me do stuff. I decided to use some of that money Christa gave me and went out and bought a couple small spy like cameras that I’d plant in Skylers room to hopefully record them fucking and use that to blackmail them or I’ll show it to their mom which I’m sure they don’t want. I ordered them off Amazon and patiently waited for them to come. Took a couple days and I’ve noticed that Skyler and Wyatt have sex every night. He must cum fast and decide to go back at it cuz I’ll hear the commotion for a few minutes and it’ll stop and then a few minutes go by and I hear it again. Poor Skyler needs someone with some stamina. My stuff came in and while they were at school during the week I planted them in her room. I scoped the place out and stashed them in places they wouldn’t check or be able to see. While I was in there i rummaged through Skyler’s dirty cloth pile and found some panties. I could see they were crusted over in jizz. My guess is Wyatt doesn’t use a condom and cums right inside her pussy when he done, these panties were COATED with dried cum, Jesus.

That night I stayed away from them as much as I could and let them do whatever it is they do when they think they’re alone. At night I heard the noises again for about an hour, on and off. The next day I went to collect my cameras to review the footage. I had a couple in there both directed to the bed. I plugged them into my laptop and opened the files. They got into the bed around 10pm and were kissing a lot with their clothes on and a little time passes and they start removing their clothes. My camera is placed parallel to the bed so I’m watching a sideways view.

They went from kissing with clothes on to fucking right after the clothes were taken off. No foreplay at all. Once Skyler’s clothes were off Wyatt got his lanky body ontop of her in between her legs and started jackhammering in. He was fucking his sister for maybe 3 minutes and then his thrusts started to slow down and it looks like he came right inside her little pussy. After he came he got off her and moved over and laid next to her and they stayed like that for about 10 minutes and then he got right back up in between her legs and started fucking super fast again and a couple more minutes go by and he came inside her again. Each time Wyatt got ontop of Skyler to fuck her it was the sexiest thing, he’d climb on top of her and she’d slowly lift her legs up as he gets on her and then she’d wrap her small little legs around his body and almost pull him in. As he fucked her her little body would rock back and forth with his thrusts. And after he’d cum in her hed get off right away but she’d leave her legs up in the air for a few seconds. I doubt Skyler ever had an orgasm.

I must have jerked off 5 times watching that video on repeat in my different angles. It was so hot watching some super skinny tall teen fuck a much smaller younger girl. After my nuts and post nut clarity came in I started to wonder how all this came to be. I mean Wyatt had to have initiated all this right? I mean he’s old enough to know that fucking your sister is wrong, never mind your almost 13 year old sister, and without a condom and cumming inside her. I’m not gonna lie tho I’m super jealous. Anyways I started to think of how I’m gonna break it to them and tell them I know what they do and what’s gonna happen if they don’t listen to me. I figured I’m gonna take it slow, I’m gonna show them the video and say that I’m gonna watch them fuck in person for a little while at first or I’ll show their mom.. and once they feel a little more comfortable with me knowing is when I’ll make my move. I’m gonna tell them I’m gonna fuck Skyler myself or I’ll show their mom the video. Yes that’s what I’m gonna do. I shall do that tomorrow.

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  • Reply Rick ID:1egzi95iptyi

    Brother sister sex is the absolute best. My sister and I started fucking and everything a few times. else when in our mid and early teen. I was 16 she was 12. Through college and a few failed marriages. We had sex a few times. Twenty five years ago after her boyfriend shoved her around while screaming at her. I went and got her, brought her home and we are still “married” today. After she got divorced she went back to her maiden name. Everyone thinks we are husband and wife since we don’t live where we grew up. We fuck several times a week. When you fall romantically in love with someone you already loved It is euphoric. It’s impossible to express how much I love her.

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    Maybe let them make a baby.

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    [email protected] It is good to sit there and watch them do it. He will enjoy it once you get the top little pussy on your cock.

    • Tazzee ID:1eivvvnhnlg6

      Sounds great I’m so horny

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      Next chapter please

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    Mmm very nice. Can’t wait for next part

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    This plot has great potential.