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I was 10yrs old when I started getting molested

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This is a true story about how I became a little slut and I enjoyed every second of it growing up…

I was 10yrs old when my dad began to touch me. He was a construction worker in his 30’s 5″11 180lbs he was in great shape handsome guy and would have frequent hangouts with his work buddies and get super drunk.

During my summer vacation I’d tag along with him and go help around the job sites. Besides he would give me money for helping out and that was a plus for me. Around lunch I noticed most of his friends and him were already taken back some beers, which was normal for them to do on a Saturday it was like their pregame drinking feast before the BBQ.
I knew it was going to be a long night for me since we wouldn’t leave until 1 or 2am usually.

Once at the bbq I was playing hide and seek with the other kids there it was roughly 9pm at this time, and I ran to hide by the garage and saw my dad and his friends sitting around a table I was being super quiet since hearing them talk about a lot of sexual things they did as teens or currently with their partners.
It was definitely awkward but it was fun listening to their stories I had completely forgotten I was playing hide and seek when all of the sudden the kids came running in asking if they seen me and I slowly ran out the back door when they seen me and started laughing chasing behind me.
I was worried I’d get in trouble for ear hustling and just decided to run inside the house and watch movies with the other kids.

I’m not sure when I knocked out but I woke up to my daddy placing me in the front seat and he was extremely drunk i could smell it but didnt really care about it that cause it was normal for me i guess. He said goodbye to his friends and jumped in the car to drive off I just instantly knocked back out. Half way to where we lived I woke up to his warm hand on my thigh rubbing me really slow and I pretended to stay asleep but fully aware of him caressing me as I slowly felt his hand pulling my shorts to the side and began to touch my pussy over my underwear.

Apart of me knew this wasn’t normal but the other part was intrigued by the feeling of him touching me I could hear him breathing heavy and he slightly pulled my underwear to the side to probably see my pussy lips and slided one finger down my slit.
I’m guessing his better judgment made him stop and we arrived home and he gently woke me up saying we were home.

I went to lay in bed wondering how oddly satisfying it felt feeling my own dad touching me and my little body wanted more even though I was 10 I was craving his touch and made me see him with different eyes.

A few weeks went by when we took off to my uncles house for game night I enjoyed spending time with my cousins but this night I just kept wondering if he would touch me again or not once night hit I went instead and asked him if he were leaving but couldn’t find him so I walked out back walking around when I spotted him peeing on the side of the house and just stood there staring at him holding his penis in his hand he was shocked and asked me to turn away but I just stood there and asked him if we were leaving soon because I was really sleepy and he said in a bit hun go back inside.

After 3hrs he finally was really to leave and I pretended to be asleep feeling him carrying me out to the car I was really for our ride home since we were about 2hrs away from home I wore a skirt this day and I intentially lifted it as he walked around and spread my legs open.
A long time had gone by and I was a bit sad he wasn’t doing anything to my butt was going numb since I hadn’t moved at all I decided to turn a bit and figured I’d just really knock out this time when suddenly I hear him call my name but I didn’t move he shook my shoulder a bit and I didnt respond to him.
A few minutes after I felt his hand rubbing my tummy saying baby you awake, I didn’t respond and he started slowly moving his hand down to my thighs again I felt his warm hand and instantly felt tingling in my stomach he flitted my skirt up and I felt his hand slowly rubbing on me and finally he placed his hand inside my underwear spreading my tiny pussy lips with his fingers as he began to rub my clit it was such a good feeling I felt me melting all over his hand he rubbed my clit gently I could feel my body tighten when he suddenly stopped and I heard him undoing his belt from his pants and the zipper going down he was breathing hard and put his hand back inside my underwear and take it out as if he was picking his fingers or smelling his hand his breathing got heavier and I heard a light wet smacking noise constantly as he kept whispering “fuuuuucccckkkk”

I knew what he was doing since I had caught some of my boy cousins jerking off a few times before I figured that’s what boys do and they had porn magazines hiding in there rooms and we all would go through them.
But, seeing my daddies full erect cock in his hand looked better then a picture for sure.
He was driving and jacking off when he finally turned to look at me and saw me starting at him and he immediately got scared and started swerving and pulled over covering himself with his tshirt saying “omg baby, I’m… I’m, sorry”…”I know this looks bad but please don’t be scared or say anything to anyone” before he could say anything else I said “it’s okay daddy, Benj has magazines and I’ve seen a lot of pictures” he had a very confused look on him and started to tuck himself away when I said “It’s okay daddy if you want to touch me, your hands feel warm” he was completely shocked and just stared at me with these eyes of WTF is going on.
I told him I felt him playing with my pussy and it was feeling really good until he stopped and I didnt want him to..
I told him I’ve seen my cousins jerk off and I’ve never said anything until now.
I could keep this a secret too…

He went on about how this isn’t okay and we should do this because he would into so much trouble with mom and she would tell her family and he could go to jail. I assured him I wouldn’t say anything and we could keep it a secret..
He said “I don’t know if I could baby, I shouldn’t have done it” I just responded by saying “please daddy…”
He sat there for a few minutes quiet allowing the thought run through his head looked at me and said “come here baby, sit over my lap and look at me..”

We were stopped on a dark road no homes or exits nearby maybe a trailer or 2 had gone by but it was pretty safe for us I guess, he pushed the seat back and steering wheel up as I sat over him.
“Listen baby, we can’t say anything to anyone ever!” “I am trusting you to keep us a secret okay” I said “yes daddy, I will” he made me promise so I did..

“Do you know how to kiss”?

“I think, I kissed a girl and a boy before playing at uncle Mike’s house”

“Has anyone ever touched you down there or put there tongue on you”

“NO, but ive seen it”

“Do you want me to kiss you or just touch you”?

“Yes, but I don’t know how to kiss like big people”
He laughed and smiled at me..

“It’s okay baby, I could help you learn how”.

He pulled me towards him and put his lips on mine telling me to barely open my mouth and touch with our tongues, we began to kiss for awhile and he slowly moved his hand down my buttcheeks and squeezed them pulling me down on this crotch I felt how hard he was and he lifted me up and told me to take my underwear off.
Once my panties were off he began to kiss me again put his hand around my hair and tilted my head to the side and was kissing my neck he ran his hand between my pussy lips he began to breath hard again and a baby moan came out of me and he asked “does it feel good baby” I just nodded and he grabbed my hand placed it on his cock showing me how to touch him he was 7inch and thick the idea of me and my daddy turned me on I couldn’t believe it was happening.

He pushed towards him after a few minutes and told me to lean back a bit and spread my legs.
I saw him guide the tip of his cock onto my clit rubbing it up and down with his right hand and spreading my pussy lips with his left hand.

“Bend forward and spit on daddies dick baby”

“Just let it fall right on top, it’s going to feel better”

As I spat on my daddies dick he sat me straight up and pulled my shirt up exposing any chest and put his mouth over my nipples sucking on them gently while slowly twisting the other and making me grind on his cock when suddenly we saw headlights and he dropped the seat back all the way making my lay ot top off him telling to ot move as the trailer went by he turned me over with my back against the seat and he began to rub his cock on my clit I told him

“Daddy, I’m feeling good but weird funny”

“It’s okay baby, just breathe, close your eyes and relax”

He kept thrusting his hips even faster on my tiny pussy lips and he kept saying “baby, I think daddies gonna cum” “pull your skirt up” he kept holding his cock and lowered down to start sucking on my nipple it was feeling really good I began to thrust with him knowing I’m making my daddy feel good turned me “daddy don’t stop it feels good”
“Aahhh, baby you make so hard”
I began to moan louder and louder he kept sucking my nipples moaning telling “just relax and cum for me baby girl, daddy fucking love you baby” “your fucking little pussy feels so good on my cock” the more he kept saying these things to me the louder I got, “daddy!!” Ahhh, daddy don’t stop”
“That’s it baby” and just like that I felt this jolt of ecstasy running through my body making me feel like I peed a little bit. I felt my daddy put the tip of his finger inside my pussy moaning louder “fuck baby, that pussy is so wet”
“Hold daddy around the neck baby”
He placed the tip of his cock on my pussy hole barely getting it in it felt really good feeling my daddies cock I began to moan and he stared moaning telling
“tell me you love me” “tell daddy how much you love baby”

“I really love you daddy!” Moaning in his ear..

“Fuck I’m cumming baby, I’m gonna cum all over your pussy!”
“Here I cum, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk aahhhh yeah baby”
“Damn, fuck, you’re so sexy baby I love you”

He turned me over sitting on his lap he gave me a big hug and kissed me..

“This has to be our secret okay” “if you keep this a secret we can continue to have fun together and I’ll spoil you baby for being such a good girl”

I nodded and said “okay daddy, I love you”
“I love you too sweetie, grab some towels clean yourself, fix your clothes and put your sestbelt on”.

I couldn’t wait for everything else that was yet to come he was very spontaneous and I developed a passion for sex I enjoyed older men but especially my daddy..

Let me know if y’all would like to read more stories about my dad and me..
Thanks for reading..

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    Nice. My dad was my first. I loved it. He took my young pussy night after night. Cummin inside me each & every time. I would sleep naked to give him easy access to my waiting young pussy, he licked it, sucked it, nibbled my titties, make me get on all fours, lick it from behind, then force his thick dick in my ass. Having me screaming with pain & pleasure.

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