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Dream Life Part 14

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Just a typical day, what could happen…

(Read Part 1 – 13)

With only 9 days till Christmas I decided to take all my daughters to the local town, Alice and Ava have a look in some shops and I take the 10 year old girls to meet Santa, one by one they sit on his lap and tell him what they want except Katie she just stood next to me holding my hand.

After we get home Ashely and Hazel pull me into there room and beg me to fuck them, I then tell them both to strip naked and have Hazel lay on the bed and Ashley sit on her face, I then look at Hazels bald pussy and shove my already hard cock deep inside her, “OH fuck daddy”, Hazel moaned under Ashley, I start thrusting in and out and the room fills with the moans of Hazel and Ashely, as I start thrusting harder I watch Ashley squirt all over Hazels face and seconds later Hazel squirts all over my cock squeezing it tight causing me to dump my load deep inside her underage pussy, All three of us just laid on the bed until Ashley gets on top of me and shoves my cum covered cock into her wet pussy and starts bouncing hard, the room filed with her moans and the sound of my balls slapping her as she bounced, it only took a few seconds to build up and I put my hands on her waits and started slamming my cock into her and came deep inside holding her down while I unload deep inside her young pussy.

After a few minuets I get up and just look at my two 10 year old daughters laying on the bed with cum all over there bald pussy’s, I leave the room and head down stairs and just sit on the sofa until Daisy and holly come snuggle up to me, they both are cute but daisy is 7 and holly is 5, I kiss them both on the lips and just rest there.

Later that day I take Holly and Daisy to there room and check in on Ella and Katie, I open there door and they both are sitting there naked waiting for me, Ella said “Daddy I heard the fun you Ashley and Hazel had please dont forget us”, I just looked at here sexy body’s and couldn’t say no so I walked over and Ella laid down spreading her 10 year old legs, I could see how wet her bald pussy is and couldn’t resist so I slowly pushed my cock into her and listened to her “Oh daddy its so good”, I then started to move fast and saw Katie fingering herself watching me fuck Ella hearing the moans of them both made my cock rock hard and I started pounding Ella little 10 year old cunt until she came causing me to cum deep inside her small womb, I pulled out of Ella and it looked like my cock was still hard to I told Katie to lay down and spread her 10 year old legs and shoved my cock into her and watched her squeal as I started pounding her pussy “Oh fuck yes right there daddy”, hearing Katie call me daddy made me cum right there and then deep inside her, I watched as she had pleasure in her eyes as I filled her up.

The next day Katie comes to me and apologised for calling me daddy to witch I responded if she wants to call me daddy she can, I then kissed her on the lips and she went back to her room, I walks down to the living room and saw Holly and Daisy and had the thought should I do stuff with them or are they too young?…

(This is fiction)

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  • Reply J ID:1eqd5awda2o3

    When’s the next part coming

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y8ra

    Fuck all of those slutty little bitches!

  • Reply Sam ID:by3f52zl

    Fuck Daisy and Holly, cum inside their little wombs

    • BAREPUSE ID:1ah742a5zrj

      I agree put your dick in Hooly and Daisey and fill there little pussey up with your cum.

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Oh verdammt ich liebe deine Geschichten und freue mich auf mehr sie dürfen gerne länger sein und ich bin gespannt wie es mit Holly und Daisy weiter geht

  • Reply Soul ID:1db5xvh24g9p

    Do stuff with Daisy and Holly

  • Reply Badman ID:1yqzgh20c

    A bit uninspired, this part, compared to the earlier ones… hand you constantly write “their room” instead of “their room”.)
    I hope you find inspiration again and remember to proofread.

  • Reply Pregnant fetish ID:60a9y93a8

    I hope Ella and Katie get pregnant at the same time