Cat: Incest

My son for me

My name is Olivia, I am 38. I am married and my husband, Raymond is a the same age. We have two daughters and a son. The son being the youngest, only 16. Actually, I’ll focus... #

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Ditch Day with my Father

The day I ditched school to go shopping with my dad. It was started like a normal morning, I had breakfast and got ready for school. This day however, my father spoke up at the breakfast... # # #

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our beach

the bikini was in my knees now i could feel not his hand but his cock rub my virgin pussy # #

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My loving sister

I never thought if my sister I a sexual way till I was in my late 20s. My sister who is 10 years older then me called me to tell me her husband had left her and the kids with nothing.... #

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Cum Slut Making

My dad took my virginity as a child. He would eat my pussy before I went to bed and so many other things. He would nut on my body or face, he use to jack his dick off and cum on top... # # #

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Cousin, Dildo, and Bro

I never realized how resourceful our church secretary is. She managed to get us a super long, double sided dildo that my 13-year-old cousin asked for. # #

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Came Home Too Early

There was a rocking sound that I couldn’t quite place. It was coming from upstairs. I decided to investigate. # # #

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Adventure Mom Part 1

I dig my face into her fragranced wet black streaks of hairs and ran my hand all over her back. I caressed her wet hairs with my hand to my heart’s… #

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