Cat: Incest

Big Brother

School is fun but i love to get home kick off my shoes change into my pj’s and hangout. today i want to go home and watch tv or build a fort. my big brother Danial has to pick... # # # #

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Cheating wife PT3

I started planning my next move. I ordered a large memory sound recorder a d collected it on Saturday. I tested it out on the night by fucking my wife in our bedroom. It was so clear... # #

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Cheating wife pt2

I was pretty confident that they would not continue during the week as my daughter came home after school on Monday after having spent her usual weekend at her mum’s house. I... # # #

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Daddy babies

Mom came in My bedroom She said it was time And that I couldn’t tell anyone For some think it was a crime But now I was turning into a lady And daddy he had a need At 11 years... # # #

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Stop daddy

Little lily. she’s the sweetest. just the best little girl. she enjoys school and soccer. my favorite is when she greets me when i get home. her mother is usually cooking dinner or... # # #

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Daughter Fucks Daddy Pt.5

She wasn’t the best at sucking. She was good, but she wasn’t the best.You could feel her teeth. Anyway, in our sex lessons, we’ve been teaching Honey dirty talk, how... # # #

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The babesitter 3

I wish I could say that we had enough common sense to stop after a while but honestly we fucked the night away. Round 2 turned into 3 and so on and so on, eventually we did stop but... # # # #

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P4 It finally happened

I told the girls to go get showered and went and answered my phone. It was Cindy my sister she said she wasn’t coming back. What??? She had run off with an oil Tycoon and left... # # #

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Big Brother

i am laylah i’m 10 and i love hanging out with my big brother he’s so big he’s 16. He is so fun he takes me to ice cream and to get toys he calls me his favorite girl. He tucks... # # # #

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Daughter Fucks Daddy Pt.4

“Reynold, explain!” I exclaim into my phone. “Lillian, I’m sorry!” Reynold cries, “its just that, she was so good at everything! Her sucking, her... # # #

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My little cousin

This is a story of how I fucked my cousin for the first time, while his parents where in the other room (long story) # # #

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