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It’s Going To Be Tough

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A widowed father helps her pregnant daughter through tough times, with the help of his daughter.

This is a first posted story. I have been writing many of them for several years with several not complete. Several stories have many chapters. This is a shorter one I could share.

It’s Going To Be Tough.

My wife passed away from an auto accident with a drunk driver. The sadness in my heart was over whelming and to find my 16 year older daughter Shay was pregnant 3 days later was a crushing blow. Shays boyfriend disappeared immediately after he was told that he was going to be a father. Carla 13, was sad and constantly moped around the house. Being a dad with 2 girls, one pregnant and a missing wife put me into a deep depression. But we were going to make it through.

Having no family near us and my job in Pennsylvania was worse. The funeral was short and the driver is awaiting his sentence. I hope he gets life.

My wife was Cuban and right at 5’and very petite and just like my girls Cheyene is 4’10 and Carla is 4’5. They both have dark straight shinny hair and a tan complexion. Beautiful girls.
I am a tall American at 6’1’ Caucasian. When my wife and I would travel ppl. thought she was my daughter.

Here is the tough part. Being so small the women in my wife’s family had “The Curse”. It was a tightening of the abdominal muscles during the first 4 months after pregnancy. With both of our children I had to massage my wife. Hot baths and massage technique is traditionally done by the husband or mother to help with the pain. And the pain can get intense. “How am I going to explain this to the girls?”

“Dad, I’m scared,” said Shay

I look up to see my daughter in her sweats and thin tshirt. I never have notice how much her Dark nipple showed thru. With her telling me she was pregnant, somehow took here from a girl, my girl, to a sexual being.

“What’s up baby,”sitting up in the chair in the family room watching TV.

“I have just started some cramping in this area.” Pointing at her belly area,”mom told me about this curse thing when we have babies when we had ‘The Talk.”

“Well, first off let’s bring your sister in, I am going to need her to help. Maybe it’s because your younger but moms symptoms didn’t start until almost one month had gone by”

“Hi daddy” said my youngest daughter wearing a blue small nylon shorts and a matching tank top. At 4’5” she was tiny for her age

She jumped up on the couch. And faced me as I turned off the TV to give to directions.

“We are going to have to talk about how to help your sister. “

“What’s wrong Shay,” with concerned look in her eyes.

“I have some cramps feelings right here. Making a large circle showing he sister where it hurt.”

My littlest looked at me, “what can we do daddy? “

I explained to both of them as their mother had explained to me, and because of their size and how to help.

“And if you don’t do it the right away it can get bad.”, I said finishing my explanation.

“Ok so what do we do daddy.” said Carla

“First a shower can help with the pain. But to do this part you would have to shower together.”

“That’s ok dad we showered together when we were younger.” said Shay

“We are just bigger now.” said Carla looking at her sisters breasts and then down her body.

“Ok, so what you do is rub the belly with soap and hot water in this area.” I stood up rubbing my belly down to above my cock which was not hard but would start moving up soon.

“So you have to rub from here.” Walking up to Shay in the thin shirt, I place my hands on my daughter rubbing just under her breasts where I could feel the crease of her young breasts “to here” using a circular motion down to where her little pussy would be with the palm of my hand

“The cramping can be from here to here and down here to here.” Pointing at the sides.

“Ohhh daddy that feels so good already don’t stop”.

From the heat under her breasts to the flat spot on her mound I rubbed and for that I started to get a rise. My 7” cock was getting hard as I was touching my daughter. “This has to be wrong.” I thought, I am her father and she is in pain and needs my help.

“OK, Carla you try.”

Carla started to rub in a circular motion over her shirt, but her circle was bigger from occasionally rubbing her breast and lower between her legs.

“You have to press a lot harder,”urged Shay, “Ahhh that’s better. “

The appreciation from her sister made Carla smile. And she continued to rub.

“Ok that’s when the muscles are not too tight.” Shay and Carla looking at me intently.

“Now, the second method always works.”

“Come sit over here” I directed my oldest petite daughter.

”Carla stand beside me. “

“Right after the shower you move to the bed. For explanation we can use the couch. First you have to lay on your back.” Looking to Shay

Shay laid on the couch with her back on the seat and her head pressed into the seat cushions. “Now you have to put your feet on the edge of the couch. And bend at the knees wide enough for your sister to stand in between and rub.”

As she started to pick up her feet here knees tightened against the fabric of the sweat pants.

“Dad this is wide like when mom took me to the obgyn.” As she continued shifting her weight.

Exactly sweetie but your feet have to be closer to you butt. Also on the edge of a high bed it’s easier.

Dad, “I can’t do this, the pants are to tight. “

“You might as well take them of. This is kind of a medical procedure anyway.”

Carla spoke up emphatically, ”but dad she will be in her panties.”

“I know Carla, this is for medical only. If you weren’t in your nylon shorts I would have you in your panties too because being close to your sister between her legs material so close can really chafe her thighs during the massage. Remember this is done right after you shower. “

“That makes sense.” My daughter barely to the height at my hip.

Up in a flash Shay jumps and got rid of her sweats. Laying back down I was surprised to see her sheer panties. Well if you could call them that, but they were almost clear leaving nothing to the imagination.

Carla and I said nothing with her sister‘s legs up, next to her feet, next to her butt and her back and head on the couch. You could clearly see her puffy lips and into her vagina. There was wetness easily seen around the opening and with no hair to be seen, the clit was prominently displayed. It was so sexy, my daughter, my youngest daughter and I there to see it all.

My cock now hardened fully erect and if not for my baggy shorts have been seen easily and would’ve been a conversation I didn’t want to have right now.

“OK Carla,” I said as I moved for her to slide in between her sister‘s legs for the first time.

“This is the technique, it always works and removes all of the pain if done correctly. First off Shay, lift up your shirt to right underneath your chest and exposing all of your belly.”

“This is funny, I should’ve wore a half shirt” said Shay

“Okay dad” as Carla slid in between her sister thighs. With such a low couch Carla’s waist and pelvis was slightly above her sister pussy. Leaning forward they could have grinded together.

“OK Carla follow my directions first, Shay put your hands behind your head.”

“This is relaxing dad.”

“That’s the point honey.”

“OK Carla put your hands on the outside of her hips.”

“Like this daddy?”

“That’s perfect sweetie now slide your hands along her side up to right beside her breasts.“

I caught my breath as Carla had shifted the shirt near his sisters breasts.

“Ok dad got it now what?”

“Take both hands and with your thumbs leading, slide your hands together underneath her breasts never losing contact”

“OK daddy now?”

“Now take both hands rub them down her belly to as low as you can go without going under her”

Carla was watching her hands do this step-by-step ministration to her sister. She watched her hands as they went down the center leading with her thumbs as it was explained. When she got to the bottom her fingers were beside the lips of her sisters pussy we could both see easily.

“Great job now leading with your fingers follow her hip bones and go back to the original position.”

“Daddy that felt so good exclaimed Shay” For the moment she was rubbing all the pain went away.”

“Daddy that was so easy, I made my sister feel better. “

“Yes you did honey,” sharing her pride and excitement.

“Dad, the pain is coming back now,” said Shay.

Carla grabbed her sister‘s hand as she stood up and walked her to the bathroom.

“Carla” I said as she was walking away, “if you have to go to the bed to help your sister make sure you bring plenty of baby oil because the repetitive motion will cause your sisters skin to chafe and cause a burning sensation on her skin.”

“It’s OK dad I got this” she said.

And away my pregnant 16 year old daughter‘s with 13 year old Carla to help her big sister.

“Wow,” I said to myself out loud and then thinking, “That’s going to be really hard for this family for the next few months. With all the pain my daughter is going to have to endure and her sister rubbing her naked in the bathroom and in the bedroom. Just the thought I may need to go grab some baby oil for myself and stroke this cock. Even pregnant my daughter is so sexy.

Leaving the family room I went by the bathroom an I could hear the water being started for the shower. I heard Clara helping her sister.

“Ok now let’s get in the shower. So we can start the process and I can help you. “ Clara said with concern. “We can do this together.” The thought of both of them naked together and one touching the other was to much.

Standing by the door I heard Shay start to make humming sounds as Clara obviously had started her shower massage. I continued onto my king size bed imagining what was going on behind the door.

My imagination went rapid while just the other side of the wall in the shower one sister was helping the other.

This was the only thing I could do, it wouldn’t be appropriate if I was the one that was rubbing her, this is why this job traditionally fell to the husband or the mother. I was neither, and it was not my place.

I stroked my cock hard pulling it for everything it was worth, the baby oil allowing enough friction to build an orgasm, but not so much it induced pain while I stroked my thick cock. Thinking about my daughters, both of them, one rubbing the other completely naked in the shower. My imagination ran in all kinds of directions.

The shower stopped.

It was now my turn. Long ropes of jizz came out of my cock I was so excited it was almost electric the feeling within my body and the sensation of orgasm having been only a short time since sex with my wife.

The orgasm was great and even though it might be the only time I would get to see my older daughter so close to naked, in her shear panties and breast covered with so little. The picture was there for ever.

Getting in the shower I washed and relaxed to the afterglow of the orgasm I had just had. Alone in my erotic thoughts.

Bang bang bang, what’s that sound thought? Again I hear bang bang bang.
“Dad, dad hurry I need help obviously it was Clara‘s voice.”

Somethings wrong, father mode activated, quick turn off water, grab towel wrap on waist. I open the door quickly and in front of me was Clara standing only in a fluffy pink towel, my waist high almost elven and barefoot daughter with wetness still in her hair from her shower.

“Dad, it’s not working. I put her on the bed as you said, I used plenty of baby oil like you said and it’s still hurting. I think im too short, follow me fast.”

Obviously there was a problem Claras breathlessness and hurried attitude had me following her down the hall to Shays bedroom.

Opening the door there she is practically crying. Lying on the bed with her knees up just as i had shown Clara. Except now with a towel covering down her front and between her legs.

“Daddy it hurts so bad I can’t take it. It hurts right here.”pointing at the towel and circling from her covered breasts to her upper legs.

“Daddy do something.” cried out Clara “she is in pain daddy.”

I gently consoled her by standing partially between her legs and rubbing her belly over her towel.

“Sweetie to help we need more baby oil and you’ll have to lift up your towel. You can leave your breast covered, but your lower area will have to be exposed.” I explained.

“Daddy, it’s like a medical treatment you said. I don’t care! I don’t care. The pain the pain is too bad. Please help me daddy.”

With Clara right beside me I slowly lifted the towel to see my daughter in the most beautiful way. There she was, her beautiful naked flower expose to me. As I moved my much wider hips between her knees she spread her legs even wider showing me an even deeper view of her pussy, her puffy lips, beautifully exposed to clitoris and the opening of her sweet wet vagina. It was shiny and glistening. The smell and the feeling of sex filled the room.

Clara watched my hands moving the towel ever higher as I was preparing to stop just below the crease of her young breasts.

“Daddy, daddy you have to remove your towel, you won’t be able to do it unless you move your towel.” Clara repeated.

“Baby I shouldn’t do that It’s much too inappropriate”

“But daddy you said it would hurt her even more I don’t want her hurt, She’s already in enough pain as is.”

In order to keep some form of the decorum and even though I heard what she said I decided it would be best if I kept my towel wrapped tightly around my waist.

With my project laid out in front of me and I reached out to Clara for the bottle of baby oil. Seeing that my daughter‘s waist and belly had plenty of oil and the area low and just above her lips were dry and red from her sisters application.

With Shays face still wrything from the pain, I said “Clara we need more oil.”

“That’s not enough?“ said Clara

“She must be shiny all over” I reply

With the bottle now in my hand I begin to lubricate my daughter‘s belly and her upper hips right above her cleft.

With Clara watching closely I grabbed my daughter’s hips and moved my waist even closer to center my weight to be able to push down. Her heels tightly in the crack of where her ass cheeks started and her legs parted wider to allow rooms for my hips, her father’s hips. Slowly and firmly I started working my hands up the side of my young daughters shape with my hands reaching forward as I crossed under her young breasts. Exactly as I showed Clara just moments ago, my hand slid down the center of Shays belly and down to just above the spot where I just place the oil. My hands looked large compared to the smaller size of my daughter. Sliding my fingertips back over the creases on her upper leg I set my hands equally again on her hips. Again I went up slid under my daughter’s breast and down to the center picking up the speed and ensuring there was enough oil to be spread across her body.

As I already knew would happen and with the motion of my hands, my loose towel began to slip but was firmly hooked by the erection that was underneath. The outline was clearly visible at the stopping point of the massage and was resting on Shays pussy cleft. Clara and I looked briefly at one another and said nothing.

Again I applied the same motion up, across, down and over.

“Daddy, that feels so good,” said Shay as I continued making the rotation with my hands.

Up across down and over with my firm grip my thumb and palm providing even pressure across the flesh of my pregnant 16 year old daughter.

Clara said “daddy, it’s working it’s working” Shays face began to change in appearance as I applied the pressure in the circular motion. I stopped briefly to adjust my towel gently touching the top of my erection just below.

“Daddy, don’t stop,” said Shay, “please don’t stop, it feels good.”

Turn after turn of my hands as I was coming down from underneath the covered breasts of my daughter, my thumbs began to slowly penetrate her crease and slide back a crossed her legs. Unable to stop circling her body and with the rhythm set, my thumbs continued to go lower and lower as Clara looked on.

Side by side my thumbs seperated further her already open sex until my thumbs lightly rubbed on both sides of her clitoris. Time and time again.

“Daddy that feels so good, don’t stop please don’t stop.” Without surprise my towel slowly fell away exposing myself to my 13-year-old daughter. My erect penis 7” inches topped off with its large head in plain view and a towel now resting at my feet. With every rotation of my hands my thumbs spread deeper and lower exposing underneath the hood of her Shays clitoris. And my cock laying naked and my palms touching it’s hardness while stroking my daughters clit.

“Daddy you didn’t say I had to do that” but “I see how it makes her feel.”

“More baby oil,” I said looking at Clara‘s eyes who continue to look at my face down to my penis and over to her sister‘s face as round after round of my massage work deep into my daughters core

“Claire, put it right there” pointing to my penis with a shake of my head, dry from its recent shower and covering underneath the Teri towel. “Put some there I said.”

“Clara put oil on my hard penis and rub it in” I said.

“Clara looked at me with surprise you want me to rub it in there? “ she said “on your cock?”

Surprised at my13year old using such a word, “Yes baby,” I said “touch your daddies cock and rub the oil into the skin. I will show you why when you’re done.

Claire’s small hands grabbed the base of my penis next to my waist and pulled across the length to the head.

“Like that daddy she said? Do you want me to slide it up and down like this.”

“Yes baby I need plenty of oil, you need to pull on it over and over.”
The sensation of my my own young daughter stroking my cock was almost pushing me over the edge. “Daddy,“she said, “It’s so hard and so soft.” This whole time I was continually rubbing in circles but finding my hands going ever higher towards my daughters covered breasts.

It would have been quite a scene if someone walked in. Here my tiny daughter naked on her back. With her knees in the air. Her large father naked in between her legs rubbing oils over her body and stroking the sides of her clit and with his thumbs, while his even smaller daughter was stroking the length of her fathers hard cock above the vagina of his reclined pregnant daughter. Wow.

Continuing, my hands slowly made their way underneath the towel to feel my daughters erect nipples and then back down with my hands spending moments on her in gorged pleasure zone.
“That’s perfect just like that” I said to Clara as she was continually stroking my penis and feeling the sensations and the heat it was in her palms. She looked closely as the veins were rising in her hands and she squeezed tightly each time she got to the head of my cock.

“OMG Dad it so hard and hot.”

“Hold it down, push it down to where my thumbs are crossing. As i dipped down through my daughters lips once again.”

“You want me to put it against her pussy daddy?”

“Yes, press it down firmly so I can move”

Looking to my right where Clara stood’ I saw that the towel that she had wrapped around her chest and her body had fallen to her feet. Her tiny nipples were exposed and she was rubbing my penis. With her other hand she was reaching into her own very small pussy and rubbing oil on her self. I could barely make out the inside from the tight lips that wrapped her fingers.

I started moving my hips back-and-forth in a motion with Clara holding down the length of my penis as I dragged my hardness across my daughter, still circling with my hands on her torso.

The towel that once covered Shays round breast now completely removed and pushed to the side. I was now able to see, squeeze and pinch her beautiful brown nipples with small teenage areola.

This is nothing like I have ever felt before in my life. My own children as a helpers, to solve the issue with pain and the other was sliding her hand over the top of my penis with the bottom of it rubbing into the wetness that is her tiny sister

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy this feels so good the pain is gone daddy it feels so good don’t stop don’t stop I feel something I feel something deep daddy” said Shay.

Her hands still laced behind her head, her breathing quick and rapid. My hands were still spinning around my daughters body at a quicker and quicker pace as my hips slide my sick deeper along the length of my daughters beautiful quim, my balls slid tight near her pot and were warm and wet from the experience.

The next stroke i pulled back to far,I pulled back to where the head of my penis begin to enter my pregnant daughter. Her hot tight pussy easily allowed the head of my cock to enter. I quickly pulled it out and continued the rubbing with Carla still holding it down.

“Daddy you almost went inside of her, I saw the head of your penis was entering her, that was sooo sexy, ”said my tiniest girl.

“I know baby, I slipped, I pulled back too far.”

Still making the continuous circles from my daughters waist to her breasts her nipples and then again down toward my thumbs touched my penis and ran directly into Clara‘s hands I continued moving.

“Daddy, do that again” exclaimed Shay. “Clara push it down again, it’s so slippery and wet it feels so good. I’m so hot I need it inside”

Without so much of a pause, my last straw, I slid back further as Claras hand circled my cock and guided me to penetrate her sister, my pregnant daughter.

Clara watched intently as I slowly inching my way into the warm envelope that laid in front of me. My hands continuing to rub circles stopping for longer and longer times squeezing and stimulating my daughter is an erect nipples.

“Yes daddy like that fill me, fill me with your hard cock all the way.”

Clara watched as I buried myself deep within her sisters pussy. Surprised at how easily I entered. It was so tight and slick, so velvety smooth. I ran the length of her pussy until I hit the back. Totally engulfed I pressed it deep hitting her cervix and the entrance to her womb where my grand child had just started forming.
“Yes daddy, yes move, move inside of me I want to feel all of you, all of you.”

Harder and faster I pressed my cock into my daughter as sweat started to form on her lip. Stopping the massage I eased down and kissed my daughter deep with my tongue in her little mouth a a humming sound was deep with in her soul.

Lifting her legs now under my shoulders I slowed the stroke to deep and long filling her completely. I felt my daughter began to shake as her pussy grabbed tightly at the invader inside, her fathers cock penetrating over and over in meaningful strokes.

Time after time I felt the head of my cock bang the thick cervix of my daughter as she relaxed and enjoying the sensation.

I looked around the room while I was stroking deep inside of my daughter and felt a foot touch my hip. Clara now sitting across the bed face up, one foot on my hip and one near her sisters shoulder, watching me enter and exit her sister. As I watched her littlest pussy accepting her fingers as she doug deeply into it. Her tiniest clit needing attention so badly my mouth want to eat her, but for some other time. I could eat and suck her small body from pussy to ass in one bite. Her small breasts were massaged over and over with her free hand with pinched her nipple. With intensity, her hand kept in tempo with hard strokes of lust I was giving her sister.

Then it happened, as it needed to, as I wanted it to, the carnal delight of my daughters sharing this moment together with me was unexplainable as I began to shake with my daughter in bliss. In and out, in and out, harder and harder, faster and faster until all the way in to the furthest part of her womb. I my cock laid tightly against her cervix dropping my fatherly love deep inside. Rope after rope of hot cum filled her pussy and the entrance of her womb. If she wasn’t already pregnant, she would’ve been by her father.

Shay stopped moaning in her ecstasy and froze before her body shook with unending vibrations that I could feel it deep in my waist and in my soul. Her fingers grabbed my ass and pulled me even deeper. Convulsing with her breath ragged and stopping.

There was no care that her dad was filling her inside, as I could see my cum slicked cock still deep in side her luscious body.

“Daddy,”said Clara “you’re coming, you’re coming into your daughter, it’s so sexy the way you guys are feeling each other”

I heard Clara take in a sharp breath as she started to enjoy her peak and came along with her father and her sister. The smell of sex and release filled the room. It was amazing.

Once our orgasms subsided all we could do is smile while trying to catch our breath. We laughed at the relief of the pain from Shay, the sweat beading up on everyone’s face that’s was now glistening and the new bond we now shared.

My daughters and I started a new exciting sexual relationship that night, and it was “going to be tough” but we will find a way as a family to make it.

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