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All the fun at the no tell motel!

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Hey readers, I work the front desk at a motel that sits out in the boonies.i been here about seven years.im not going to say the name of the motel of course.i work different shifts each week.theirs twenty one rooms all on one level.its a older place.ive about seen it all,multiple affairs and meet ups, black guys fucking white married women, lesbian women, gay guys.alot of the regulars come once a week, some will be once a month.i think alot of them found the place looking it up and just thought it was perfect because of it being away from shit.most of the time I know when their here to do the dirty deed,you just know by what they say, how they act, most are repeats like I said.when it’s something I’m into or curious about,I put them in good ole room nineteen, why you ask.because I have cameras in it.i know I’m taking a big fucking risk but their very well hidding and in excellent spots.their again, to protect the motel and myself I cannot say exactly where.next thing you know people will be checking these places Everytime they go to a motel or hotel.i was able to do this because I also do the repairs if needed around the place.something did happen the other day though that I’ve never seen in my whole seven years at the motel.it was Thursday morning to be exact at about 8:35 am.it was slow,we had a few rooms being rented.a very hot wavy haired blonde pulled in the parking lot driving a black mercedes.she parked and sat in her car,about five or so minutes later a young guy pulls in the lot driving a dodge charger,he pulled in next to the blonde where they talked for a few before the guy came in and ask for a room,he must have been in his twenties.i told him,why don’t you take room nineteen that’s available,he said it was his first time their and ask if we had pay by the hour,I told him I sure do,I’ll take three hours he said.i handed him the key and he left,I watched the blonde get out of her car,oh my fucking Lord. What a fucking body, she was wearing a short black skirt,dark brown nylons with black heels.it was his sugar mama or his boss or even a co worker,I’ll soon find out because the cameras were on and I was ready,my heart was pounding,I opened my lap top to watch.when they opened the motel room and locked the door,the lady said did the motel clerk say anything son, no mom I just payed and he gave me the key, I told him three hours mom.holy shit a mom and son,this should be fucking good I thought.the mom took out a small vile and mirror out of her purse along with a straw, a little eye candy hey mom, you better believe it she said as she made a couple small lines on the mirror,she snorted it in and then handed her son the mirror and straw where he snorted a line.the mom then stuck her red nail to her nose and covered one side and snorted a couple more times.the mom removed her skirt and got on the bed leaving her pantyhose and heels on,her son was stripping a mile a minute,he draped his mother’s legs wide and Dove right in, he smashed his face in her crotch,dam.he was looking in his mom’s face running his tongue up and down her whole pussy crotch with such speed and force,he was licking it like a cat would a bowl of milk,holy shit.he stopped and tore the crotch right open,just tore the shit and Dove back in sucking and licking his own mother’s pussy.she was moaning and moaning.watching this shit had my own cock hard as hell,glad things were slow.i love the perks of working here let me tell you.he ravaged her cunt until she came on his face.he buried it home, God did he.that fucking matress creaked as he hit his mom’s pussy deep and with long hard thrust,oh my God, oh my God, his mother just kept saying.his fucking young legs just kept pumping and driving his cock way up his mom’s cunt,the head board banged the matress creaked, that must have been some good coke they snorted,he fucked her sideways, she rode her son’s big cock,I was watching her ride it nice and slow taking his whole cock length deep,looking at the back of her beautiful blonde wavy hair.he fucked the living shit out of his own mom.ive seen it all now,that is all I can say man.nothing shocks or surprises me out here.a mom and son snorting coke and fucking at the no tell motel.another one added to the list.

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    Wow, only 6 comments from this.fuck these people,this shit was hot.im going to get my son to fuck me if it’s the last thing I do.

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    I believe this 100 percent.you would see all kinds of shit go down working at a motel.this was fucking hot,I would love to watch them fuck.

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    Lucky fucker

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    Hot.. 😊

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