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Carla pt1

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As I was trying to push my tongue past the tight ring of my 12 year old foster daughters anus, I reflected back on how all of this started.

Tuesday of next week will mark the one-year anniversary of the night I disclosed my deepest secrets to my husband.

We were in bed, he was rubbing my pussy, and I was stroking his cock, when he started kissing down my body. As he went, he told me to tell him my deepest, darkest, forbidden fantasies.

Then his mouth found my vagina, and he brought me to a level of lust I hadn’t been to in a long time.

My husband knew I was bisexual, and had even watched me and joined me, having sex with a couple of my girlfriends.

So while his tongue performed magic tricks on my vagina, I held his head and started to tell him of my desires. Desires that I’ve never shared with anyone.

“Oh God, that feels so good. I’ve always wanted to lick a child’s vagina.” I told Steve. He didn’t stop his tongue action, but he did look up at me with raised eyebrows.

“I want to get a girl around 11 or 12, before she reaches puberty. I want to lick her hairless little pussy and teach her how to get pleasure from her body.” I said, between gasps for air.

“I want to push my tongue into her tight little asshole, while I gently stroke her clitoris.” I told Steve, as I ground my pussy into his face, getting closer and closer to orgasm.

“I want to teach her how to make love to a full grown woman’s vagina, so I can share her with my friends, and I want to teach her how to suck your cock the way you like to be sucked.” I told him.

Just as I finished speaking, my orgasm started. It was incredibly intense, and I was thrusting my hips up and down, smashing my vagina into Steve’s face, giving him a fat lip.

When I finally let go of his head and slumped back down, Steve got up on his knees, his penis was hard. He took it in his hand and began stroking it. It only took five or six strokes before he was squirting his cum all over my belly and vagina.

Then he laid down next to me, completely out of breath. A sheen of sweat covered us both. I don’t remember either of us ever cumming that hard before.

“I can’t get the image of you licking a 12 year old girl’s vagina out of my head.” Steve said, as he slowly stroked his deflating penis.

“Too bad we can’t go to the local park and pick up a 12 year old girl and bring her home for some fun.” I said to him, laughing.

“Yeah, maybe there’s another way.” He said, almost to himself.

“What do you mean by, another way?” I asked him.

“Never mind. Just kind of thinking out loud.” He said, as he got up to jump in the shower. I got up and followed him into the shower. While we were waiting for the water to get warm, I fondled his limp penis.

Once the water was warm enough, we got into the shower. Then we both soaped up and rinsed off. Once we were both free of soap, I dropped to my knees and said to him, “pretend I’m a twelve-year-old girl.” Then I took his penis in my mouth, where he quickly grew hard.

I stopped long enough to say, “think about how exciting it will be, knowing your penis is the first one she’ll ever see. You can teach her how to lick around the head of your penis, before she takes it in her mouth.”

Now, Steve and I had been married for three years and dated for two before that. To say I was familiar with his hard cock would be an understatement. But, of all the hard-ons he ever got, that he shared with me, he was never as hard as he was right now.

His penis normally had a little flexibility in it when he was erect, but right now, it had none. It was like rebar. That’s when I knew we were truly soulmates.

Done with our shower, and totally fucked out, we decided to go to sleep. The next morning when we woke up, we both admitted to dreaming about having a young prepubescent child in our bed.

That evening, when I got home from work, Steve was already home. Normally he got home about an hour after me, so I was a little surprised to see him.

I walked in the house to see a bunch of literature about fostering a child on the kitchen table. Steve was sitting there with a big smile on his face, his penis was poking out of his zipper and he was masturbating.

“I found a way for us to get a young girl.” Steve told me. He never even slowed down on his stroking.

“I see.” I said, as I looked at some of the literature, then at him stroking his penis.

As I read through the literature, I began to realize he was right. If we fostered a little girl, that would give us time to get to know her and determine if she would be open to playing around.

So we sat down, and completed the application. The next day, Steve took it to the Administration office and submitted it. Apparently, there was a big need for foster parents. Within a week we were called in for an interview.

We told them we felt we might be better at parenting an older child, as we had no experience with young children.

Then all of our prayers were answered, when we were asked to foster Carla. Carla is an 11 year old black girl. Her parents were killed in a car crash, and there was no other family.

We quickly accepted, and then made arrangements for her to join our family. We had to go out and buy a whole bedroom set for her. Then we set it all up in one of the spare bedrooms we have.

Two days later, Carla moved in. She was just under 5 feet, and hadn’t started to mature yet. She has an absolutely beautiful face, and a big welcoming smile. She had the darkest skin I’ve ever seen, and it was completely flawless. She was absolutely beautiful.

Carla’s parents were very religious, and kept her sheltered from normal things kids her age would be exposed to. She was very naive. That made her even more desirable.

Steve and I discussed the best way to go about this, and we decided to wait a couple of months before we made any advances. We didn’t want to freak her out, and with her level of naivety, we needed to go slow.

We spent the first few weeks getting to know each other. Carla was a sweet child. Kind, generous, thoughtful of others.

Once she had been with us for a couple of months, and was feeling comfortable in the house, Steve and I started to make plans. We decided to start with her “catching” us in various stages of undress.

The first time was when Carla and I were home alone, Steve hadn’t come home from work yet. We were going to go out to eat that night, to celebrate a promotion Steve just got at work.

I was in the bedroom getting ready, when I called Carla in to help me select a dress. I only had on my bra and panties when she came in the room, and she stopped short at first, the look of an intruder on her face.

“I need help picking out a dress hon.” I said to her, ignoring her discomfort. “What do you think, the green one or the blue one? I asked, as I held each one up in front of me.

“I like the blue one.” She replied.

“You know what, I like that one too. It pushes my boobs up, and makes them look bigger than they are.” I said to her as I giggled. That caused her to let out a little giggle as well.

Then, as she was standing there looking at me, I reached behind me and unclasped my bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her eyes got as big as dinner plates, as she stared at my bare breasts.

The cold air in the room made my nipples stand up, and I placed my hands underneath them and said to her, “see, my boobies are little.”

“Here, help me put the dress on.” I told her, as I turned around and started to pull it over my head. Once it was in place, Carla zipped up the back and I turned back around to face her.

“So, how do my boobies look?” I asked her, smiling.

“Ah, well, they look nice.” She replied, awkwardly.

“Good. Steve loves my boobies. Just wait until you grow boobs, and see how much control you have over the boys. They will all want to play with your boobies, and they’ll do anything for the opportunity.” I told her.

“Do you think my boobs will grow soon?” She asked me innocently.

“Well, mine started growing when I was about your age, so probably pretty soon now.” I told her. “Here, there’s a test we can do to see if your boobs are ready to grow.”

I reached to her waist, and took the bottom of her T-shirt and lifted it up to expose her nipples. The color of her nipples was almost the same shade as her skin, but just a little darker. I lightly ran my thumb over one, and it stiffened. I did the same to the other, and it stiffened up nicely too.

“There, you see how your nipples got stiff? Did it feel good when I rubbed them?” I asked her.

“Yes, it did feel good.” She replied.

“That means that you’re going to grow boobs really soon.” I explained to her.

That seemed to satisfy her, because she got a big smile on her face and said, “I can’t wait to have boobs.”

“I bet when your boobs grow in, they will be spectacular.” I told her, giving her a hug.

That night in bed, I told Steve about our little exchange. While I was telling him, I was slowly stroking his penis, and by the time I got to the end of my story, he was squirting his cum all over his chest and belly.

We discussed the next step in our plan, and decided she should see Steve in his underwear.

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