Cat: Incest

Daddy invited me to bed

My daddy asked me to come to bed with him tonight. I used to ask him if I could get in bed with him on nights when I would have a bad dream, but he would look at me kinda funny and... # # #

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Sister’s Love!

My sister had to look after me when mom and day were at work of course that’s very common in a household when both parents are providing for the household. My sister had turned 18... # #

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Phoebe darksite

Mom just left us alone and said enjoy your time together with a naughty smile and said why don’t you both play truth or dare or something. That will give you both something to... # # # #

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Babysitting my cousins

This just happened a couple weeks ago my cousin ask me to babysit her kids she had 4 kids one boy and a girl who only deserves a quick mention in this story and the 2 oldest girls Marilyn... # #

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Ssbbw mom

I live with my ssbbw mom in Florida. My mom is 400 pounds big fucking tits a huge stomach and dump truck of an ass and she is 47 years old. I’m 17 i’m in love with fat people it... # # #

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How my brother forced me

Hi, My name is chloe (14f) and this is my story how my brother ace (22m) force-fucked me roughly when my parents weren’t home. It was a hot summer day and I was cooking food in... # # # #

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Adam Madison

Inheriting his Fathers business Adam Madison also inherited his Mother, who had been too busy enjoying her life than to worry about his childhood. # # #

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