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How my daughters friend raped me and I loved it

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A few months after Sheila had seduced me and my wife. She was all upset about being evicted because when her boyfriend went to jail she couldn’t pay the rent and didn’t have any other place to go. She had been staying over our house every weekend and many weekdays with her 11 year old daughter Betty. Betty was about 4 foot 6 blonde shoulder length hair, slim nice little curvy ass pointy a cup titties with large nipples straining to poke through her shirt. Sheila her mom was a larger version of Betty with bigger tits. My wife asked me if she could move in with us till they could find a place. There was no way I was going to say no to them. I was sleeping with 2 beautiful women on the weekends and now would be every day. My wife was a stay at home mom. They wanted a girls night out which left me watching the kids. I didn’t mind and started getting some much needed rest on their night out. Usually I would wake up in the wee hours of night with 2 drunk horny women wanting to fuck my brains out.
One night I woke up to having my dick sucked. It was dark and I couldn’t see who it was. Before I could tell who it was she stopped. Oh don’t stop I said. The next thing I know, I could feel someone straddling me and sinking their pussy down on my 9 inch cock cock.moaning and grunting as they went. I reached up running my hands up her side when I reached her tits I realized she didn’t have any. She leaned over at the same time and kissed me. Oh God she said it’s so big Christy I don’t know if I can get it all in me.
I tried to push Betty off at first when the lights came on. There stood Christy naked, climbing on the bed don’t stop she said, or we’ll tell our moms you made us. I stopped trying to push Betty off. When Christy said my turn. But I didn’t cum yet Betty said. Do like we saw our moms doing together. Reluctantly Betty said ohhh and scurrying up planted her pussy on my face. I then felt my daughter slowly sinking herself all the way down on me. Their moaning was almost more than I could stand. Suddenly Betty started quivering on my face and with a gush of girl cum mashing my face collapsed on me. Christy was humping me faster and faster. I couldn’t hold back any more and grabbed Christy by the hips and came several spurts deep into her.she said I’m cumming as she ground herself into me. Afterwards she got up and said don’t worry we’re both on the pill. I continued fucking all them for many years to come.

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  • Reply cloudwalker ID:gnrvcvoid

    I would also love it, but damn! This story would’a been so much hotter if it had been wanted longer. Oh, still, it was hot and I did get off

  • Reply Barry ID:1dpc9op9fqan

    I would love to be rAped by a couple of 11 year old girls.