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My stepdad fucked me (fiction unfortunately)

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l get fucked by my stepdaddy yayyy hope you enjoy l would really like to make you cum daddies

It was a hot steamy day in Alton TX l skipped school because why would I go to school when it’s extremely hot outside, my stepdad was not wearing anything hes the type of person to believe you should be able to walk around naked in your own house. And thank god he did l get to see his massive black juicy cock bouncing around while he walks sweating from the heat its hypnotizing to look at like its telling me to suck it. l know my stepdad has been starring at my sixteen femboy ass and well its my fault really l started to wear a thong around the house just a thong and l would bend over right where he could see me for example l would “accidentally” drop something bend over while he was cooking, watching TV or playing video games and while bending over l would slowly shake my ass and run my hands over my femboy tight ass. And then just leave l know he hasn’t had sex with my mom in a long time so l thought since I kept teasing him its only right for me to let him fuck my sixteen femboy ass. “Hey daddy can I watch the show with you” l say to him my purple thong out in the open his massive bbc immediately gets hard sweat sliding down his juicy tip, l walk over and place my tight ass on his cock pretending like l can’t feel his cock pressing against my ass wanting to be let in, wanting to pound my ass l turn around facing him his hard cock twitching against my back “daddy please please fuck me please fuck my little tight ass make it yours fill me with your delicious cum” he doesn’t say anything just grabs my ass with his hands picks me up and slams me on his cock “fuckkk daddy ” l scream thankful its just us here he continues to pound my tight ass his juicy cock going in and out l can see the bulge his dick is making from my ass he kisses my lips l open my mouth letting his tongue fuck my mouth over and over again, he pulls out and l turn around getting in doggy position he slaps my ass again and again till my ass is red and covered in hand marks “you don’t know how long l have been waiting to slap your naughty ass” laughing and shaking my ass “well its all yours daddy” that’s all he needed he proceeds to pound my ass making sure that it only fits his delicious cock he starts grunting l could tell his about to cum and he does my stepdad cums inside of my ass filling me up till some of it drips out. “Shit come here slut clean my cock” “yes sir” l say happily to please my daddy l stare at it its so big l start by kissing the tip and slowly sucking it up and down up and down going deeper and deeper he starts to face fuck my mouth he lets my head go and cums all over my horny sixteen face its so yummy.

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  • Reply Sissy rosey ID:5spbi1pd1

    Omg wow you are one lucky slut sissy I am so jealous of you hunny xx

  • Reply MbT ID:1ck78njowllr

    My 2 uncles took me in a room at a family reunion once and fucked my holes till the they shot loads down them. I was 14 at the time and trans my 42 yr old cowboy uncle loved it and had me come over to his house and told his wife I was 18 and we had a threesome she was 40 I started dating them and got a partner of my own. Soon me and his wife were fucking in private and she was 5ft 1 240lb bbw with 48DD and a 40in ass we became slutty as fuck even got gangbanged by BBC

  • Reply KC ID:e6u743zvhmv

    l like giving blowjobs and getting fucked by older horny men

  • Reply 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

    I’ve only molested one boy.I was drunk at a friend’s house and had went toothed alley to piss.After I was done missing I sat on a old telephone pole laying in the tall grass to finish off a joint and noticed this kid walking up.He looked maybe 9yrs old.For some reason I wanted to jackoff in front of him.So I ask him hey if I give you 20bucs will you watch me play with my dick.He at first said no so I said OK 40bucs and he agreed.I had never been attracted to boys this was new.I pulled my cock out started stroking. His mouth was open he was amazed ask me how it felt.I said if I give you 20 more can I show you.He agreed.We went in the old garage ,I pulled his shorts down gave him head toll I felt his little cock throbbing and finished him off stroking his little 3 inch cock.He shot fast quick spurts of cum quivering and shaking.Thats the only cock I’ve ever sucked I still jackoff to that memory .I would love to suck another little boy this time let him cum in my mouth.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Would love your stepdad to ‘punish’ you very hard, you dirty filthy boywhore! And yes, you made this daddy cum!!

    • KC ID:1e6256sot8is

      l want you to punish my tigh ass daddy

    • Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

      You dirty little tease! You deserve a hefty spank across those bumcheeks and then a good rough assraping, boy!!