My Very Enthusiastic Relationship with My Son

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Well, this is hardly a story, but it’s the description of my incestuous love life with my son.

Straight off the top, I’m old, fat, and ugly. Sorry if that’s a turn-off, but it’s part of the point. Despite myself, my son has a sexual appetite, for me, unmatched in any animal wild or domestic. He fucks me beautifully. You might accuse him of desperation. He’s a bit pudgy, but I think he’s handsome. He’s no movie star looker but he can get girls. He does get girls. More than once I’ve seen him walk one of his little girlfriends to the door in the morning and before she’s closed the door on her Uber, he is ravaging me. I mean he’s gliding in and out of my pussy with the same tool that just went to work on some young thing. Sure, his girls are a little plump too, but they’re cute. It makes his lust for me so much more satisfying and gratifying. It’s like I’m competing with all these other younger women and winning. Why, the first time he brought home another girl after we started fucking, I let him do it of course because I’m his mom and I have to let him. But I went to the living room to cry and listen to those fools have sex. She didn’t even stay the night. She left after they were done. Maybe she finished and he didn’t because she drove off and he took me and made long, passionate, cum-spraying love to me that night for 2 goddamn hours. At first I thought it was that he saw my tear tracks that night and just pity fucked me. I’ve learned from time and experience that my son just absolutely has to fucking have me.
I mean, he eats my pussy like it’s cotton candy. Not just the taste but the texture. It’s like he passes through my pussy when he eats it, like it dissolves in front of him, so he pushes forward on me like his head is coming into my womb—right where it started. And I suck his dick the same way. Or I would. I always end up getting passively fucked in my face hole when I try to suck his dick. I was always kind of ambivalent about blow jobs before. And I really didn’t like blowing my ex (his father). But I relish tasting his dick in my mouth. And when he sees me relishing it, he grabs my head and fucks into it. Then, when I succumb to that he starts thrusting just the same as when he seizes my hips and pounds into my pussy. His dick hits me in the back of my throat and it hurts, but now I know that’s the way it has to be. It tenderizes the spot before he’s done. It gives me a sore throat the next day, but it’s not real; it’s not the deed; I mean it’s very much the deed, but it doesn’t feel like it until he takes my head in his big hands and pump-fucks that cock into my head and neck. And, he manscapes, but not all the way. He keeps some pubes on top. So there’s a pad for the front of my face to crash into. And his curlies fill in my nostrils and scent my nose. And that’s the way it HAS to be. He HAS to own my head, I HAVE to have the curled pubes right up my nose and that pecker head HAS to jab hard at the back of my throat. But I will cuss him out if he shoots in my throat. Firstly, that chokes me, and I want to taste it. I’ve got to taste it. When that main load comes in, I work it around on my tongue so I can swallow just half; I have to know it’s in me; I need to know it’s deep inside of me and won’t come out. But I save the other half to taste. It’s so salty and funky. And THICK. And I milk him for the rest of it. His balls HAVE to be dry. My mouth HAS to be full. And I HAVE to be sore in the back of my throat for it to be the deed. Then I roll back and smack his jizz around and around in my mouth, tasting it over and over on every tastebud on my tongue. I have to record it on my camera because that fool rolls back too instead of watching the amazing show I put on for him. But I always show him on camera how I savor that spunk for minutes until it’s starting to lose flavor and my cum-buzz can’t get any higher. Then I swallow that thick goo and it sticks in my throat. I have to gather some saliva and swallow again to get it to go down. My pussy’s a hot, wet mess when I’m all done too. The poor thing doesn’t know it hasn’t been fucked. I often orgasm just from sucking his love pipe and my pussy gets tired from clenching on nothing. So, how would my poor pussy know it never actually got the dick? Some readers will fight me on this, but I don’t like 69. I need all my concentration to deal with the intensity of one-way oral. 69 just wastes so many aspects of the two experiences. And I did my downstairs hairs like his figuring he likes it that way. I try to keep it really smooth, but I leave a pad at the top for him. He plays with my muff with his fingertips. And he rests his nose in my hair while he rests his mouth on my heaven. He doesn’t mind at all that his momma is looking down at him while his nose is full of my pubes and his mouth is full of his momma’s sex. 69 doesn’t allow for eye contact like that.
I guess you’ll expect to know how we got started, but there’s not much story there. No one seduced anyone and it sure as hell wasn’t an accident like someone slipped. Just one night we sat to watch a movie together on the couch and we fucked instead. We’d been having a great night together, but I don’t think I was flirting. I don’t think he was flirting. I’d had taboo fantasies about him. I’ve had all kinds of wrongful fantasies throughout life. I even acted on a couple in my youth. And I project on him that he’s had some errant fantasies about me. And I guess we just had the same feeling at the same time because when we sat close and made contact, that electrical tingly chemical bursting thing happened and we just started making out like—like nothing. Like I said, there was no seduction, no excuses, no apologies, but as soon as that kissing started we both knew we were going to fuck. And so help me Jesus, my son is good at it. Whenever it happens, his hands take me like they need me, like he’s addicted to it. His mouth devours me like he’s starving for my taste. That evening we started ripping off each other clothes and committed delightful, sinful, indulging incest.
And it’s never dried up. He takes my clothes off like he’s dying to see me naked. He drinks in the sight of my unclad pussy like it’s his holy grail. The way he obsesses over my breasts makes me feel like a Playboy playmate. I’d call it a hormone imbalance, but that would sound like complaining. When you look at me, you wouldn’t get it, but if you could see the sexual appetite he has, it might kinda make sense to you. He still plays with my bras and panties like a boy who’s never seen a naked girl. I’ve had plenty of overzealous little boyfriends get hyped up on me and squirt early. But even those fools didn’t have this degree of sexual enthusiasm, and my son doesn’t cum too soon. It’s just about fucking right. Fucking right. One of my favorites is my own ankle knocking into my head because that’s where my son put it when he fucked the wits out of me. Or when he bounces his whole weight on top of me, and he grinds it in so everything hurts… Sometimes I swear he’s going to crack my hip and I have to hide the pain because I’m afraid the fucking might be 50% as good if he held back just 5%. Ladies, back me on this: sometimes the right kind of fuck is worth risking a cracked hip, am I right? I started doing yoga so he can fuck me better. God, I love being stretched in every way. My son is the best stretching partner ever. I’m smoothing out too, but I’m not doing yoga that hard. I think he fucked me so hard, he fucked the cellulite off me. And God, he makes me sore in places I never knew of. My ex (his father) used to do jujitsu and he would come home with the most random injuries: bruises and pulls in places where no one gets them. That’s how it is fucking my son. We can’t take a break because I have to maintain my conditioning. I get sore in muscle groups your physician wouldn’t know the name of without looking in his book. And I can’t wait for my next sore spot.
The orgasms are unnaturally right, inexplicable When my son is going to orgasm first (has to happen sometimes), he closes his eyes, rolls his head back, grunts, groans, and lets me have it. That virile unloading inside me is always enough to finish me off. But, if I cum early, he “punishes” me. He keeps fucking me ‘til he’s ready, then he pulls out to cum all over my face. But he doesn’t bring his hips up to get the cum there. He pulls out, drops his balls straight on my pussy, and he shoots for distance. He’s shot me in the mouth, nose, and eyes from that distance. I think I glow when I wash the cum out of my hair in the shower. It shows just how much he loves me and how virile he is. It’s the best punishment I ever had. But his instinct for when we’re cumming at the same time is—divine. If we orgasm at the same time, which is impressively often, then he looks me dead in the eyes and does it. It is hard keeping your eyes open for a bed-rocking orgasm, ladies, but God is it worth it. Your son’s eyes looking straight into your eyes as hot sperm tickles your uterus. And your cervix gulps and gulps to suck in that sperm. And your pussy clenches down on that pulsing, blood-throbbbing, cum-pumping cock of your kin. Incest is the sweetest sin. If you can women, you fuck your boy(s) and look ‘em right in the eyes as he looses his seed inside you. Nothing is like being painted inside by your son’s fuck stick. I’ve fucked lots people I shouldn’t have, bosses, professor, other girl’s men, cheating on my ex-husband. Nothing has been as erotically arousing as fucking my son. But also, no one’s been better at fucking, so it is hard to make an apples-to-apples comparison. Ladies, you may not envy my looks, but I guarantee you’re jealous of how I get fucked. And boys, you can only dream of having the sexual appetite and instincts of my son. Maybe I am youthful, tone, and gorgeous afterall.

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  • Reply Watchdog ID:7n7ejxsed4

    Honestly, the bond between family members who play together is like no other. Lives change over time, but my bond with a younger sister is still as strong as always.

  • Reply Family fun ID:1e7g12tydhle

    I loved your story!! I think it’s very erotic when family members play together!! Add me on Snapchat if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback11

  • Reply Kiddyfucker69 ID:1ef35u8fwkui

    Nice well written story of how mummy and son sex should always be with each other all the time, NO HOLDS BARRED

  • Reply iValid ID:43ybs6rql

    Successful mom/son incest relationships and eye contact at the beginning of the relationship are impossible unless groomed from very young age. If it begin as a teenager/preteen then relationships blurr because mom assert more authority and control playing both roles. It sucks and you will eventually run away from her or implode. Like countless teenagers or men who couldnt get away and they hurt.kill their moms cause the relationship was caustic. I guarantee they all loved it at first. So much love multiplied by love.

  • Reply As ID:15qcguyct0j

    This is hot I wish I had a mom like you that I could fuck