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Young girl got caught looking and made her move PART 1

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A young girl has sex with an elderly black man

This story begins when i was 13yo. Im Sara im 5 tall and weigh 98 lbs. My tits are nice for my age . Some pubic hair and an over active white pussy. I havent been allowed to date yet. My mother is a nurse . She cares for people that r very ill and are home bound. She visits these people twice a week. He was 10 patients . Five women and 5 men. Spends a few hours a day at each house 6 days a wee. She is a very carring lady and loves her work. Two of her patients are elderly black men. John is 81yo and sick with cancer. Jim is 84yo and has heart trouble. I travel with my mom when school is out oron weekends. She doesnt like leaving me at home by myself .Me being 13 scares her . She was wild at that age and she doesnt know it has rubbed off. I got to know all of her patients . I was really liked the two elderely black men. They both were real sick but put on a happy face for me. I would help my mom with little things . But had to leave the room during certain functions. John the man with cancer stays in bed alot but he still functions with eating and dressing himself. He cant stand for a long time and its dificult for him to bathe himself. So my mom would give him sponge baths. Of course i couldnt be in the room. For my mom it was part of the job and routine for her. On one occasion she was giving John a sponge bath and didnt close the door all the way. I peeked in and saw mom washing Johns big black cock. i had seen cocks before on the internet but nothing like this. It was hard and erect from mom handling his cock and balls. It had to be 11 inches long. Mom was joking with him. And i heard her say to John . For a sick man u still have it. I saw my mother starting jacking jOHN off. I moaning some and telling her she was an angel His black cock was so big and fat and grew larger as mom brought him to climax. When he came it oozed out all over her hand. She precede to clean him and here up. We left and mom said see u in a few days. Little did i know John had seen me peeking in the room.. For the next few days I kept seeing. Johns hard big black cock in my mind. . I rubbed myi clit alot thinking about it. When we went back to Johns he greeted me with a big smile.He was always nice to me but he was overly friendly. He said to me which i didnt understand the message..He asked me how have u been u little sneak. I started thinking back and it hit me that he saw me looking at him and mom. I was afraid he would tell mom and i would get in trouble. During the visit mom forgot something and had to run to the drug store. She told me to stay here and talk to John. She said she wouldnt be gone long. I went to his room and he was in bed watching tv. He smiled at me and said Hey little girl did u like what u saw the other day. I dropped my head and in a low voice Yes. He pushed his sheet off him and esposed his hard black cock. i just stared their looked at that huge dick. He told me come closer. I walked over to the bed and he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. He said make he cum little girl. i started jacking his cock . My small hand couldnt reach all the way around his fat dick. I was trying my best but i couldnt get him to cum. I stopped and said this isnt working John. . He said ur moms hands at bigger and fit my cock better. I was so worked up and my pussy was so wet. I so much wanted to please this old sick man. He said thats ok ur mom with take care of me later. I was so horny and his big black cock was still hard. I said to my self that this time that bbc is mine. I took off my shorts and underware. He couldnt not believe what i was doing. .Without say saying a word i got into his bed and preceded to mount and lower my self down on his fat black cock. Being so wet made it alot easier. . I felt so full but i wanted this and his cum. When his cock reached my hymen i stopped for a moment. I just dropped all the way down and he entered me up to his balls. iTtook my breath away. I sat on him adjusting to his size. It began to feel great. We couldnt move very well this way. All at once he flipped me on my back and precede to fuck me. He said this will be quick before ur mom returns. He fucked me real fast and open my young pussy open. He soon filled me with his black sperm. He got off and his some of his cum ran out. I jumped up and hurried to the bathroom and cleaned up and got dressed. When mom returned we were sitting there talking. She said thanks to me for keeping John company. If she only knew how i kept him company.

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