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Sarah’s birthday party part 2

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A few more hours pass of drinking with the parents and watching all the kids playing in the pool. Sarah climbs on her friend Courtney’s shoulders and Melinda is sitting on some other girl’s shoulders. Standing in the shallow end of the pool. Trying to knock each other off into the water. This seemed to be their favorite game all day.
Everyone except the girls that are having the sleepover leave before the sun starts to go down. Soon after saying goodbye to the last of the guests , Sarah runs in from the pool and asks her Mother “ Mom, can me and my friends have a wine cooler. Now that all the parents are gone.” Amy hesitates for a second but answers. “ ummm sure sweetie, just tell your friends to keep it between you girls. I don’t want Melinda’s mom calling me piss off because I let her daughter drink. “ . “ ok Mom, don’t worry they won’t say anything” Sarah says and she turns and runs back out the door. Yelling “ she said it’s ok” to her friends, running to the cooler they huddle around it each choosing a flavor.
Me and Amy clean up inside and watch the girls through the windows. The 3 of them laying out in a row on the lounge chairs next to the pool. Drinking their wine coolers and soaking up the sun as it dips lower towards the horizon.
As the sun starts to set, I open up my liquor cabinet and mix together 5 pink cosmos. Served in martini glasses with a little orange peel garnish to make them look extra fancy. Me and Amy walk the drinks out to the girl’s. The 3 of them still laying out on the lounge chairs watching the sunset. As we walk up. I check out the buffet of cute little girls laying out in front of me. I take the time to ogle all 3 while their bodies are on display for me. Sarah is the prettiest, her perfect little body, flat tummy, with a little round bubble butt. Her white swimsuit slightly see through . Melinda is a little ginger girl. Skinnier and shorter than Sarah. Wearing a yellow bikini. Not even an A cup. But her growing buds push her tits against the thin small bikini top showing her pointy nipples. As I walk up. Melinda’s bikini bottom makes a little bridge. I can see her little mound. With a small amount of bright red hair teasing me. Courtney , a little thicker than her friends but in a cute baby fat kinda way. Wearing a one piece swimsuit that fits very tight and laying out on the chair her camel toe is sliding up enough for me to see the edges of her fat pussy lips at the edge of her swimsuits crotch .
“Here girls I made us all cocktails for sunset. “ the girls sit up and say thank you as Me and Amy hand out there drinks. Amy holds her glass out and says “ Cheers girls, and happy birthday Sarah. “ we all clink our glasses and take a sip. “ Was the party as fun as you thought it would be” Amy asks Sarah. “ oh my god, yes. I had the best birthday ever! “ I sit in a chair next to Sarah . Looking out at the red glowing sky in front of me and say “ it’s not over yet , I’m ready to drink and party all night! “ . “ do we get to drink all night too” Courtney asks in a whiny pouty voice. I respond “ Well ya , I don’t want to party all by myself “ Amy adding “ just tonight, for Sarah’s birthday . ok girls. “ “ ok Mom” Sarah responds. “ and this is a secret party, what happens at the pool party stays at the pool party “ I say , and Amy reiterates to the girls . “ ya girls , Jason is taking a big risk letting you drink at his house. Don’t fuck it up” the girls all laugh right before confirming. “ we wont tell anyone, we promise“ they all say in unison.
We finish our cocktails right about the same time the sun disappeared. The light dimming as the stars and full moon start to come out. I go inside to make us another round of drinks. I’m just getting started with the glasses and all the ingredients out. when I hear the sliding glass door open. I look back to see Courtney coming into the house shutting the door behind her. She walks straight up to me asking “ can I help“ . She asks. Flirting , laughing and talking while I talk her through making the drinks . Letting her do all the mixing and pouring. I just tell her what to do. When we are getting ready to take the drinks back out, Courtney asks “ ummm , can we smoke agin?” “ hell ya we can” I answer and open up a drawer next to the mini bar filled with packs of joints and blunts and jars of weed and some other drugs like mushroom chocolates and some pill containers. I grab 2 big fat blunts to bring out with the drinks.
Courtney looks in the drawer and says “ holly shit is that all weed” . “ not just weed” . I answer. “Wow I need to hang out with you more often” she responds enthusiastically. “ anytime you want” I say with a guilty flirty smirk on my face. We head back out to the patio. Walking up to the girls, still sitting by the pool in the dark talking. I turn on the pool lights so we can see better. Hand out drinks and ask “ does everyone want to smoke?” Holding up the blunts. “I DO” Sarah quickly say’s before looking over at her mother’s reaction . Amy smiles and says “ it’s your birthday “ in an approving tone. I light one and pass it before immediately lighting the second one so we have two rotating around the group. Everyone participates. Melinda was the only hesitant one. Until Sarah said “ come on it’s my birthday” pier pressuring her.
We sit and pass the blunts around and drink until they’re both gone. I collect everyone’s glasses and announce that I am going to go make more. Sarah asks me as I’m walking away. “ can we take the cover off the hot tub. “ “ yes of course you can” I answer.
I switch up the drinks, margaritas in the hot tub sounds amazing. I find some large glasses and start mixing. Before I head back out I change into some swim shorts. I come out to the patio with a tray of margaritas barefoot and shirtless. Just wearing swim shorts. I’m 5’10” 170 lbs . A Full beard , trimmed and well groomed, hairy chest, Green eyes, and muscular. All the girls are in the hot tub already. the Giggles and talking really loud tells me everyone is feeling amazing, and having a great time. As I approach Amy starts cat calling aimed towards me. Amy saying “ wooooo finally the shirt comes off “ Courtney adding “ ya I’ve been waiting all day” then hiding her face in embarrassment at her outburst. The other 2 giggling and hollering. I hand out the drinks and step down into the below ground level hot tub. We all have a great time talking and laughing, Drinking down our margaritas. Amy , eventually throws this curve ball into the conversation. Challenging the 3 girls to go skinny dipping
Saying “ if I was a young girl at a pool party drinking all night I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to go skinny dipping , come on how often do you get to skinny dip in a awesome pool. “ The girls all responding in the same way . Looking at each other and saying “ I’ll do it if you do it” after a few more words of encouragement from Mom, Sarah reaches under the water and pulls off her swimsuit bottoms then her top and drops them on the ground next to the hot tub. The bubbles from the hot tub hiding a lot of her body, except her perky breast on complete display. And they looked amazing. Little nipple pointed up. Her friends quickly followed her lead and did the same. Courtney’s full B cup chest contrasted by Melinda’s flat barely budding breast . The girls then suddenly and at the same time . Turn around and climb out of the hot tub. Me and Amy looking up at flashes of cunts and asses popping out of the hot tub running and jumping into the deep end of the pool. As the 3 young girls swim , Amy and i start kissing and making out in the hot tub. Under the water I pull her bikini bottom crotch to the side and slide my fingers into her slit. She moans and bites my shoulder while I work her pussy with my fingers. Sliding in and out flicking her bean. We almost lose ourselves in the moment when Courtney yells out. “Jason come swim with us, we are going to have a pool battle and you’re on my team.” We break our kiss and I respond “ a pool battle? What’s that?” She answers “ come on I’ll show you. Amy whispers in my ear “that girl has such a crush on you” she reaches her hand down fondling my cock and adding“ I wonder if she could handle it?” We look each other in the eyes , with a grin on my face I say. “ I might try to find out. “ Amy gasp and then smiles and tugs on my cock under the water. Courtney yells out agin “ come on” I answer “ ok , ok I’m coming “ I pull myself up out of the hot tub and walk towards the pool. Amy yells from the hot tub. “ no swim suits in the pool” the girls giggle and agree adding “ ya, no swim suits. It’s a new rule. “ not wanting to wear it in the pool with these naked cuties anyways. I stand at the edge of the pool and untie the draw string holding up my shorts. Then I let them fall and step out of them. The girls suddenly speechless. My soft but chubbed up cock hanging out for them to study. After I few seconds I dive into the pool head first swim down under the 3 girls while they tread water . I grab at their feet and legs pulling them down. They swim away and I chase them to the shallow end. Courtney explains that she is going to climb on my shoulders and Sarah will climb on Melinda’s and we will see who can knock the other one off. Amy watches from the hot tub, I can tell by looking at her, she is playing with her pussy under the water in the hot tub watching all of us play. Sarah gets behind Melinda. Melinda crouches down and Sarah climbs up onto her shoulders. Courtney puts her hands on my shoulders and pulls herself up my back. I feel her slippery body slide up . She gets one leg up and then the other . I grab her legs with my hands to stabilize her. I feel her naked pussy lips on the back of my neck. We battled and play together in the pool for awhile . Eventually we all start to settle down a little. I get everyone new drinks. Sarah and Melinda go get back into the hot tub with Amy. Courtney and i stay in the pool. She swims up to me where I can stand but she can’t. She grabs my shoulders to hold herself up. Her body rest against mine. Her breast against my chest. My cock flops against her over and over as we bob in the water. We talk and flirt. Far enough from the group not to be heard . I reach down and take her legs and bring them up and wrap them around my waist. Putting my arms around and cupping her ass and holding her up. She puts her arms around my neck and looks in my eyes. I lean forward and kiss her. we look at each other agin. She asks “ is that ok” “yes, nobody saw don’t worry “ she smiles . I add “you are so pretty I couldn’t help myself “ she giggles. “ stop it, I am not “ “ oh yes you are” I say. my cock growing and raising up . I adjust her so her pussy lips are right around my shaft. Grabbing her ass I move her up and down. Grinding her pussy into my hard cock. Telling her “shhhhhhh quite” when she starts to moan. Hoping everyone else is to drunk and high to notice I keep teasing this little girls cunt with my cock. Thinking the rest of the girls are preoccupied with their conversation in the hot tub. I pull her ass up with one hand and reach down with the other to position the head of my cock at her tight little opening. She gasps and says in a stuttering voice. “ I’ve never” I whisper back “that’s ok” while I pull her ass down. Pushing my cock inside her stretching open her little cunt . She lets out a loud yelp before catching herself. Amy yells out “are you ok?” We stop moving staying still with my cock buried deep inside her. Courtney responds “ yes I’m ok” and everyone continues with their conversation . We don’t speak she just holds me with her arms around my neck. my hands on her ass moving her up and down on my cock. I continually look over at the girls in the hot tub. The only one looking back ever was Amy. Me and Amy make eye contact several times while I slide Courtney up and down on my cock. My cock throbs and pressure builds. I don’t give Courtney any warning, shooting stream after stream of cum into her little cunt. Then after a couple minutes to cool down I take her to the hot tub where we join the others for another drink before we all head inside to continue the party. The 3 little girls go to put on their pajamas and Amy pulls me into the bathroom. Locks the door behind us. Looks me in the eye and asks “ did you just fuck that little girl “ not sure if it turned her on or if she’s going to freak out. I answer “yes!” hoping Amy really is the girl I’ve been looking for my whole life. Her eyes get wide “ oh my god, can I taste her on you. “ she drops down to her knees and aggressively starts sucking on my cock. Licking my balls. Looking up at “ daddy the pool washed your cock clean.” Giving me a sad pouty look . “Do you think she will do it agin?” She asks . Looking down at my horny perverted girlfriend. “ oh yes she will” I say with a smile before asking “ do you want to get these girls real fuckered up tonight and see what happens?” She answers “ MMMMM YES PLEASE”

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    I loved the story, I especially loved all the girls walking around naked, I wouldn’t mind seeing more scenarios like this… perhaps he takes the girls out to the beach but it turns out that it’s a “topless” beach. Or eventually, once he gets more comfortable with them he’ll visit an adult theatre, where the young girls will dress like strippers complete with make-up in order to look older and not rouse too much suspicion.

  • Reply Kevin ID:1dm441nuj321

    Where did you go. We want more of the birthday partty

    • Jason420 ID:8e646j1wlur

      I’m working on it today. Just haven’t had a chance and wanted to do it right.

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    We want more of this story

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    these stories are great but please get more descriptive with the orgasms, i want the girls to rly want it

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    You hit that out of the park !!! Awesome and can’t wait to see where it goes next.
    Did the trick … catch up with you later!

    Would love to find a Mom like Amy 😈
    Wikr is still the same …

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    WOW, got me hard and leaking

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    Thanks for the comments, I really like hearing from people who like my stories. If you want me to keep writing. Comment on my stories or hit me up on Wickr jason420222. If I don’t respond just keep trying every once in a while. I don’t get messages when I’m not logged in and I delete the app when I’m not using it.

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    Very sexy story. Yes I’m hard. Now it’s Sarah’s turn. She needs some of your sperm in her pussy. No point being on birth control for no reason.

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